Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Are Unfamiliar With CRT

These numbers are from the same poll.

FOX News:

“The survey, released Friday, shows many registered voters are unacquainted with CRT:  49 percent are extremely or very familiar, while 41 percent are not very or not at all familiar — and another 10 percent can’t say or have never heard of it. …

Nonwhite voters (60 percent) are more likely than Whites (45 percent) to say they are familiar with critical race theory, and parents (55 percent) are more likely than nonparents (47 percent). …

Increases in the view that minorities are favored over whites in the U.S. come from a broad array of groups: Blacks (+16), Republicans (+16), men (+14), women (+11), Democrats (+10), and Hispanics (+9) are all more likely to think minorities are the preferred group. …

Roughly half of White voters familiar with CRT oppose teaching the theory in schools (48 percent), while nearly half of nonwhite voters support it (49 percent support).

Among voters overall, just a quarter are in favor (25 percent) while a third oppose (33 percent) teaching CRT to U.S. students.  Still, the biggest share, 40 percent, haven’t heard enough to provide an opinion. 

In addition, when voters overall are asked how well they think critical race theory describes the way American society works, roughly a quarter says it describes it well (27 percent), while another 41 percent disagrees. …”

What is CRT?

Most people still don’t know enough about it to have an opinion. It wasn’t until last fall on the eve of the 2020 election that Trump seized on the issue. Over half of Whites are still unfamiliar with the issue because none of their leaders have bothered to educate them about CRT.

Note: It seems that everyone has noticed this recent change in explicitly favoring non-Whites over Whites since the George Floyd protests. Democrats and Republicans both perceive the shift.

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  1. Polls are bullshit. Joe Biden has a 48% approval rating? That said, If you don’t have children you tune this stuff out a bit.

  2. White people choose willful ignorance, because it is safe for them. They are desperately struggling to remain asleep and entertained. Eventually, this will crush our people. Voat Moar Harder goyims…

  3. Most White people have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to their race. Whites still believe we are the same and one race the human race.

  4. “I don’t discuss religion, sex, or politics”, says the average White. It’s their mantra to get out of talking about what’s happening.
    Which means they really don’t care to find out what is going on. As long as they have enough money for golf, beer, cheap boats, new vehicles, and vacations, they don’t care and they don’t want to know.

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