Breaking Points: Why Woke Generals Are a Threat To Us All

If you are wondering why nothing got done during the Trump administration, a big part of the answer is that Donald Trump came into office with a romanticized image of these establishment generals which had no basis in reality. They also repeatedly subverted his authority and orders.

Business Insider:

“President Donald Trump, Miller, Attorney General Bill Barr, and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were clashing over how to respond to the unrest, the book said, according to CNN.

During one debate in the Oval Office, Bender reportedly wrote, Miller said the protests reminded him of a war zone.

“These cities are burning,” Miller was quoted as saying.

Milley turned around in his seat, pointed his finger at Miller, and said, “Shut the f— up, Stephen,” the book reportedly says. …”

Obviously, it was Trump himself who appointed Mark Milley to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has always had a knack for picking the best people.


“Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, repeatedly blew up at President Trump over how to handle last summer’s racial-justice protests, The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender writes in his forthcoming book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election.”

The backdrop: Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act and put Milley in charge of a scorched-earth military campaign to suppress protests that had spiraled into riots in several cities.

Milley — now a GOP villain for his testimony last week on critical race theory — pushed back, Bender writes in a passage Axios is reporting for the first time:

“Seated in the Situation Room with [Attorney General Bill] Barr, Milley, and [Secretary of Defense Mark] Esper, Trump exaggerated claims about the violence and alarmed officials … by announcing he’d just put Milley “in charge.”

Privately, Milley confronted Trump about his role. He was an adviser, and not in command. But Trump had had enough.

“I said you’re in f—ing charge!” Trump shouted at him.

“Well, I’m not in charge!” Milley yelled back.

“You can’t f—ing talk to me like that!” Trump said. …

“Goddamnit,” Milley said to others. “There’s a room full of lawyers here. Will someone inform him of my legal responsibilities?”

“He’s right, Mr. President,” Barr said. “The general is right.” …”

Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act to quell the George Floyd riots. Gen. Mark Milley and AG William Barr told him that as president that he didn’t have the legal authority to do so.

Jared Kushner and his team consisting of Ja’Ron Smith and Brooke Rollins also convinced Trump not to invoke the Insurrection Act to quell the George Floyd riots because doing so would look “racist.” They later came up with the Platinum Plan and arranged Trump’s pardon of Lil Wayne.

American Greatness:

“Although they did not know it at first, Americans almost immediately became intimately acquainted with Rollins’ Koch-approved approach to crime. Behind the scenes, Rollins and Kushner continue to advise Trump to go soft on those engaged in violence across the country.

“The president has signaled that he would very much like to crack down on rioters,” Carlson said on June 1. “That is his instinct. If you’ve watched him you believe it. But every time he has been talked out of it by Jared Kushner and by aides that Kushner has hired and controlled.” Rollins is one of those aides for whom murder, mayhem, and madness constitute a small price to pay for the reforms that are in the interest of her backers.

A few hours after Carlson’s segment, before dawn on Tuesday, a retired African American police captain named David Dorn was murdered by looters while trying to protect his friend’s pawn shop in St. Louis. Dorn died in a pool of his own blood while a bystander broadcasted his final moments on Facebook Live. As another community grieved, Trump went along with the advice of Rollins and Kushner to hold back on invoking the Insurrection Act to end the riots.

The political calculus behind inaction is as cynical as it is simple. It’s also flawed.

Kushner and Rollins believe that Trump’s base will not flip for his opponent, no matter how badly they are abused and betrayed. “Where will they go?” Kushner reportedly likes to say. …”

In his last months in office, Trump gave the official order to withdraw troops from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Germany. He had ordered the withdrawal of American troops from Syria before, but Lindsay Graham, Bibi Netanyahu, John Bolton and the generals went to work on him and got their way. Gen. Mark Milley was appalled by Trump’s order to bring the troops home.


“News of the memo spread quickly throughout the Pentagon. Top military brass, including Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, were appalled. This was not the way to conduct policy — with no consultation, no input, no process for gaming out consequences or offering alternatives. …

Trump had a deep fascination with military rank and prestige, and he initially held an image of both Mattis and Milley as unreconstructed 1940s generals. He based this image almost entirely on their appearance — “straight out of central casting,” Trump would say — and in Mattis’ case, his ill-fitting nickname “Mad Dog.” In reality, these two four-star generals disagreed with Trump on everything from the morality of torture to the wisdom of sending active-duty troops onto American streets. …

There, O’Brien, Miller, and Milley all aligned against the plan. They painted a vivid picture of Kabul falling to the Taliban if U.S. forces withdrew precipitously in the final days of the Trump presidency. …

Had Milley not resisted the initial 2,500 plan, Trump might not have felt the need to sign the back-channel order. In the view of Trump’s mistrusting inner circle, this was typical of Pentagon leadership: Delay key decisions by disputing that strategic meetings had led to consensus, insist the process was still ongoing, and leak apocalyptic scenarios to the media. …”

Trump tried to use the military to quell the George Floyd riots and tried to withdraw troops from foreign war zones. Ultimately, he surrounded himself with people who were completely opposed to his governing agenda. He even endorsed Mitt Romney who voted for his impeachment. He was a weak leader who was easily played and who didn’t have the will to stand up to the people who were in the way of accomplishing his goals. The only person whose career he truly destroyed was Jeff Sessions.

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  1. Though I can little envisage the exact wheres, hows, or wheres it will come about, one thing I do know : the country has long been teetering at the edge of a serious conflagration.


    Because you cannot have such lawlessness and a lack of empathy, from the top, and not have that flame up into something from below.

    Kindling always ignites and burns up the logs above it – it’s just a matter of time.

  2. Some say the assassination of JFK marked the beginning of control of the U.S. by the Deep State. Professor Peter Dale Scott coined that term and is best known for his critiques of deep politics and American foreign policy since the era of the Vietnam War.

    • I just saw a pic of Jacob Schiff, Wall Street Point man for the Bolshevik Revolution, and Teddy Roosevelt. The JFK assassination ramped it up but we have been under hostile foreign control for more than 100 years. The Klan march on Washington with the subsequent immigration restriction law was the last gasp of sovereignty as far as I can tell.

      • KT-88: I do believe your thesis has merit. As for Milley Vannilley?

        He’s as much a general as MILO. God-damned egotistic brass, with panties on his balls, and a yarmulke suffocating his brain. The “NEW” Military.

        God help the Right.

    • It’s pretty obvious that Kennedy crossed the Israelis and their nuclear weapons program. The Israelis have a habit for gunning down threats to their nuclear capabilities. Various people associated with Iran and Iraq weapons programs get shot.

  3. Pentagon generals uninvolved with border security and urban non white crime spree governments.They’re paycheck generals doing the bidding for foreigner governments.

  4. PS, from kikeapedia … After Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, (Brooke) Rollins and Larry Kudlow began forming a new nonprofit organization focused on continuing to promote Trump’s public policies. The America First Policy Institute was launched in April 2021 as a 501(c)(3) organization, with Rollins serving as President and CEO.

    Grifters gotta’ grift.

  5. All generals are political to some point, because it’s an appointed position, but yes, after WW2, it became far more of a measure of sucking up, rather than performance on the battlefield. And you know POS’s like Milley are the ultimate suck-up’s.

  6. The higher they go in rank, the more political and corrupt.they become. Most of them would sell out if the price is right.

  7. General Mark Dingleberry

    Shit Encrusted Hirsute Ball

    Plucked from Hillary Clinton’s

    Filthy Arse….and given the rank of 4 star General in the US Army…

    • Remarkable though that he’s killed by an Antifa type and that shooter was killed by a Jewish crook. I’m not inclined to mythologise Kennedy but his family wasn’t popular with the Jews after Joseph Kennedy suggested the US back the Third Reich and not Churchill. High profile assignations are a Jewish calling card. Anyone getting in the way of them acquiring weapons gets killed and Kennedy was a documented opponent of Israel getting the atomic bomb.

  8. Another jug-headed leftist shill appointed by Trump! The replacement of warrior generals and admirals with social justice warriors started under Obama and continued under Trump- an instinctive technocrat who believes in ‘government by experts”- in other word the same old crew! The Democrats know that in the case of a coup, whether in America or Bongo Congo, the side that has the military on it’s side usually wins! The military is now our enemy and the police are being depleted of white Males by BLM activism! Wake up- we’re being set up for liquidation! The third and final piece of their puzzle is to disarm us- then, as the Rolling Stones said, ‘The Whip comes down”.

  9. It will take an unambiguous military defeat where an enemy dictates terms to the U.S. Government, something that has never happened before in U.S. history to unseat the Deep State. Such a scenario is conceivable regarding U.S. support for Taiwan after an invasion by China. Taiwan is 7,000 miles away from LA, 10,000 miles away from Washington but only about 120 miles from mainland China and cannot be successfully defended if China goes balls out. What may be holding China back is Indian forces along their 2,200 mile long border at altitudes of up to 14,000 feet contesting their joint border.

    Military defeat destroys the legitimacy of a government by showing the gross incompetence of the ruling class in their fundamental duty, defending the nation. There are numerous examples from history: Napoleon 1815, France again in 1871, the Kaiser’s Germany in 1918, Imperial Russia in 1905 then again in 1917, the Axis powers in 1945 etc. A bad military outcome less than total defeat weakens the ruling class terribly by contesting their legitimacy. Unfortunately the U.S. system of “democracy” i.e. governing through bribery, extortion and blackmail is not a system that can be reformed through peaceful means, it must fall of its own dead weight and contradictions, something the current thoroughly corrupt ruling class is busily arranging.

    • This is where American exceptionalism comes in. Resource Autarky, a dozen deep warm weather ports, several massive rivers and all climatic zones in one state. It’s a country like no other. If you are at the top of the heap of resources like some of these Generals you will behave like Smaug. The question remains, can you keep a great state running if the political hierarchy is run by Jews using niggers to terrorise the productive whites?

      • The Chinese know time is against them in a war with the U.S. because amongst other things, their abysmal record in agriculture; they import at least a third of their food and much of it from the U.S. Their situation with oil is probably worse, they rely upon imports there, too. Chinese strategy has been to build massive stockpiles of food and oil to wait out any interruption of supplies because they have a very limited ability to increase domestic production.

        The Chinese have fouled much of their fresh water and arable lands through over use, rapid indusrialisation and chasing quick profits. This is not something they can do much to fix. Imports of petroleum and food must also typically travel thousands of miles through numerous chokepoints such as the Straights of Malacca making another vulnerability.

        If Peking were to attack Taiwan they would try for a lightning quick strike with overwhelming force to present the world with a fait accompli. President Cackling Kamala would bitch and moan at the UN and vow to reverse Peking’s takeover of Taiwan but she would have to swallow it like she swallowed her way to the top. President Cackling Kamala would find herself with zero public support for raising a D-Day type army/navy, travelling thousands of miles across the Pacific then invading and capturing Taiwan.

        President Cackling Kamala would find herself in a predicament reminiscent of Jimmy Carter in 1979, a foreign policy disaster with no way out. She despises White people and epiomises the gross incompetence of the diversity types yet she is completely dependent upon White people to get anything worthwhile done. President Cackling Kamala will probably do more to discredit diversity than anyone else by the time she is done.

        • Re: “The Chinese know time is against them in a war with the U.S. because amongst other things, their abysmal record in agriculture; they import at least a third of their food and much of it from the U.S.”:

          Sounds like Epoch Times denigration of Chinese agriculture and “food insecurity under communist mismanagement.” The truth however is China is already the world’s largest producer of many important crops, yields are continuing to increase, and organic agriculture is advancing in China. (Russia and Cuba are world leaders in organic production.) Much is made of the problem of falling water tables in northern China, while ignoring the more serious decline or disappearance of the Ogallala aquifer and other sources for crop irrigation in the western U.S.

          “The Chinese have fouled much of their fresh water and arable lands through over use, rapid indusrialisation and chasing quick profits. This is not something they can do much to fix”:

          Wait, that sounds much more like the U.S., where many acres of farmland are destroyed every day, paved over or developed, for profit’s sake.

          One mistake that the Chinese communist party did make, during the reformist Deng Xiaoping chairmanship, that definitely harmed its agriculture, was to obey the U.S. order to implement a “one child” policy to reduce its rural population, as a condition for doing business with the U.S. Chinese farmers always needed more than one child to carry on the work when they reach old age. Fortunately the party has corrected the mistake, and is winning back the confidence of the farm population with encouragement and rewards for having large families again. Whereas Chinese people had made up about one third of humanity under Mao, they have dropped to one fifth thanks to foolishly meeting the demands of the U.S. under Deng. Meanwhile, the U.S. roughly doubled its population, and India is poised to overtake China as the world’s most populous country.

          • I do not comment on China from an ideological point of view. China is clearly a rising power while the U.S. is clearly a declining power. This is the basis for much consternation over the so-called “Thucydides Trap” that may lead to war.

            Truth isn’t beholden to any ideology, however unpleasant that may be and the truth is that China is a major food and energy importer while the U.S. is a major food exporter, both on a net basis. I don’t know about the Epoch Times and its point of view, nor do I care.


            China is also a huge importer of petroleum, something you didn’t contest, I wonder why?

            BTW, agriculture and petroleum are inextricably linked through transportation, fertilizer etc. Every Lb. of meat or gallon of milk in a store in China (and the U.S.A.) has (by value) a fraction of an ounce of No. 2 diesel fuel and a certain number of BTUs of natural gas used to make fertilizer in it. The U.S., through fracking mostly can rapidly become a net energy exporter, a huge advantage. China is not in this advantageous position because of an accident of geography, nothing else.

            Although historical comparisons break down after a certain point there are two modern historical comparisons that I believe are relevant. During WWI Imperial Germany planned on a rapid victory in the west while holding Imperial Russia in the east. The Germans knew they were vulnerable to a British blockade because they imported food and fertilizer thus their need for a rapid victory. When the war dragged on past 1915 they were doomed in spite of victory in the east.

            The U.S. became even wealthier during WWI by supplying 40% of the UK and France’s food during the war as well as munitions. The German U-boat campaign against the UK and France failed allowing Great Britain and France to prevail after the U.S. entered the war in 1917.

            A similar thing happened in WWII as Germany won a quick victory in the west, isolating the UK but then Adolph screwed up by invading the USSR and declaring war on the U.S. Dec. 11th, 1941 without any reason.This allowed FDR to go balls out supplying the UK and the USSR which would have been defeated without lend-lease support, especially fuel and 10 wheel, 2 1/2 ton U.S. Army trucks which the Red Army rode all the way to Berlin.

            Once again the U.S. got wealthier during the war, Germany’s U-boat campaign failed to isolate the UK and the allies were victorious. Time worked against both Germany and Japan and in favor of the U.S. again.

            Whether or not the past is prologue only time will tell. If I were in charge of U.S. foreign policy I would pursue peace with all nations, China included, not conflict. I have as much influence on the decisions of the U.S. Government as I do on the orbit of Mars.

    • Remember 1989? It only took defeat in Afghanistan to help topple the Soviet regime, which growing up I was told was invincible. A kick in Washington’s face in Ukraine or Iran could bring down our own Soviets.

  10. Portland & many other American cities were set on fire by hordes of niggers & commie scum, innocent White citizens attacked in the streets with impunity. Eh, fuck that – what about DAMASCUS & KABUL?!

    It all ultimately comes down to Dump being a buffoon and a weakling: HE always caved when the scum he surrounded himself with screamed; HE was idiotically bedazzled by the spiffy uniforms, sparkly stars & fake tuffguy poses of the cheap Pentagon whores for the kikes & the MIC like Mattis & Milley. He actually thought those fags were modern-day Pattons & MacArthurs, and if he just gave them a blank check, they’d follow his orders like dutiful soldiers.

    Christ – to have been saddled with such a pathetic god damned FOOL at such a critical juncture in the history of White America…

    • Trump, just like Clinton, Rush, George Bush II, Al Gore and so many others who rose to prominence from the baby boom generation assiduously avoided military service during the Vietnam War when they would have been called up. Some like GWB II and Al Gore worked the system to have a safe spot in the military while the rest just straight up dodged the draft by hook or by crook. Apparently Trump tried to compensate by slobbering all over “the troops” especially the generals.

      Had he served in the Army even as an enlisted man he would have seen the limitations of the military and learned to be skeptical of the claims of the generals. He also would have learned about the chain of command and would have acted like the Commander in Chief not some newly commissioned 2nd lieutenant.

  11. “They also repeatedly subverted his authority and orders.”

    That’s not always such a bad thing. Trump wanted to assassinate (aka murder) Assad and his generals talked him out of it.

      • But remember, during his first campaign he spoke both ways: about pulling out, and also digging in – for more “Take the oil!” His main primary opponent, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, suggested using nuclear weapons to “make the sand glow in the dark” in Syria. ALL U.S. Presidents have been bloody imperialists or they could never have become President of the United States. Even James Earl Carter Sr. presided over several new imperialist ventures, while talking more than others about peace.

        • Trump was trolling with these sorts of statements. A little bit like the way Biden wanted to forgive student debt. Biden blustered a lot about Saddam Hussein before the war for example. Seemed like a buffoon joking at the time but he was teeing up a war rhetorically. Trump was mostly provoking opponents with these statements. Cruz was just pandering to Jews btw.

      • Trump was never sincere about doing that, he just knew it was popular with his base. Kind of like the ‘wall’ Mexico was supposed to pay for.

  12. Was Stonewall Jackson “on the spectrum”?:

    Jackson was physically unimpressive, a poor horseman, and deeply eccentric (he sometimes fell asleep while chewing food and had a habit of raising one arm over his head to “balance” his blood). But he made up for all of that with tactical brilliance and superb discipline. Jackson’s men could march 30 miles or more in a day, speeds usually reserved for cavalry, allowing them to surprise and outfight vastly more well-equipped armies. Jackson demanded the best of his men, and they delivered the best in return.

    • “a poor horseman, and deeply eccentric (he sometimes fell asleep while chewing food and had a habit of raising one arm over his head to “balance” his blood). But he made up for all of that with tactical brilliance and superb discipline. Jackson’s men could march 30 miles or more in a day, speeds usually reserved for cavalry”:

      He was probably lucky and overrated, and apparently hard on his men.

      Then there was The Butcher of the Confederacy (Lee) who took them all the way to Pennsylvania to be butchered in an especially insane charge.

      • Lee’s terrible error, true. But if he’d accepted Lincoln’s offer to command United States forces at the outset of the war, it’d have been over in six months (not just because of Lee’s abilities, but because his presence would have swayed a lot of Southern officers), and we would look back on 1861 as a minor historical drama.

        Lee and Jackson kept the South in the war, whatever their shortcomings.

      • Jackson moved fast and in great secrecy (his subordinate officers complained that he never conferred with them and only gave them blind orders); he drove his men hard, demanding 50 minutes of fast marching relieved by 10 minutes of rest each hour. Plus he was a stern disciplinarian, so they didn’t love him – but they all respected him because his methods produced victories.

        As for Lee at Gettysburg, it’s widely believed by historians that he had a heart attack (during the war & after until his death 5 years later he complained of severe “rheumatism” pains in his chest & left shoulder which he frequented hot spring resorts in the vain attempt to restore his health). Immediately after the battle, he advised Davis to relieve him due to his declining health.

        As for me, I trust your judgment of generals no more than I do your judgment of anything else.

  13. Milley was also the guy who changed army uniforms from the blues to the old WWII brown. He did this because the brown uniforms reminded him of his father, ‘who fought in that war and was of the greatest generation.’
    I think the uniforms look dated and dumpy, and are a kind of totem to invoke the magical power of WWII, when we were victorious and brought forth the will of God. Like Ike said, we led a crusade.

    WWII was the base for the whole new world order. I’d like to see it simply crumble away. Perhaps it is now, since our leaders are all grifters, stupid, or old fossils like Pelosi, Biden, et. al., but it’s not really politicians running things.

    And yet, we have those faithful to the flag types who say ‘yes, but NEXT election…’

    I just want it to end.

  14. There once was a general called Milley
    Whose mind was incredibly silly
    Took a dildo of brass
    Shoved it right up his ass
    ‘Cause he thought it was Joe Biden’s willy

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