MSNBC: “Egregious” Anti-Trans Legislation In States Will Harm People

If you call yourself a conservative and you’re celebrating Pride Month and losing to these people, maybe you should just quit and get out politics?

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  1. We can’t win this just let it run it’s course. Disco with hormone enhancement. Whomever sifts through the rubble in the future will be like WTF?

  2. Czech President Zeman: “Trans people to me are disgusting.” I’ll second that! Former communist block countries get it. This country is done.

  3. You are correct: let it run its course, like a disease.

    Time for us find the best way to preserve ourselves, our families and the people we love going forward. Truth and reality itself are now denied, and once a society is so rotted through that the tools of language and logic are so debased that they can no longer be used to gauge civic and societal health with any accuracy, waiting for recovery of the patient or death is all that remains.

  4. I am reminded of a couple of old movies. The titles are applicable to Mr. Jenner: “They Call Me Bruce?” and “They Still Call Me Bruce.”

    No matter what names Brylcream coiffed, orange dyed, pompous, Neocuck, Slumlord Hannity calls him and regardless of which pronouns he chooses to use, A Bruce by any other Name is still A Bruce.

    Whatever reflection Bruce beholds when he gazes into the Mirror, Mirror on The Wall is a self delusion. For everyone else to go along with him is group psychosis. It is very much like The Emperor Has No Clothes. I refuse to deceive myself, or even pretend to. It isn’t healthy. It’s either mentally deranged or morally and spiritually degrading to give credence to this absurdity.

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