Antifa Assault Christians Protesting Sexual Pervert In Los Angeles

Speaking of Antifa, they showed up at a Christian demonstration in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon and immediately engaged in organized violence to suppress the free exercise of the constitutional rights of others, which is a textbook case of “domestic terrorism.” It is also their custom.

FOX News:

“Tense protests erupted Saturday outside a California spa where a transgender woman allegedly exposed herself to children, teens and adults in the women’s area.

It happened in Downtown Los Angeles outside Wi Spa on Wilshire Boulevard.

Groups showed up in support of the woman who complained about the incident – but videos from FOX Los Angeles and others shared to social media showed that people from both sides of the transgender rights movement clashed at the scene. …”

In this case, they got into some street fights with “Latinx” and Koreans who suffer from “transphobia.”

The Post Millennial:

“Antifa assaulted demonstrators and reporters at a protest Saturday outside a Los Angeles spa where a customer complained last week that a male individual’s genitals were exposed to women and girls in the female section.

Antifa showed up to counter the small demonstration, accusing participants of “transphobia” for taking issue with the Wi Spa’s refusal to act against the adult male who exposed his genitals to girls and women.

A mob of Antifa militants punched a man then chased and assaulted a videographer at the Wi Spa demonstration in Koreatown.

“Get the f— out of here! Keep walking!” the black-clad crowd members shouted at the man, shoving him across the crosswalk on Wilshire Blvd where the spa is located. “No safe spaces for chuds! Get the f— out of the neighborhood!” …”

Don’t laugh.

Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice and the FBI can’t be bothered to deal with this problem. They are focused squarely on “white supremacy,” crucifying police officers and Donald Trump.

Note: The Patriot Front demonstration in Philadelphia yesterday was designed to avoid these confrontations. Everyone knows that Antifa shows up at rightwing events to engage in violence and that “journalists,” the DOSJ and FBI and the Democratic Party officially support them.

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  1. So the FBI, DOJ, and Fake News are in essence Antifa ‘enablers’. And Antifa is what you get after years of Marxist indoctrination by our public schools and Marxist professors.

  2. Pray imprecations on the enemies of God- Jews, Trannies, Feminazis, Abortion lusters, Vaginal Ho’s, and ANYONE to the left of Pat Robertson. THAT is the meaning of ‘heaping burning coals on their heads.’ Because coals burn like hell fire, and prayer can ONLY purify, not sodom-fry.

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    Orthodoxy or Death

  3. We know the score (at least since Charlottsville), normiecons and boomers however still think they can argue with these blue haired degenerates.

  4. The cop was just standing there while one guy was getting beat. Instead of dong something, he told the guy that was bloody, to leave.

  5. Many years ago I attended an anti-immigration event in Laguna Beach (Orange County) . After most of our group had left, a few of us remained, chatting and passing the time of day. The Mexicans on the other side of the road crossed over and approached us waving Mexican flags. A hand full of us were being approached by 60-70 of them. The cops had been there all day and told us to leave because they couldn’t protect us. Illegal aliens carrying a foreign flag have greater protection of the law than American citizens. That’s the reality. That was in 2005.

  6. Ironic that it was a mouthy nigga bitch who got the shitstorm rolling at this “diverse” spa.

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