Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Al Gore Team Up To Back Fake Meat Made From Fungus

It is a new progressive era.

Something has to be done about all the peasants who are accustomed to eating cheap red meat, who drive around in their polluting automobiles, who own their own homes with their stupid flags and guns. We’ve got to dispossess those people and get them accustomed to eating insects and fungus products.


“As consumers become increasingly comfortable eating faux-meat burgers that look, cook and taste like the real thing, a food-tech start-up backed by Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates is using fungus as the primary ingredient to create alt-meat foods.

Nature’s Fynd, based in Chicago, has raised $158 million in funding from investors including Bezos, Gates, and Al Gore. The company’s meatless breakfast patties and hamburgers, dairy-free cream cheese and yogurt, and chicken-less nuggets are scheduled to hit grocers’ shelves later this year. …

Much as cows, chickens and pigs were domesticated centuries ago as protein sources, “now is the time for this second domestication,” Jonas said in a recent interview. “The farming of this microbe is an efficient way of producing protein that is just as good.” …

“The challenge for this and future generations is to learn to do more with less,” Jonas said. “Because with eight billion people, the Earth is not getting any bigger, its resources are dwindling and climate change is making it even more difficult to find land to grow crops to feed animals. The math just doesn’t work. So, the whole goal of our new protein system is to increase the efficiency of the complete protein chain.” …”

Yes, it sounds far out when you hear it.

You think to yourself … this has to be some kind of shit test. There is no way most people will put up with this. It has to be a meme. But no, they are ardently believe this and seriously want you to eat stuff worse than dog food. Greta declared war on meat back in May.

Note: There is a reason why the entire media pushed eating the Brood X cicadas so hard.

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  1. All you need is some chickens and a goat and you will do fine. Oh and chickens love cicadas. They fight over them.

  2. Tempeh is Rhizopus fungus grown on soy or grains. It is quite excellent when prepared right. Brie is cheese with Penicillium fungus grown on it as is Blue Cheese. Our supermarkets are full of mushroom products so nothing new here but the idea of fake meat from mammalian cell culture seems particularly disgusting to me.

  3. If you have ANY connection to Christianity or Western Civ (because Christian), understand that Christ God commands us to eat…. not bugs, (unclean) but MEAT (clean)- even PORK!! (especially cuz it p.o’s Die Juden no end…)

    “Arise, Peter, Kill and eat!” is the conclusion to St. Peter’s dream as he begins to preach to the ‘Gentiles’ in the book of Acts: in which he ‘became very hungry’ and saw…. NOT cicadas, Ants or Beetles, but only ‘four footed beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things (lobsters, shrimp- things of like kinds, not permitted in the Law) and fowls of the air – clearly, insects are not included, as they are completely ‘OTHER’ to the list of NOW permitted FLESH MEATS listed in Acts 10.

    Animals such as cows, sheep, goats, doves, etc. were used to ATONE FOR SIN. NEVER were insects used for this purpose. There is the defining distinction- Animals used for sacrifice, are good for us to eat.

    Yeah, John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey to ‘fulfill all righteousness,’ and NOT because he would be ‘less holy’ if he ate meat- the Temple sacrifices were still going on his entire life…And, as a good Israelite, he would have eaten Passover at least until he was of age. So, counter to that fallacious idea, pound home the fact that JESUS did not abstain from meat- both before AND after His Resurrection.

    If that doesn’t move you, realize the God Man incarnate, Jesus…. ate flesh meat- oxen from the Temple, Passover LAMB, chicken and other good ‘jewish food’ (think schmalz- chicken fat!- lol) as well as FISH from the Lake and Sea.

    I will NEVER give up eating meat. And I will NEVER eat bugs- EVER!

    ANATHEMA to Soros, Gates, and Bezos the fool.

  4. Why can’t these guys just enjoy their viagra and mistresses and leave the rest of alone? Nope, they have to force fake meat on us, too.

    And the only farmland that I see disappearing is disappearing to development due to an exploding population (mostly immigrants) and to businesses like Amazon distribution centers. I think these jackasses are a bigger problem than me and my air-conditioned cheeseburgers.

    • The country was a better place when there were fewer billionaires. No one should be so rich that he remains free of the consequences of irresponsible policies that he champions.

      Leave each of them with 500 million. That should be plenty to pay for the finest fungus for Sunday dinner and to pay for their misstresses and Thai lady boys(Dorsey).

  5. All of those Bastards want to go into outer space, don’t they? God! I pray to Heaven that they do, and that they become Lost in Space. Let them drift out into the dark nothingness, until their supply of protein tablets are depleted and their oxygen tanks are empty. I can think of no better way to dispose of them permanently than to have them disappear from the planet entirely, where even their foul remnants are no longer left to contaminate our soil anymore than they have already.

    Even a repeat of the Challenger fiasco would suffice, but I genuinely prefer that they get launched on an infinitely futile mission to search for the long lost Major Tom.

    But, as has been noted, they are already substituting kale, soy and other plant based materials for meats. A cursory scan of the ingredients contained in just about any frozen dinner will reveal this sad fact.

    I think I’m going to end up barbecuing some rich people’s Shih Tzu. It tastes like Chicken!

  6. They will NEVER shut the fuck up & leave us “Flyova White Trash” alone; they believe it’s their right & duty as the “cognitive elite” to control, dispossess, corral & cull us in the holy name of ending Waycism & Saving the Planet.

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