David French: The Conservative Case Against Anti-CRT Laws

Five years ago, David French inspired the cuckservative meme. Two years ago, he was still taken seriously as a conservative intellectual. Do you remember the Ahmari-French debate?

New York Times:

“What is the purpose of a liberal education? This is the question at the heart of a bitter debate that has been roiling the nation for months.

Schools, particularly at the kindergarten-to-12th-grade level, are responsible helping turn students into well-informed and discerning citizens. At their best, our nation’s schools equip young minds to grapple with complexity and navigate our differences. At their worst, they resemble indoctrination factories.

In recent weeks, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Iowa, Idaho and Texas have all passed legislation that places significant restrictions on what can be taught in public school classrooms, and in some cases, public universities, too.

Tennessee House Bill SB 0623, for example, bans any teaching that could lead an individual to “feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or another form of psychological distress solely because of the individual’s race or sex.” In addition to this vague proscription, it restricts teaching that leads to “division between, or resentment of, a race, sex, religion, creed, nonviolent political affiliation, social class or class of people.”

Texas House Bill 3979 goes further, forbidding teaching that “slavery and racism are anything other than deviations from, betrayals of, or failures to live up to, the authentic founding principles of the United States.” It also bars any classroom from requiring “an understanding of the 1619 Project” — The New York Times Magazine’s special issue devoted to a reframing of the nation’s founding — and hence prohibits assigning any part of it as required reading. …”

It has been all downhill for Buttercup, Russell Moore and Ross Douthat and the rest of their insufferable ilk since then. Cameron Hilditch is the new David French at National Review.

Note: David French and the NEA are on the same side on this.

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  1. I hate this faggot but he is right for the wrong reasons. Trying to change public education is a waste of time as is trying to change our legal system. Separation is what I think people should be doing. Reduce the role of the Satan Worshippers in your life as much as possible. If you have to send your kids to public schools point out the (((agenda))) as best you can. It works. They might get sent home for busting out laughing but it will inoculate them.

    • Well, somewhat. There is no inoculating kids today against the evil found at your local public school. If you can’t afford private school, get one of the self-taught curriculums like the Ron Paul Academy or the Khan series. Both will prepare your kids for any academic challenge, and are extremely affordable. There is no taking over the public schools. We must indeed completely separate ourselves from those Satanic pits.

  2. Yes, to be expected to this worm. The allegory to “private corporations can do whatever they want to to you, because they’re not the government” is “let’s teach our kids everything so they can get a broader education and can make an informed decision about which perversion they want to get sucked into”.

  3. Speaking of acts of high cuckery.


    Muh based Russian Orthodox Church has gone the whole hog on the Covid psyop. I wonder if they feel any responsibility for the deaths caused by the vaccine, or if the only deaths we are responsible for are the ones caused by the near flu level of severity virus thats floating around, (primarily the delta variant).

    I know the answer but, its good to be reminded so vividly that the orthodox church is as gay as the Western catholic church.

  4. His adopted niglet indicates he already bowed down to CRT even before the term became widely known.

  5. Relax, don’t worry, critical race theory is no threat to capitalism. Race conflict is just what capitalism needs to prevent class consciousness and solidarity from developing and stave off class war. CRT is actually a conservative strategy that helps to preserve the class system of exploitation and inequality.

    Conservatives should not pass anti-CRT laws, but rather welcome race war that conserves the present system. The more CRT and race conflict increases, the better the system functions: “The concept of the racial wealth gap, and the attendant idea of “white privilege,” have been promoted by academics for some time, but it is only recently that they have appeared broadly in the news media. An analysis of newspaper articles on the archive Newspapers.com shows that the terms ‘racial wealth gap,’ ‘racial wealth divide,’ ‘racial inequality,’ and ‘white privilege’ appeared 4,689 times in the 1990s and then more than tripled in the 2010’s, reaching 15,758 mentions. Over the 2020’s—that is, just the last year-and-a-half—there have already been 10,658 references to these terms. By contrast, during the 1960s, the height of the civil rights era, they only appeared 4,560 times. The deluge coincides with a massive growth in overall wealth and income inequality in the US and globally. The wealthiest 10 percent of US households owns 34.5 times more than the bottom 50 percent, and over the course of just 2020 they increased their fortune by more than $18.8 trillion—about $1.53 million per household, with far higher going to the super-rich. As the richest of all races have seen their fortunes climb into the stratosphere and their counterparts in the bottom 90 percent have seen theirs stagnate and crumble, an obsessive focus on race has emerged. It is being pumped into the veins of American society. The purpose is to transform a looming class war into a race war. The argument that the racial wealth gap is the most salient feature of American society today is, to be blunt, a fraud. It is based on the tendentious selection and presentation of data. There is nothing about it that is remotely progressive or left-wing, much less Marxist, as those on the political right claim.”

    “Capitalism necessarily generates inequality between the two classes, and to strengthen their own hand and weaken that of the workers, the capitalists are forced to generate as much social inequality and enmity within and among the workers as they can. Even when workers come to realize that the rich get richer by making the poor poorer, and try to resist, it is the rich who have the power to maintain their position of authority, through their control over the means of coercion – police and the military, along with their ability to withhold jobs, the workers’ only means of survival (apart from the few who prey on other workers). In capitalism the existence of two opposed classes remains hidden….” And both conservatives and fake “leftists” need to work together to make sure it stays hidden.

    • This over analyzes the phenomenon of squalid black life styles and crumbling property. Whites in almost anyplace you find them maintain property well, or well enough. And when suffering are not violent criminals when things go badly. Most whites who fail catastrophically commit suicide on the quiet. Which is a great pity. The elite people just want ordinary whites to shut up and fix things for them as the rich consume self indulgencies while sadistic ally enjoying their pet monkeyshines.

      • I agree with everything you said including that there are, within the human species, real racial and ethnic differences, and incompatibilities.

        Capitalism is imperialism, and global capitalist imperialism leads to the mixture, conflict and deterioration or destruction of all races and ethniciities.

    • However I don’t agree with the full, anti-ethnonaltional positions of the two sources quoted in my comment above, namely Trotskyism (WSWS.org) and so-called “multiracial unity.” Nor do I support anti-Christian, atheist Marxism as such. Socialism is many thousands of years older than Engels and Marx, and the New Testament contains principles clearly incompatible with capitalism.

  6. French says he believes that free expression is necessary for students to learn how to think critically? A jar of gefilte fish says French would wet himself if students were allowed to have a discussion questioning the common narrative taught about the holocaust.

  7. If Jews aren’t indoctrinating your kids in their latest psychopathic frenzy, it ain’t liberal education, it ain’t a real public school, it ain’t American folks!

  8. It’s interesting how the “principles” of these cucks always work to increase the power of the left.

  9. What will Conservative Legal Scholar David French justify next?…Members in good standing in NAMBLA reading children’s stories to three year olds in Public Libraries across America?

    The National Homosexual Pederast Review

  10. Piss on that kike-looking christer scum, that contemptible reed warbler taking care of the twat-turd of a Shaniqua cuckoo.

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