Ryan Long: How Hollywood Green Lights Movies

I can’t remember the last time that I sat down and watched a sitcom or went to a theater to watch one to one of these movies. I tuned out of popular culture years ago.

Note: I’m pretty sure the last movie that I watched in a theater was 1917 which came out in 2019 and that was really an exception because it was a history movie.

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  1. I tried to watch Willie’s Wonderland with Nicolas Coppola (alias Cage). It was just awful. Cheap rip-off of 5 Nights at Freddie’s with gratuitous black on blonde sex scenes and obligatory white trash rednecks. Hollywood is gone as a major social influencing force and good riddance. Next to go are probably defense contractors. I don’t see any evidence that Boeing and Lockheed can build aircraft that even fly let alone compete with China or Russia.

  2. 1. Race-mixing
    2. Same-sex couple
    3. Evil blonde villain
    4. Decent White guy who needs brown person help
    4. Noble black or non-White hero

    Does that about cover it?

    • Also the negro bucking up Churchill “They’ll never take Piccadilly!”in the movie with Gary Oldman.

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