Andrew Cuomo’s Daughter Comes Out As “Demisexual”

If you misgender Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo who identifies as a “demisexual,” you can get in big trouble. You can be banned from social media. You might even be violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is blasphemy now to doubt the existence of these made up genders.

New York Daily News:

“Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, the daughter of New York’s governor, said she identifies as queer in an Instagram post and in doing so criticized the social media giant for failing to meet the moment this Pride Month.

“Today, I stand in my queer identity with pride, and in memory of those who came before me,” the 23-year-old wrote Thursday. …”


“Just under a month after declaring on Instagram that she was queer, Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, daughter of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has explained in more detail what she means, saying she’s actually “demisexual.”

Kennedy-Cuomo, 23, said in a conversation on Instagram Live with activist and author Donato Tramuto, “When I was in elementary school, I feared that I was lesbian. When I was in middle school, I came out to my family and close friends as bisexual. When I was in high school, I discovered pansexuality and thought, ‘That’s the flag for me.’ …”

Apparently, “demisexual” started out as a joke on a role playing forum in 2004. The term took on a life of its own and attracted an internet following like the thousands of other customized gender identities which were made up and spread over Tumblr and Reddit and other websites.

You’re a moral monster for believing that mentally ill people made up all this shit and that society is being compelled by progressives to go along with their whims and delusions.

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  1. Roman Catholic greasers, and their kids are coming out like Roman Catholic politicians as LGBTQ.

    What do you expect, the Roman Catholic Priesthood is homosexual by its very nature.

    I’m not trying to piss off the numerous “conservative” Roman Catholics here, but, that’s just the way it is.

    Want a few cheap laughs, ask an Italian or other Roman Catholic (Irish, Polish, etc.) their opinion on homosexuality/LGBTQ/Pride Month.

    • Not so Krafty,

      you could ask me and I will tell you where to stick “Pride Month” and you with it.

  2. Yet again, the dictum “You get what you tolerate” is proven 100% true.

    Enjoy what you’ve wrought, Gov. Greaseball.

  3. >Demisexual people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond.
    So basically she’s the opposite of a slut?

  4. The apple doesn’t fall far the tree. It was influenced by her father and uncle, both mental degenerates.

  5. That this even gets mentioned outside her family’s dinner table points out the real story. With this inane “identity” it seems the entire concept of declaring one’s sexual perversion has just ‘jumped the shark’.

  6. Flax,

    Actually I am sorry I asked. I thought CD’s comment was heading in another direction like maybe—dung or something. It took me by surprise at the blatant sexual comment on a political site. Males hang by a thread at all times.

    • Flax,

      Let us just say for an impish curiosity which ends up being the reason you so eloquently stated. I suspected that CD had some grisly fate intended for that woman.

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