Oregon Heat Wave Deaths Hit 107

Here are a few things which are deadlier than “white supremacy”:

  • Collapsing buildings in Florida
  • The heat wave in the Pacific Northwest
  • Ordinary black street violence in big cities

In Oregon and Washington, it was mainly the lack of air conditioning compared to the rest of the country that killed so many people. Air conditioners are taboo there.


“But staying cool could prove especially difficult in Seattle, which ranks as the least air-conditioned city in a comparison of the top 15 metro areas contained in the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent American Housing Survey from 2019. Nationwide, about 91% of U.S. homes have primary air conditioning installed, according to data from the American Housing Survey. By comparison, that figure is 78% for Portland and just 44% for Seattle. …”

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    • Correct. And the heat wave death toll in British Columbia, a very mild or cool-weather province, is also around three hundred, plus the billions of marine, sea shore animals that literally cooked to death: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/intertidal-animals-ubc-research-1.6090774

      Read about Pakistan and some other south Asian countries where daily highs are reaching the 120’s Fahrenheit quite regularly now in some places. If humidity was higher (these are normally very dry areas) this would be fatal. If ithis warming trend continues, some of these places could become uninhabitable soon and millions of displaced people could move to Europe or the U.S. Thermometers don’t lie.

      • If it were “global warming”, then the heat would be global. I can tell you Florida, which is normally very warm, has been a bit cooler than normal. Most of the world has been within normal parameters. And that’s to say nothing of the fact global temperatures went through wild swings long before the industrial revolution. Global warming/climate change/climate chaos/climate catastrophe is a liberal/Jewish/Marxist/envirowhacko hoax just like COVID-19.

  1. The leftist media of course blamed global warming. But even if global warming were the culprit why now? Why not in the 50s 60s and 70s when we were driving around 8 cylinder land yachts getting 8mpg but now cars are getting 30-40? If it’s true isn’t the real culprit filthy toxic China? And there is zero chance China is going to commit economic suicide with the green new deal crackpottery so there is little liberals could really do even if they destroy this country and have us living like paupers in Tudor England burning candles in the dark and sailing around in schooners like Columbus.

    • “If it’s true isn’t the real culprit filthy toxic China?”

      China is building a multi-megawatt coal fired power station……EVERY WEEK !

      POLLUTION from China is.so intense that the air is unhealthful…. In Olympia Forrest in Washington, all the way across the Pacific.

      • There is no other possible, plausible reason for this heat, than the WRATH OF GOD.

        The Pacific NW (the “Left Coast” as Rush used to call it) has mocked God for too long, and the great Satan of the area (BILL GATES) lives in comfort among people subservient to him

        [I’m not saying Tim “I’m a perverse faggot” Cook – or Apple- is not equally as bad, but at least Cook (cock?) isn’t pushing a death prick (well, maybe he is- he could have HIV….. but I digress) like Gates is…..].

        And the people in the NW are suffering because Gates still is not brought to trial for ‘crimes against humanity.’ And because the people of that area concur with his Vaxx regime, like some Vampiric Jew Empire of Evil.

        “If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.
        That’s right ….Bill Gates.

        Heartless? Hardly. God is the owner of ALL men, and it is HIS will to do with the clay as HE sees fit, as it says in Scriptures.

        The Lesson, ‘Fear God, and worship the Son, lest HE be angry.’

    • Methane hydrate sublimating from the ice caps and deep sea might truly be a cause of global warming but as with the vaccine I don’t trust anyone pushing the warming narrative. The current science can be debunked by a high school debate team also. The only honest answer is “we don’t really know”.

  2. “Here are a few things which are deadlier than “white supremacy”:

    It is sick and a deep insult, they way Biden and his kosher cadre spew absurd lies.

  3. When they say “White Supremacy” is the greatest threat to the United States they actually mean Whites organizing politically is the greatest threat to the current order.

    Of course they will never say it explicitly in those terms, but we are smart enough to know they don’t mean random acts of senseless violence.

  4. I’d assume that the opposition to air-conditioning is Liberal Green type of thing. Even if it kills more people than Covid19 did in the area they won’t install one in their houses and apartments.

    • For a long time in the region, since the summers usually don’t get that hot, landlords on the cheap don’t bother to install air conditioning in their rental properties. Homes usually do have them. In the Willamette Valley usually apartment dwellers were forced to buy and install their own window units. When I lived there in the 2000’s it was still pretty hot in the 90s every day from mid July through Labor Day. The humidity was lower, but I lived on the second floor and the roof heat came right down into the unit and I had to buy two window units from home depot to keep the place livable.

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