Turning Our Back

Gwen Berry (Credit Image: Bob Ramsak via Wikimedia)

Just a few days ago, very few people knew who Gwen Berry was. However, in modern America, protesting the flag is a good way for an athlete to become famous.

Miss Berry finished third in the hammer throw at the U.S. Olympic Trials. On the medals stand, while the white athletes who took first and second stood at attention with their hands on their hearts, Miss Berry mugged for the camera with her hands on her hips, and then looked the other way. Unless the American Olympic team sweeps the hammer throw, Gwen Berry will be known almost exclusively for this gesture of disrespect. Color of Change is now helping her negotiate corporate sponsorships.

This incident captures blacks’ relationship with America. Miss Berry shirked the most basic gesture of national respect because she thought it would be an insult to her people. She aired her complaint on the “Black News Channel,” the very existence of which tells us a lot about “privilege.” “I never said I hated the country – never said that,” she said. “All I said was I respect my people enough to not stand or acknowledge something that disrespects them. I love my people, point blank, period.”

Many conservatives are disgusted. “How, Exactly, Can One Represent America but Oppose Its Anthem and Flag?,” asks Charles C. W. Cooke in National Review. He argues that Miss Berry is “electing” to represent the United States and thus should not object to the flag. Rep. Dan Crenshaw says she should be removed from the team.

However, in a sense, Miss Berry is right. She lives here, but she doesn’t consider herself “American.” At the least, she considers “her people” to have a greater command on her loyalty. Her passport is not her true nation.

I respect her honesty. She loves her people. We love ours. She doesn’t think the flag of the historic American nation represents her. I agree. The difference is that her racial nationalism does not offend those with media power. Love for our people, by which we mean whites, is “hate.” Her racial nationalism may get her corporate sponsorships.

I’m sure she’s sincere. What does the historic American flag mean to people who believe this country was founded by white “racists?” She’s not wrong. The Founders thought that they were starting a white country. Given today’s standards, they wouldn’t just be barred from politics; they’d be lucky to hold jobs.

The flag is also the official banner of the current government that rules from the District of Columbia. That government gives blacks like Miss Berry priority in jobs and education. The government pursues “equity,” which is now more important than what were once core American freedoms of association and the freedom to do what you want with your property. For biological reasons, blacks will never achieve equality, so the government’s war for equity will end as disastrously as the war in Afghanistan.

We should reconsider trying to convince Gwen Berry to respect the flag. Pursuing racial equality has been the main American domestic policy goal for more than 50 years. Almost every other priority, including space exploration, science, building the military, controlling spending, or undertaking great public works, has been secondary. You could almost argue that the United States of America exists to prop up black people. Paul Kersey calls it “Black-Run America,” not because blacks literally run it, but because their prosperity and even emotional self-esteem are apparently the most important national goals.

What have decades of effort and uncounted trillions accomplished? American education, transportation, and quality of life are worse. Videos from the past, when American cities were clean, orderly, and attractive, look like dispatches from a utopian future. It’s painful to realize they were destroyed for nothing. Countless achievements were sacrificed so blacks could be coddled. The bill amounts to one of history’s great tragedies.

Whole areas of American cities are in ruins. Patriotism is declining. America’s history is being rewritten and statues of its heroes torn down to appease blacks – but they are angrier than ever. Still, white Americans keep degrading themselves, trying to convince blacks to love them.

Few have contributed so little yet demanded so much as blacks. They shouldn’t be angry at America; whites should be. We pay for their temper tantrums.

Don’t try to get blacks to respect the flag. Consider your own protest. When some black celebrity begins speechifying, the black nationalist flag flies, or the “Black National Anthem” plays, turn your back. If current trends continue, the federal government’s flag may deserve the same treatment.

Does this mean I’m giving up on America? I’d suggest it’s blacks who have given up on us. We are racist no matter what we do. Some whites may go along with this because they profit from it. Many more seem to be driving themselves literally insane pursuing an impossible and immoral creed. There’s no reason to go along with it any more.

I’m taking Gwen Berry at their word. We share a passport, but we aren’t part of the same people. I have nothing against her personally, but she is no more to me than is any Japanese or Guatemalan. If Gwen Berry doesn’t like the flag, that’s her business. If she gets corporate sponsorships from this display, it’s further proof that America is just an enormous shopping mall.

We can’t blame Miss Berry for acting in her own interests. Instead, we need to act in our own. Turn your back on America’s pet racial minority, its subsidies, its demands, and its complaints. Make your own demands.

If blacks want to build Wakanda, they are welcome to try. I wish no one ill, but after America has spent decades putting blacks at the center of our national identity, I find it hard to care. If the regime can’t even get token gestures of respect from its client class, that is the regime’s problem, not ours.

First published on American Renaissance on July 5, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. Blacks are the jews of the 21st Century – they are both parasites on a host system that they hate.

  2. 400 odd years in America, 156 of those as free citizens, yet still there are issues. Still there are differences. Still they’re not happy. They hate America as a nation, but love the standard of living and money they earn. She speaks of ‘her people’ yet won’t relocate to Africa where ONLY her people are, despite having issues with America and whites.
    My father always told me………..when you’re not happy with your job, marriage, car, city, etc………..then stop whinging and do something about it. Some action please, rather than complaining endlessly. Change begins with you.
    If this activist masquerading as an ‘athlete’ isn’t happy with America, there’s something she can do. She’s not a slave. They’re now free to leave.
    The airport is that way>.

  3. I give zero fux if this coon wants to show her ass and act like what she is.

    Like you say, its not our problem, and it gets the message loud and clear to the normies that blacks aren’t our people.

    It also puts in stark contrast that Whitey could never do the same without being destroyed for his racial nationalism.

    The optics of the ugly coon who won bronze. Its perfect.

  4. Olympics is just a gigantic bore to me literally puts me to sleep like watching golf. Always has

    Big respect to the Japanese for making it less pozzed as possible and making libtard journalist seethe and flips their lids because its not a blm lgbtzq approved antiwhite shitfest

    • Only good things are the rowing and volleyball. Some of the swimming is alright. Biathlon in winter is excellent though.

  5. “Pursuing racial equality has been the main American domestic policy goal for more than 50 years. Almost every other priority, including space exploration, science, building the military, controlling spending, or undertaking great public works, has been secondary. You could almost argue that the United States of America exists to prop up black people. Paul Kersey calls it “Black-Run America,” not because blacks literally run it, but because their prosperity and even emotional self-esteem are apparently the most important national goals”:

    “(A)pparently the most important national goals” is the key phrase. “Equity” and “inclusion” are not real goals but only smokescreens for the real national goal which is the further enrichment of the capitalist class at the expense of, by continued exploitation of, the vast majority of the population which includes the vast majority of Blacks (except a small group of Black multi-millionaires and one billionaire). As President Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.” It has always been so. The U.S. was NOT created as a “White republic.”

    Black, transgender, and other “identity group” subsidies, quotas and activism and similar policies exist only because they are currently good for big business, used mostly to distract the commons’ attention from noticing big capitalist usury, greed and theft.

    You reactionary conservatives who express fear and outrage at these policies should be secretly pleased and comforted with these policies, because they are protecting the system that you want to conserve, by dividing, derailng and preventing REAL social revolution.

    • The first citizenship laws in this country gave citizenship to Whites only—-not any other race. The Founding Fathers expected this to be a White country. In none of their writings do they talk about opening the country to nonwhites.

  6. Great article and well stated. If appeasement is impossible, then secession becomes inevitable. We ask for nothing, yet they ask for everything. Simply existing, raising my family, honoring our ancestors, and embracing our Southern Culture is racist. There is no middle ground, no debate and no reason what so ever to want to be part of the multicultural hell the “Left” is creating.
    As I connect the dots on this madness, it leads to a very dark and dangerous place. Appeasement is totally impossible now, the more we give the more they take. Something dark and ominous this way comes.

  7. Incidentrally, the U.S.’s bloody puppet dictator of Haiti has just been assassinated. It’s not clear whether the Haitian people got to him or whether he simply had to be replaced. Another similar regime will follow because the U.S. will never allow Fanmi Lavalas socialism to take hold in Haiti that so desperately needs it.

    Re: “turning our back”:

    Real ethno-nationalists are also internationalist. If we naturally respect our own folk (blood) and culture, we must naturally respect the right of all other peoples, and NOT laugh at/ignore/turn our back on their sufferings that are mostly caused by the same global imperialist exploitation that is destroying us.

      • The Biden administration has publicly backed the Moise pupper regime but realized his usefulness has come to an end. Note that the professional team that broke through security and killed him in his house was foreign and was speaking English. This well-said Action Alert from Haitian Solidarity calling on the US, UN, and OAS to “Stop Supporting Dictatorship in Haiti” will certainly fall on deaf ears including the completely deaf ears of the dumbed-down and morally corrupted U.S. general population: https://haitisolidarity.net/action-alert/

    • We Whites need to take care of our own, not others. It is internationalist thinking that has destroyed America and Europe and is destroying my people. I believe that ALL people have a right to self-determination and their own countries, but we Whites need to concern ourselves with our own racial family—not any other racial family.

  8. “Turning our back” on the Afghan people too, where the U.S. is NOT witrhdrawing but rather mplementing a new and improved hybrid war strategy, involving more OHC “over-the-horizon capacity” (heavy and constant bombing by U.S. warplanes and armed Reaper drones based in the Persian Gulf; and increased CT “counter-terrorism capabilities and assets” (increasing the rolls, already in the tens of thousands, of hired military contractors, spies, saboteurs etc. operating out of new or expanded U.S. military bases and secret bases mostly in neghboring Uzbekistan,Tajikstan and Pakistan. The puppet regime in Kabul will remain funded and protected so the U.S. can claim that its involvement in Afghanistan is at the invitation of the “legitimate” government. As soon as the new strategy begins to work, NATO allies and partners such as Gemany, Poland, Australia, etc. will be re-sending their own spies and special operations forces to join the fray. Afghanistan will be kept in permanent chaos just like Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. and don’t worry, the Taliban will NOT be able to shut down the opium industry again.

  9. Why are you censoring me man? You don’t want this place to turn into an eco chamber do you?

  10. Blacks who think they’re oppressed and demand to live with their oppressors when they can go to 50+ black countries to be with their own are frauds. Of course it’s all a scam. They don’t want to leave. They simply hate the fact that White people exist.

  11. This is an amusing editorial and gets some bigger picture stuff right, but it gives Gwen Berry far too much credit and makes her out to be — in her way — a noble character.

    That is a mistake.

    The reality is simple, and it is 100% analogous to the Colin Kaepernick situation.

    Berry was faced with a financial decision, here. Nothing more. The hammer throw is a niche event with zero professional level, extremely limited sponsorship potential, and no significant earning potential.

    Berry herself will not podium at the Olympics or even come particularly close.

    She knows this.

    She also knows, as a black athlete competing in a political event (as the Olympics are overtly political), that she can maximize her earnings with a simple, in-vogue gesture.

    Had she stood gracefully flag-forward with hand on heart, nobody would know her name.

    Now, she will make more money than all previous and current hammer throwers combined.

    Kaepernick used the exact same calculus when he decided — after he was no longer a starter and couldn’t attract more than $25 million in renewed contract money — to protest symbolic “racism.”

    He was given a minimum of $50 million for his act by Nike, and he’ll end up making far more than a professional level QB of his talent level over the course of the next 5-10 years.

    These people don’t care about black, they care about green.

    Take care not to give them any credit for your interpretation otherwise.

    Poets are lazy and rely on the reader’s take, especially when there’s nothing there to begin with.

    • Thank you for writing this. I wanted to say as much last night but I hadn’t the energy. All for the better, as you wrote more eloquently and covered more bases than I would have.

  12. Hold on to your horses. The Supreme Count has declared the NCAA ban on colllege athletes recieving money from donors or corporate sponsers unconstititional. Get ready for Black atheletes who will be multi-millionaires by the time they leave college. That ought to open up the door of any White cheerleader they fancy!

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