CNN: MLK Statue Vandalized In Southern California Is Being Investigated As a Hate Crime

Is there anything sacred in our new progressive era?

Yes, the idols of sacred blacks like MLK and George Floyd are holy places which are revered by woke progressives and those who vandalize those monuments will be hunted down, charged and prosecuted for committing hate crimes. You can’t just get away with vandalizing public monuments!


“(CNN) – A statue of Martin Luther King Jr. in Southern California was vandalized with a swastika and other “horrific” graffiti that police are investigating as a hate crime, officials said.

Officers from the Long Beach Police Department were called to King Park on Friday around 3:20 p.m. following reports the statue was vandalized with “hate/bias-motivated graffiti,” police said.

Officers discovered the graffiti covering the front of the statue, Long Beach police spokesman Richard Mejia said in a statement.

Police did not share a photo of the graffiti but an image posted on Twitter showed a black swastika spray-painted on the statue’s chest and SS bolts on a leg.

The SS bolts are “a common white supremacist/neo-Nazi symbol derived from Schutzstaffel (SS) of Nazi Germany,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. Swastikas are hate symbols associated with Nazis. …”

What about the Christopher Columbus monuments?

What about the monuments of St. Junípero Serra and Francis Scott Key which were toppled last summer? Didn’t they also topple a Ulysses S. Grant monument in San Francisco?

Well … that was a “racial reckoning” which means that vandals can do whatever they want and break the law because the political establishment approves of it and the Democratic Party supports them.

Note: Last summer, the California state legislature voted to embrace anti-White racial discrimination. Fortunately, it was defeated in the 2020 election.

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  1. That old fraud MLK should have a statue of him doing up a White hooker as he is about to snort a line of coke about 6 inches long off her back. The guy would have had a career as a Reverend Bacon type from Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities or a pimp in NYC were it not for The Usual Suspects who discovered and groomed him to be the public face of their bad cause of so-called “Civil Rights”. That’s the type of statue I can endorse, it’s truth in advertising.

    Psst, don’t mention his plagiarism from Boston University Divinity School. Even BU eventually had to insert an addendum in the Saint’s miserable dissertation that he copied some parts of it without attribution. He copied the whole fucking thing from others and did the same with his other writings and speeches also. The guy didn’t have a thought in his head except what others put there after paying him off.

    What would one expect from a 75 IQ grifter, original scholarship? The guy had stupid written all over him.

    • “The guy didn’t have a thought in his head”

      Oh, but he did.
      “Where be da gin and da ho’s.

  2. Hypocrisy is not in the Left’s vocabulary. They have no standards, other than double standards.

  3. White people need to understand that a “hate crime” isn’t about the overt action someone may take, like dropping the “n-word” or defacing a statue; it’s about what’s in your head. The overt action only serves to identify what you are thinking. Soon, if not now, a determination of “what your are thinking” will include non-overt action as in, do you support BLM and LBGTQ, who did you vote for, are you vaccinated against covid-19 etc. We can’t escape this by watching our PC Ps & Qs, You don’t get to “opt out” of Bolshevik/Judaic totalitarianism. Many Whites feel assured that they can ‘prepare” and ride out the coming purge. That will not be allowed, We better wake up to this reality, and soon.

    • @MPO – That is an extremely important comment that needs to be repeated often.

  4. I can remember a while back that Tucker Carlson had on Glen Beck in which Beck denounced Critical Race Theory and Marxism and pointed out if MLK were alive today he would recounce CRT because he was Opposed to Marxism. I despite Beck and do not even know where to staart with such apalling ignorance. (Folklander School, support for Vietcong, Stanely Levison as speech writer and KGB agent, FBI wiretaps,…)

  5. Only a socal guy would have the brass to do this.

    For those who don’t know, socal sided with the confederacy, very strongly.
    When lincoln was assassinated, they made it a holiday and continued to party for a week, until federal troops were sent in from northern California, to stop the celebration.

    • A true national socialist would not have spray painted a swastika as a desecration. If you look at all the pictures of taken after Kristallnacht you won’t find any swastikas.

      The video didn’t show the actual vandalism but if the swastika is drawn incorrectly, that is a sure sign of a fake hate crime. The perpetrators of hate crime hoaxes are either too ignorant about how to draw a swastika or are mentally unable to do so.

  6. How long has it been since Hitler died? The Jews are the only ones who can’t let that dead horse rest in peace. They just gotta keep beating it to death. It was a Jew who defaced the statue.

  7. That statue is what I look like waking up at 4 AM to piss and not being able to find the light switch yet. You know, doing that inching zombie walk so you don’t stub your toes on all that stuff that slob (you) dropped on the floor right before you went to bed.

  8. As a white male in the USA I can’t even imagine enjoying is same racial privileges favored to a black statue.

  9. Hate crime? The demented and evil communists have been destroying images of Christ, they’re burning churches in Canada, and then patting themselves on the ass for doing it. Could they be any more obvious in their contempt for human decency. It’s like devil worshippers are running the left.

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