Cuck Island: Church of England Will Apologize For Expelling Jews In The 13th Century

Does anyone know if Boris Johnson is a member?

Daily Mail:

“The Church of England is planning a symbolic service to apologise for the medieval expulsion of Jews 800 years ago.

Anglican leaders announced the plans at a meeting of the General Synod – the legislative body for the Church of England – in a bid to address the recent and ‘rapidly worsening anti-Semitism in the UK’.

Although the Church of England was not created until after the Reformation, leaders are planning a ‘symbolic repentance’ to sever ties with the historical role the English church played in fuelling anti-Semitism in the past. …”

Searching through our archives, we have drawn attention to how the Church of England has blamed Christianity for causing the Holocaust and how it allows “trans” children in Anglican schools.

As an institution, it is dead as a doornail. Last time I checked, there were only a handful of members left in Britain most of whom were elderly metropolitan liberals and homosexuals. The Church of England is an instructive example of what happens to institutions which have been compromised by progressive activists and which have lost touch with their traditional mission. Progressive elites will often alienate the public and just destroy the institution. It is a myth that ordinary people have no agency.

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  1. The head of the Church of England is half Jewish. No really, it’s openly admitted on Wikipedia. Might have a little something to do with this church jumping headfirst into the nearest toilet.

  2. “It is a myth that ordinary people have no agency.”

    This is where independent Baptist Churches and non-denominational Churches come in.

    Folks just leave these terrible mainline Protestant denominations and go else-where.

    Also these liberal Christian’s keep foisting bad modern translations. Crap like where Jesus is called “the human one” instead of “The Son of Man”. Who the heck uses the word human except space aliens or robots n science fiction literature?

    Luckily the KJV-only movement is helping to preserve the English language. (One of the goals of an education should be acquiring the ability to read Elizabethan era English)

    I myself am a Free Lutheran and agree with what Luther wrote in ‘The jews and Their Lies’!

    • Presuming that a denomination YOU don’t like is apostate, and that YOUR fundie clap-trap sect/cult/zombie group is filled with the HS, is about as prideful as the Jews saying “We will not have this man to rule over us.”

      You got the KJV BECAUSE of the Church of England. You got Shakespeare and the BCP because of the Church of England, St. Thomas Cranmer, and the English Reformers. The best architecture, music, and liturgy known to the English-speaking world, and the Windsors threw it all away, just like they jettisoned Princess Diana, and made her (a naive 19 yo girl) into the poster child for liberal causes and sodomite friends…..

      May GOD DAMN THE WINDSORS. MAY THEIR CHILDREN DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS, and may Elizabeth the Useless watch as her nation sinks into utter apostasy, at the hands of the goyim.[Lev. 24:15, Numb. 5:23, Deut. 28:15, 28:20, 28:46, etc.]

      Thank God there are still trad Anglicans, and the Western Rite in Holy Orthodoxy. At least among them, ‘there’ll always be an England.’

      English Christians have NOTHING to apologize for. Every non-Anglo, non-White, and accursed Talmudic deserved every thing they ever got- frankly, it’s not enough.

      May God arise and may His enemies be scattered.

  3. It’s good, very good, not to be an Anglican. I tried it, in the separated branch, supposedly traditional. Turned out the leadership was a complete gaggle of freemasons.

    • THOSE PEOPLE are not Anglicans. They are mockers and liturgical fetishists, at best.

      Try a REAL Trad Anglican parish, with children, Sunday School, and a valid priesthood (women cannot be priests) and get back to me…. Or the WR in Orthodoxy.

    • @Thim,

      Same. The Episcopalian Church that I was baptized, sang in the choir for a decade was so Anglican centric that our vicars were all ordained on cuck island.

      I’m pretty sure they were all fruits. Definitely, all were alcoholics.

      My old church still is where it’s been for over 150 years, but now they offer a LGBTQ special eucharist.

  4. Mike ‘Culture Wars’ Jones wants to know when the Church of England will apologize for the dissolution of the monasteries and the theft of Rome’s properties and lands in the 16th century, not to mention the torture and execution of papists.

    • The fucking papists never owned ANYTHING in England, and they deserved it for their godless filioque and papal heresies. Anathema was the voice of the English to Rome, and in that, they have ALWAYS been correct.

  5. The Whore of Babylon are the churches, be they Catholic or Anglican who profess allegiance to Christ but sell themselves and their followers out to the Jews.

  6. The Jews were tax farmers in medieval England, just as they were in other kingdoms throughout Christendom, and were probably squeezing the people too hard, as will any unscrupulous person given the opportunity.

    They were, at last, expelled by the great English King, Edward I, (sorry, Mel Gibson), toward the end of the 13th century. Without his tax collectors Edward was forced to call representatives of the people to raise revenue for the crown, and, thus, Parliament was born and the principle of representative government advanced

    So their expulsion was too bad for the Jews, but, in balance, very good for the English people, for the development of representative government and humanity at large.

    • Looking at the extinction of liberty effected by Parliament in recent times I think it is still too early to tell whether Edward’s creation of it was a good thing. The current leaders of Parliament are all Zionist.

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