Cuck Island: Fake Populist Boris Johnson Urges Use of Vaccine Passports

No, we shouldn’t do this.

This is completely unnecessary, a bridge too far and a violation of civil liberties.


“Life in England will almost return to normal on Monday as almost all coronavirus restrictions are eased, but with cases rising across the country many organisations may introduce ‘Covid passports’ to keep everyone safe – but what are they and how will they work?

Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that the final stage of loosening restrictions will go ahead on July 19.

While people will no longer be legally required to wear face masks or socially distance, Mr Johnson has urged caution and encouraged businesses and large events to enact so-called “vaccine passports”. …”

Daily Mail:

“A pub has become the first in Britain to ban punters who can’t prove they’ve had at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Landlord Philip Cutter, 50, has been subjected to vile abuse since an anti-vax forum highlighted his new rule at The Gardeners Arms pub in Norwich, Norfolk.

He decided to bring in the policy after two of his bar staff tested positive for Covid, forcing him to shut for ten days. …”

The Independent:

“Customers may require Covid-19 certificates or vaccine passports to enter entertainment venues in England from autumn, according to reports.

The government is said to be considering making the documentation mandatory in venues such as pubs, bars and restaurants, where it would be used by customers to prove they have had either both doses of a coronavirus vaccine or a negative test the day before in a bid to tackle the fourth wave of the coronavirus.

It is hoped the move will increase vaccine uptake among the younger demographics, The Times newspaper has reported.

Currently, 86.8 per cent of people in England have had a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine and 65.5 per cent have had both, according to official figures from Public Health England. …”

In light of these headlines, you will be shocked to learn that fake populist Boris Johnson has recently taken a big dip in the polls.

New Statesman:

“Boris Johnson has form when it comes to staging political comebacks. It’s no secret he’s much harder to pigeonhole than most politicians. But in recent weeks the Prime Minister’s personal ratings have taken a hit – a hit that is yet to have much bearing on his party’s lead in the polls, but that that may intensify in the months to come.

Data from the Britain Elects poll tracker at the end of May found 44 per cent of Brits preferred Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Today that figure sits at 38 per cent, a fall of six points in less than two months, and the lowest since March.

In the same period, Johnon’s personal favourability has fallen from a net score of plus two to a net score of minus five, a shift against him of seven percentage points. …”

I wonder what caused this.

Just two months ago, fake populist Boris Johnson and “National Conservatism” was being touted as a model to emulate here. In fairness, Boris Johnson got a lot of credit for BREXIT, but recently it sure seems like the Tories are going back to their old ways and losing support for it.

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