Poll: 2/3rds of Southern Republicans and 1/2 of Southern Independents Support Dissolving the Union

“The star-spangled banner no longer waves in triumph and glory for me. …If a Confederacy of the Southern States could now be obtained, should we not deem it a happy termination – happy beyond expectation, of our long struggle for our rights against oppression?”

“The Union must be dissolved under its present course of administration. It requires no conspiracy to destroy – no exertion on our part to drag it to its dissolution. It goes down with the inevitable weight of its own gravitation, into that dark abyss of anarchy and ruin, where all tyrannies have fallen.”

“If to think, to speak, to feel such sentiments as these, constitute me a disunionist and a traitor, according to the English language as now understood in Carolina, then gentlemen, I am a Disunionist! – I am a Traitor!”

“Give me disunion rather than a consolidated government. Aye – disunion, rather into a thousand fragments… Because under such a government I would be a slave – a fearful slave, ruled despotically by those who do not represent me… with every base and destructive passion of man bearing upon my shieldless destiny – love of domination – avarice – long rankling jealousy – and, worst of all, the fell spirit of bigotry, which would exult over my dwelling in flames, and my children given to slaughter.”

“I am a secessionist – I am a disunionist. Others may submit: I will not. I will secede, if I can, from this Union. I will test, for myself and for my children, whether South Carolina is a State or an humbled and degraded province, existing only at the mercy of an unscrupulous and fanatical tyranny.”

This is fantastic news.

I couldn’t wait until the morning to share it. We must keep pushing!

The following excerpts come from William C. Davis’s book Rhett: The Turbulent Life and Times of a Fire Eater:

“They had been at it for almost ninety minutes, and then at last the crowd heard the name they had been waiting for.

“Robert Barnwell Rhett.”

At once the greatest shout went up as a sixty-year-old man, slim and erect at six feet began to walk down the aisle. Blue eyes behind gold-rimmed spectacles acknowledged the accolades of the multitude and saw the shimmering away of white silk handkerchiefs as he nodded a well-formed, balding head at those he knew. Before him on the stage he saw Governor Francis Pickens; his old friend David Jamison, the president of the convention; the clerk; and behind them the scenes of Southern industry and culture painted by the nephew of another toiler for freedom, the Italian liberator Garibaldi. They were all together now, at last.

Red-faced as usual, with a small white plaster covering an annoying pimple beside his nose, he reached the simple two-drawered table on which the ordinance of secession lay for his signature. Suddenly he fell to his knees, lifted his hands upwards toward the heavens, and bowed his head in prayer. It was high drama, and high theater as well, and the crowd exploded in cheers as he said his silent thanks. Everyone else arose, men took their hat in their hands, and the handkerchiefs went to their eyes tearing over at the emotion of the moment. Then he stood, took the pen, and wrote his name midway down the fourth column of signatures, immediately to the right of his old friend Maxcy Gregg’s. That done, he returned to his seat, no doubt mildly chagrined that the next to be called was his old enemy Christopher G. Memminger, whose name would go right below his own. Memminger would bear watching, not only for who he was, but the danger he and his kind posed to the great movement.

After half an hour and it was done. Jamison stood to say, “I proclaim the State of South Carolina an Independent Commonwealth,” and as the poured out of Institute Hall the cannon and bells commenced in a symphony that lasted long into the night. A few blocks away at the office of the Charleston Mercury, Rhett’s editor son printed an extra, a broadside proclaiming “THE UNION IS DISSOLVED!” …

“They published a special broadside as “A Farewell to the Subscribers of the Charleston Mercury.” Though the son signed the statement, in fact his father wrote it for him, and it echoed all of the elder Rhett’s ideas and spirit.

The South now lived under a despotism of consolidation, the states and their sovereignty abused by Washington. With universal male suffrage it would only get worse. “Swelling the multitude of voters” would not make liberty but be its downfall, while the military Reconstruction now in place attempting “to put the half-savage negro over the civilized Caucasian, may not be forgotten or forgiven.” History would remember it as an act of abject hatred and bigotry. The South, a more tolerant and congenial region, did not like change and revered the past, while the North, “fond of novelties, misnamed “progress,” was the slave of its own dogmatism.

“There is no ground for forgetfulness – no possibility of forgiveness, with these black, moving memorials of our wrongs, polluting our sight, crossing us in all walks of life, and vaunting their consequence as the tools of our tyrants,” the newspaper’s “Farewell” concluded as it condemned “a despotism of vagrant white men, and ignorant, filthy negroes.” Even Kentucky was now feeling the heel of Reconstruction, her sympathy with the other Southern states greater than ever before, and a spirit of resistance was growing throughout the old Confederacy, refueling “the hatred and regional unity that will one day regain Southern freedom and power in national counsels.” The Union was destined to fall apart from its own corruption one day, and then “the people of the Southern states will be a free and great people.”

“Grant won the election, of course, which convinced Rhett now more than ever that, “the blessings of Free Government can only be obtained by the Southern people ruling themselves.” All of the governmental offices in the South were filled with corrupt Republican partisans, he believed … He wanted to see in the region a Southern party condemning the old Constitution, with its now perverting amendments proscribing former Confederates from holding office while giving the right to vote to the blacks, and instead organizing Southern power for a day of deliverance. They should stop submitting voluntarily to Reconstruction laws…

The South would rise again, not just to achieve its own independence but to save free government and political liberty for the world. They had but to will it to see it accomplished. For this reason among others he would never be one of the thousands taking an oath of allegiance and seeking the return of his full civil liberties.”

“There never had been and never would be a people of the United States, but rather two distinct peoples, Northern and Southern. Democracy existed only in the states themselves and not in the national government. The Union had no sovereignty, republican free government was dead in America, and despotism reigned.

When the South fell, so did that free government that he always capitalized 

All his life Robert Barnwell Rhett had seen a “yonder star” that others would not see, and his dream had died. Yet to the end he expected that those who followed him would one day see his vision anew and take up his cause to make it a reality. The South would rise again, and it would be free and independent and dedicated to principles that would vindicate him and his struggle.”

Are we finally over this “Make America Great Again” phase?

Note: I’m not getting my hopes up, but we have seen a lot of good news in the polls this year. I’ve shared enough bad news over the past few years.

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    • Tell us again what kind of a Roman Catholic miscegenation are you? Cuban? Puerto Rican? Mexican? Italian?

      • Oh I am more pro white than the average anglo walking down the street in the USA and more white by blood than some of these Texans that are just dying to tell me about their part Indian ancestry. As if that impresses me. Most Mexicans have Indian blood.

        I am white. If it was otherwise I would write so. It would not bother me. Nothing I could have done about it.

        Those anglos must be the mixed people you were referring to.

        As an aside the Cuban/Puerto Rican girls I have gone to school with are from wealthy families and are generally fair skinned as are most of the Mexican girls in the private schools I have attended.

      • Worker of Hell- Cristina is far more ‘pure’ that you could ever be, and your utter disregard for a child and her feelings is the mark of a cad. But then, I already knew you were one.
        Shame on you. (if you can even contemplate what shame would be….

      • Wurker,

        I consider myself so far superior to a gringo that the idea of mating with one turns my stomach—with rare exceptions of course.

    • What I want to know is, who thinks WV is in the ‘Heartland’?

      It’s the South, at least from the number of Confederate flags and ‘good ol’ boy’ mindsets in areas we’ve driven through, on our way to/from Ohio.

      And the difference between those two states is like day and night (Ohio being the latter).

  1. But who will step up and lead the South? We don’t have anyone. Niggers are more organized and well funded right now.

    • “N******** are more organized and well funded right now.

      Yeah. All that changes when a gun is pointing in your direction, with the command, “LEAVE.”
      And if the folks in my area are any indication, they have more firearms, than there are DARKIES….

      (there, you damn Auto-correct. I’ll use a non-PC term, if I damn well feel like it- interesting that the ‘f-word’ is never changed- only racial epithets for certain (J & N) words….)

    • @ Rhett, our first go around, it was the monied interest, that pushed secession, it did not start at a grass roots level, we need American business, that is interested in doing business, in our new republic, we need them and they need us, we will be fair and honest, in the administration of goverment

  2. Sometimes miracles happen. In my country, we had our own C`ville back in 1987. First not Soviet sanctioned rally where few dozen people remembered pact between Molotov and Ribbentrop.

    Comparing communism with Nazis was unimaginable in Soviet Union. KGB involved and those people were repressed. General opinion was that this rally was pointless. You can`t go against Empire with few dozen protesters and banners. Also a lot of dissidents were angry that this pointless provocation will harm their cause.

    But snowball started rolling and 4 and half years later Soviet Union was gone. Maybe history repeats itself and US left collective hysteria end ep like our one in 1991, tanks on the streets to save communism and things will be decided within hours.

    Nobody in the Soviet Union wanted immediate collapse. Even most radical dissidents understood that blowing up country may end up in disaster like we had in 1917. But tanks on the streets forced people to make immediate decisions and the rest is history.

    • @Juri,

      The Chernobyl disaster caused an irreversible loss of faith in the communist party’s upper echelons that they could never recover from.

  3. Local Springfield Fox TV News ran a segment the other night about how popular kicking Chicago and it’s suburban counties out of Illinois to form a second state is becoming downstate and were telling us how “poor” we’d be without them and be one of the poorest states in the Union. True, but that same logic was used to try to tell Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia not to leave the USSR. But the fact is people don’t want to be ruled by foreigners, and these big blue cities are foreign globalist colonies implanted across America with paper Americans in name only along with brainwashed traitors to real America. If a patriotic regime ever really did come to power these big blue cities should be removed from their states and turned back into territories ruled by a military governor like in the 19th century as an interim solution.

    Second of all, the reason downstate Illinois is so “poor” is because of being ruled by the criminals the scumbag animals in Chicago vote into office. Without that human garbage hijacking our elections we’d have a more business friendly government like Indiana and the region would have a better economy. One of the first priorities would have to be big reduction on welfare checks and tough policing to convince all the Chicago project dwellers Daley and Rahm sent packing downstate in their now futile looking attempt to gentrify Chicago. Clean out these ghettos in Danville, Rantoul, Decatur, Urbana and give them a one way ticket back to Chicago. Maybe then we can get Caterpillar and ADM back to their historic downstate headquarters recently abandoned by carpetbagging CEOs from outside the community who stole our companies just because they missed the bright lights and big city.

  4. The main problem with dissolution of the Union is the necessary mass relocation of people, especially blacks, but also whites, hispanics, Jews, Asians…

    If the separation of India and Pakistan is an example, it will be a bloody affair here, too.

    • Good.

      Bloodshed means grudges and permanent suspicion and mistrust for the Other.

      We need to rekindle that hatred for the alien in our peoples hearts again. Its a natural gravitational force for the cohesive identity of a distinct people to have reinforcement mechanisms of ingroup and outgroup.

      Diversity isn’t a strength, and we need that burned into the racial memory again.

      Avoiding conflict isn’t an unalloyed good. Sometimes its necessary, and we are way past the point of necessary and well into the territory of inevitability.

      Whitey is the most ornery and resourceful critter to walk upright in the history of sapients. We can handle the conflict, and I like our chances.

    • It probably wouldn’t be as rough as the separation of India and Pakistan; that resulted in millions of casualties, IIRC. On the other hand, it probably wouldn’t be as smooth as the breakup between Czechia and Slovakia. My guess is that it would be a lot like the separation of Greeks and Turks after the Ottoman Empire was dissolved.

      When Greece and Turkey became independent countries, there were Turks in Greece and Greeks in Turkey. Thus, there were forced population transfers; this caused hardship for the people who had to relocate, but it prevented a lot of bloodshed.

  5. These things happen, they are not forced. Mike Hill has pointed out how unexpected the collapse of the Soviet Union was to everyone, and I think that is a good analogy of the current situation in the US.

  6. The polled area didn’t include Missouri in the South and it should have. The figures would be even higher if it was, along with West Virginia, which was also inexplicably excluded.

  7. 99% could support it and it wouldn’t amount to anything because there is no viable vehicle for a secessionist movement. 100% of American elites are shitlibs, and it doesn’t matter what non-elites believe. We need to court an alternative elite, and the best candidate is the Chinese.

  8. Only Texas has it’s own independent power grid.

    I just don’t see how one could separate the other states that are all connected.

    One thing is for sure America is in an accelerating decline.

    If Texas seceded I would strongly consider relocating there as there is a good chance my Zog-bux pension may become worthless due to inflation!

    (Boomers didn’t have to worry about this)

  9. Maybe line up some pro-South nations as allies who belong to the nuclear club and just before our declaration of independence have our nuclear allies roll out some mobile nukes in all the seceding states just to keep the Yankee Empire within the bounds of a peaceful separation.

    May God Save the South!

  10. HW, have you decided whether or not to cover the election fraud thing in Arizona and Georgia?


    This goes against the narrative of anybody questioning the election being a conspiratard, but its Tucker we are talking about, not the Daily Stormer.

    The stuff outlined by Tucker speaks directly to the question of the legitimacy of the Union under its current “democratic” system and is pertinent to this discussion.

    Anyway yeah…

  11. Not holding my breath; based on what? Silly fundamentalist/evangelical Protestantism and lamebrained Libertarian economics? Just like last time, in other words.
    ‘Muh private enterprise’ indeed.

    • Go back to Boston and your trannie boyfriend, Steve. We don’t need ‘true doubters’ here. Nor do we want them.

  12. The problem is that most Southern conservatives take that position from a place of multi-racial zionism, not a place of white ethnic nationalism.

  13. @ the Satanist, want america destroyed and they don’t care how, let us dedicate this new Confederacy, this new republic too Jesus and god willing, we will be a free people again,

  14. Look Hunter, I know I’m not your target audience but a lot of the people I share with are.

    You need to follow the 80/20 rule, you have way too many charts & text in most of your posts and I look like a fag sharing them.

    Can you please separate the news type posts from long form at times? I mostly share with lifting/military types so don’t need much to make the point.



  15. the right/conservatives in usa are all talk. they won’t secede; don’t have the balls to. call whites a racist and they’ll roll over before the fight begins.

  16. I enjoyed Striker’s take on this.

    The South would become a conservative theocracy, and the Midwest would be Third Positionist (NS).

    Let’s Goooooooooo!

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