Biden Administration Is Creating “Misinformation” List For Facebook To Censor

So, let me get this straight.

The Biden administration is partnering with Facebook to censor the internet of “misinformation” about COVID vaccines. The people who are being censored and coerced by this progressive state-media-corporate partnership are also “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

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  1. It’s a pity Trump didn’t fuck these people over when had the clear shot. Covid19 should have been an excuse to crush opponents. Godfufkingdamn conservatives for flinching. He should have said China attacked with a bio weapon and rounded up his opponents if they made a peep in protest.

  2. Biden has been railing against communism and socialism in Cuba. Bernie bros and MIGApedes who believe Biden is a socialist are both on suicide watch.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for some of these liars and peddlers of lies about the pandemic who might be partially silenced. There is immense harmful misinformation – even on some independent blogs that I used to respect – “disproving” the need for vaccination, masking, social distancing, quarantine, etc. and infection and death statistics, and even the existence of the virus itself.

    But the system that claims to oppose this misinformation is at the same time benefitting from the misinformation, because it greatly reduces the “herd” ‘s fear of the disease, thus encouraging the herd to go back to work, school, shopping, sports, cruises, etc. as if there is no problem, and continue profit-making business as usual while the Non-public-health policy of “herd immunity” burns its way through the herd.

  4. More proof that censorship is not coming from Big Tech. They answer to the government. Just like the mainstream media is its mouthpiece.

  5. Well, demonizing the enemy is one of the first steps to doing whatever the hell you like to them. It’s quite obvious that everything is on the table as regards to political enemies of this administration (meaning over half the country). I would not be surprised to see the White House candidly admit that they are drawing up plans to put “disinformation” spreaders in camps, for the good of society (of course).

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