Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth Seizes Control of The Internet

It is a new progressive era.

The hallmark of this new era is that the Democratic Party has traded New Deal liberalism for woke progressivism as its new governing ideology.

We hold these truths to be self evident: woke progressives or technocrats or the professional class have a divine right to rule this country and anyone who opposes them and stands in their way is a “domestic extremist” or a “Nazi” who deserves to be crushed by the Pentagon and “intelligence community.” No one else in this country has any constitutional rights and liberties. Their role is to shut up and pay their taxes and consume state media and respect “journalists” and submit to the government.

You’re not allowed to question authority anymore. This is “misinformation” and “disinformation.” The White House is creating a naughty list of people who are spreading “misinformation” for Big Tech to gag, ban and censor. We also learned yesterday from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that anyone who is banned from one social media platform for spreading misinformation should be banned from all social media platforms. The Democrats and progressive activists have officially seized control of the internet and will now determine who is allowed to speak and be “amplified” by social media.”

The people who are censoring the internet, who are censoring books, who have weaponized the “intelligence community,” whose private militia burns down entire cities, who refuse to enforce the law equally, who love to get people fired for their political opinions, who are purging the U.S. military of their ideological opponents, who hate due process, who are spying on private citizens and leaking their emails also want you to know that you are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

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  1. 1965…Jacob Javits

    1967…Israeli Airforce

    9/11…Dancing Israeli Art Students

    The ADL…13 year old Mary Phagan’s corpse….

  2. Our enemy has always accused us of doing or saying the very things that they themselves are guilty of. I guess that it is a psychological technique.

  3. General Mark Milley would order the 82 Airborne to slaughter the Jan 6 protestors….Antifa riots…Black Lives Matter riots in DC…no problem…

    Slimey-sore-Rectum-Milley has to be a user of Gay Male DuPont Circle prostitutes who cater to high ranking US Military Officers….Anal Warts General Milley…..

  4. How many misinformation Mongerers have died from Covid19? Anyone at all?

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