AOC and Rashida Tlaib: Civilian Climate Corps Will Unite Racial, Economic and Environmental Justice

She didn’t mention “food justice.”

Everything these people want to do is a “justice” issue. It is one of their favorite buzzwords. As for plain old vanilla equal justice, they don’t care for that anymore because it is effectively “white supremacy” and systematic racism to enforce the law equally and with consistent standards.

Daily Mail:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for a ‘wartime scale’ effort to fight climate change in a press conference where progressive lawmakers pledged that money for a 1.5 million-strong ‘climate corps’ will be included in Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill. 

‘The question is not just if we are going to do it, but how – how big, how ambitious?’ the New York Democrat said Tuesday morning. ‘Our climate crisis today requires a peaceful but wartime scale mobilization in order to combat the climate crisis.’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who opened the press conference, said he would ‘ensure’ the climate corps is part of Democrats’ sweeping $3.5 trillion budget bill.

‘I will fight to get the biggest, boldest CCC possible,’ Schumer said.

The idea behind the CCC is modeled after the first Civilian Climate Corps, created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933 during the Great Depression. …”

BTW, the original New Deal was a “Green New Deal.”

The CCC did things like build public parks and trails and reforested a bunch of places to stop soil erosion. They built a lot of the infrastructure which we still use today here in the South. These people are wrapping an idea which used to be completely mainstream in woke language to make it toxic.

Note: The introduction of kudzu in the South was one of the screw ups of that period.

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  1. All it will take is one slip, one use of the word “camps,” to destroy this whole program. POCs are afraid of the outdoors, and camps are outdoors, so that’s one reason. And our friends have so popularized “camps” as meaning “concentration camps,” that that’s another. Good luck with your retard corps, dummies!

  2. Climate corp. What a virtual signaling grift this will turn out to be. Little will get done, but lots of “awards” will be handed out, lots of “studies” will be talked about, lots of meetings in exotic places, etc,etc. What won’t happen is any real work get done

    • They will plant some trees as a virtue signal. It will change nothing. BTW, I live in one of the most heavily forested parts of the country. This area is absorbing far more carbon than a century ago

    • It’s a racket + job programme/sinecure for green haired, nose ringed non-binary millenials and white woke zoomers with assorted minority token thrown into the mix to appeal to the NYT shitlib readership

    • “What won’t happen is any real work get done”

      Pork barrel, just like Obama’s solar initiative.

    • Seriously, nuke Boston, Chicago and Philly. That would cut the emissions. These cunts think cities are green somehow. That animals are pollution and men living in farmhouses with a family are plague spreading Nazis. Scum of the fucking earth.

    • “The CCC did things like build public parks and trails and reforested a bunch of places to stop soil erosion”

      All good, but it didn’t solve unemployment or the depression, as it was supposed to.

      FDR was trying to copy Hitler’s 4 year plan to recovery. He failed, miserably.

      • My grandfather got to retire 4 years early. He was WPA but military time plus that I think he retired at 52. The Jews seem to still have been grateful then for destroying Germany. Now we are all Nazis.

  3. It’s funny you mention location! Yep, these urban fucks are telling rural people how to protect wilderness. What arrogant assholes. These cunts have not been in a field where there are wild animals and plants for decades. I’m next to a forest myself and I own some of it too. She’s the type who’d crap herself if she saw a rattlesnake.

    • Captain John they are very mediocre people drunk on power and no self awareness. The country is imploding on every level and you get the LatinX waitress with zero accomplishments in her urban lived life demanding everyone listen to her and contribute to her genius and knowledge cc ecology.
      If it were a comedy show it would be hysterical. It is still hysterical but more in a depressing way. My only questions are does she actually believe she is as capable as she puts forth and also do these urbanite women and soft men who fawn over her feel the same. Are they just virtue signaling or does the unmarried 40 something bisexual couple living in Brooklyn have faith that sinking trillions in racial and environmental justice will fix all

  4. The republicans should oppose evil Democrats from using taxpayer funds to indoctrinate the young with leftist claptrap.

  5. China burns 5 billion tons of coal annually, more than 10 times as much as USA.

    What are they going to do ?

    • @Arrian,
      Whenever China is mentioned to cut emissions, they suddenly claim to be a ‘developing’ country, exempting them from the requirement to take action. It doesn’t matter that they’ll soon be the world’s No.1 economy.

  6. If it were based on real science I would be totally in on this but you know it’s not. I’m sick of frankenfood and agricultural pollution too. As for climate change none of these non-scientists have a clue.

  7. If “global warming” is real the cause is China. Our cars are smaller and much more fuel efficient than the used to be. Also 8% or so of emissions come from the production of concrete. China pours more concrete in a single year that the US did in the entire post war period. China is not going to impoverish itself over a liberal neurotic project.

    • This glaring reality is all the reason I need to suspect that the leftists promoting green policies, which always seem to disproportionately harm Whites (like the destruction of the coal industry) are really just operating a fifth column sabotage campaign against our domestic infrastructure on behalf of the Chinese, who have been pumping money into the American left for a generation or more.

      The chinese are the greatest threat to Whitey.

  8. @ “civilian corrective corp”, yep, that sounds much better, shabby zombie anarcho antifa and their.” Stepin fetchit BLM, black panther wannabee’s, are boring and bad optics too boot, former presidente b.obama, spoke quite candidly about the need, for such a force, they will cut their teeth, on covid vaccination , enforcing vaccination or quarantine, then moving on too weapons confistication. I expect them too outlaw public display of our battleflag soon, but I expect their petulant, petty, game playing, too be put on the back burner, as events on the world stage, eclipse this’B” movie, our country has been turned into.

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