ADL Teams Up With PayPal To Cut Funding To “Extremist” Groups

The Jews are behind internet censorship.

This isn’t complicated. It is not a “conspiracy theory.” They are openly labeling all of their critics “extremists” and censoring them through the ADL’s “Center on Extremism.” The censorship issue is one facet of the Jewish Question like the assault on civil liberties and “trans.”

FOX Business:

“PayPal Holdings Inc. and the Anti-Defamation League on Monday announced a partnership aimed at fighting extremism and hate in the financial system and across at-risk communities. 

The initiative, which will be led through ADL’s Center on Extremism, will cut off the financial networks for those that support extremist and hate movements. The partnership will also focus on those who spread and profit from all forms of hate and bigotry. 

“All of us, including in the private sector, have a critical role to play in fighting the spread of extremism and hate,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. …”

USA Today:

“PayPal is collaborating with the Anti-Defamation League on research aimed at cutting off funding for extremist or hate groups.

In a statement Monday, ADL said the research will explore how extremist or hate movements use financial platforms to fund their activities.

Both that organization and PayPal say the results of their research will be shared within the financial industry, policymakers and law enforcement.

“By identifying partners across sectors with common goals and complementary resources, we can make an even greater impact than any of us could do on our own,” said Aaron Karczmer, chief risk officer and executive vice president of risk and platforms at PayPal, in a statement. …”


“The Anti-Defamation League is urging action from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) against a number of extremist and hate groups, including some associated with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, that it says may be using their non-profit status to “further their violent objectives or enrich their leaders.”  …”

These people will scream “conspiracy theorist” at anyone who notices that the ADL seems to seamlessly work in lockstep with the “journalists” and the “intelligence community” and the banks and IRS and Big Tech to suppress their critics and political opposition. There is no daylight between them.

Note: Is there anyone even still left on PayPal?

Donald Trump was deplatformed from PayPal and Stripe. This story seems a few years out of date. We were banned from PayPal in 2017.

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  1. It’s all an antisemitic trope that the jews have complete power over the banks, speech, govt and the treasonous politicians on both sides. There’ s over 1,300 comments on the adl website and they are getting destroyed. I think the normies are finally waking up to the subversive jews.

  2. The ADL

    Leo Frank

    13 year old Mary Phagan’s corpse…the autopsy photo



    Dancing Israeli Art Students on 9/11

  3. It is laughable that the kykes want to fight hate when their is no greater hate in this world than Jew hatred for Christ. The Jew hatred for Christ is baked into the blood of the Jews and these clown Jews prance around fighting hate too blind to see the hate in them wreaking for their every pore and fouling our air, our space and our moral sensibilities.

  4. The ADL

    Jonathan Pollard

    The ADL:”There will be no Nigerian Negro LEGAL IMMIGRANTS for our precious Jew-only Israel!!!!”

  5. Interesting, EBay removed PayPal from it’s way of paying sellers, and created it’s own payout system. I had to change my set up from Paypal to eBay’s new system.

  6. Jews are the cause. Nogs, leftists, Mexicans, our destruction, etc are the symptoms.
    To many, the Jews are hidden. Many don’t know their MO, or the role they play. I’d tried explaining the dynamics to a nationalist friend of mine, but he’s just too fucking dumb to understand where they fit in.
    The symptoms are always more obvious than the cause.

  7. How do you outlaw a human emotion? I wish the Jews of ADL et al. would just say that they want to annihilate, in all sorts of ways, people they regard as their political enemies. That at least would have the merit of truth to it.

  8. “Remember that the ADL is now a joke of an organization that just goes after conservatives.”

    Us non-schizos here need to engage with conservatives we know or online and explain that the ADL has always been exactly like it is now, it did not get any worse in recent years or since the new leader too over. It’s easy to look up info to this effect. I remember the ADL was calling Pat Buchanan, who most conservatives like now, literally Hitler back in the 90’s.

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