Patriot Front Tags Sacred Blacks Mural In Portland

Unlike the sweeping campaign of vandalism destruction against public monuments in Portland waged by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, this will also assuredly be sanctimoniously covered, investigated and prosecuted as a vicious “hate crime” because it is an act of lèse-majesté. The worship of sacred blacks and the denigration of everything White is the official progressive religion in this country.


“PORTLAND, Ore. — A mural honoring Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery in Northeast Portland was defaced over the weekend and the community has come together to repair it. …

Patriot Front supports ideologies of white supremacy and white nationalism, often touting that people of color are not true Americans and speaking on the superiority of white people. …”

Why the hell should we have any sympathy for these people?

Didn’t they lynch a monument of George Washington last summer on Juneteenth?

Note: The New York Post is crying about it.

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  1. All those cleaners in the video were as white as the communist murderers in the Soviet Union. Our own fellow white people who caused so much trouble to us in the history. And who will never learn because of their natural born genetics.

  2. The drug of race conflict is just what the Neoliberal regime doctor ordered, to keep everyone’s mind off the Upper class’s multi-trillion-dollar theft-usury that’s really going on.

    So one side paints a mural, the other side paints over it, and the first side re-paints it, and so on! It’s silly, and tragic. A general strike will never be possible if the victims of exploitation can be kept divided.

    • This is what we call a hit and run attack. Notice the accuser posts no proof whatsoever, but instead just slanders and hopes no one calls it out.

      • Don’t be dense, don’t know how to draw reasonable conclusions? It’s not a coincidence that all the “patriot groups” have been infiltrated by the FBI and Jan 6 was instigated by the federal government itself. It’s not an accusation, more of warning, but be my guest and join up with them, engage in activities with them and then tell me the stupid prize you won from prison.

  3. Years ago I read a suggestion that when our side posts counter-propaganda, they should mix clear crushed glass with strong epoxy glue to use as covering of paint/posters: supposedly almost impossible to remove by scraping & scrubbing.

    Just trying to be helpful…:o)

  4. When the narrator said on the video that ” . . . St. Beatrix is providing coffee to the people cleaning up the mural . . . ” I thought St. Beatrix was a local church similar to the ones that have been threatened with arson recently in Portland. Turns out that St. Beatrix is some kind of “progressive” bakery on MLK. Boulevard. I didn’t know there were such things as “progressive” bakeries.

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