Tucker Carlson: Vaccine Passports Are Coming

This was supposed to be over and done.

July the 4th was sold as Independence Day from COVID.

I think the Biden administration is going to find out that it has exhausted the well of good will on COVID. There are people who wear the mask and trumpet their vaccinated status as a fashion statement to signal their progressive identity. There are an equally large number of loud anti-vaxxers and who refused to wear mask and get vaccinated on principle because they hate and distrust those people.

There is a far larger group caught in between those two groups who believe the virus is real and who aren’t really ideological about it and who don’t really care about the vaccine issue and got the vaccine and wore the mask because they were assured this was all that they had to do to save the lives of others. Those people are the swing group who aren’t going to tolerate living in a permanent state of emergency because of COVID. What is the point of getting vaccinated if the vaccines are worthless against these variants?

Note: The “January 6th insurrection” narrative is boring and no one cares about it but shitlibs. They don’t have anything else to run on in the midterms and only COVID worked for them in the 2020 election. It seems like they are going to run on the fumes of COVID out of sheer desperation.

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  1. Never let a good hoax, I mean crisis go to waste.. They will push the “covid” lie until everyone is vaccinated or locked up for refusing the kill shot. It doesn’t take a genius to see what they’re trying to do and most will go along with it because most are easily manipulated or believe the govt and and medical industry lie. .

    • Hoaxis and Crisoax. Most people are someplace in the middle on this one. Enforcement of jabs will lead to some ugly scenes among blacks in metro areas.

      • They won’t enforce it among blacks, just like they don’t enforce the law with them. This is aimed at whites.

  2. 18 months and counting of having “Covid! Covid! COVID!!” panic rammed down everyone’s throats every minute of every god damned day by these kikemedia-vaunted “genius experts” like greasy little guinea Fauci, with absolutely no end in sight. “You don’t need to wear a mask: only medical pros do.”; “Everyone must wear masks!”; “You just need to get your Miracle Shots – then you can take off your masks & resume normal life!”; “The shots don’t prevent you from getting Covid or passing it on! Put you masks back on and stay 6 feet apart!”

    Just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP, all you fraudulent, billionaire-owned SCUM…

  3. Migrants (None Whites) getting into majority White (((Countries))) or in reality Zones, with current pandemic are exempt from the vaccines with entry to White Zones!

    Use that as a juxtaposition with the (((hypocrite)))

    Elite talking points!

  4. You, good sir, pushed the Establishment lies for the whole of 2020, calling the rest of us conspiracy truthers. People eventually reap what they sow. You prayed for Biden. Well, guess what, the people you profess to hate are making Joe dance to their tune, partly because he is mentally gone and partly because Hunter’s corruption could send him to a quick and easy death in federal prison, thereby making Joe easily blackmailed. So cry me a river. Life is not moot court. As you will find out to your sorrow.

    • Yeah, well, that’s because so many of you were conspiracy truthers. Do you remember what was being said at the time?

      1. COVID was a HOAX.

      2. COVID was a HOAX, but it was real and just the flu.

      3. The military was going to drag people out of their homes and vaccinate them.

      4. The lockdowns were permanent and would never go away.

      5. Millions of people would starve to death because of the lockdowns.

      6. Every hospital in the world was part of the conspiracy.

      None of these things were true. None of it happened either. Trump also ended up losing the election because Independents turned on him over COVID. Hundreds of thousands of people also died and millions of people were infected. The virus was real and it was highly infectious and moderately lethal and kills sick and old people just as I said at the time.

      This was over a year ago though when we had this argument. Today, multiple vaccines are widely available and deaths from COVID are negligible. The issue has been fading for several months now. There is no reason for this shit to contine when any adult has the option to go get vaccinated.

      • Incredible that you push the fauci lie. Hundreds of thousands of people didn’t die from Covid, they were counted as Covid deaths if they died from anything within a 2 week span of testing positive with a completely unreliable test. The number of dead from 2020 compared to 2019 was basically the same, maybe a couple of tens of thousands higher. Where are all those hundreds of thousands? Why were funeral homes no busier last year? Hospitals get $30,000 for each ‘Covid’ patient, so you can be sure there are plenty of those. The ‘vax’ is a death shot, and over 45,000 people, at the very least, have died from it since December 2020. I think I’ll skip the lemon-sized clots in my brain or lungs, the paralysis, the physical agony, and the months of convulsions. Well, good luck to you since it looks like you trotted right in and got it.

      • Someone disciplined enough to keep stating “having the vaccines available means the shows over folks!” And just stick to it. But noooooo people have ride their fucking hobby horses on pointless mandates and continuing rules and regulations.

      • It has become obvious that COVID will kill the frail elderly, the LGBTQ & others with very weak immune systems. For the other 97% of us COVID has been an over hyped bad case of the flu virus?

        I get a flu shot every year, and I got the vaccinations. But, there are some real problems with the COVID vaccines. How many people have a clue what their platelet count is, one in a 1000, one in 10,000, one in 20,000? The NIH has a study identifying that the COVID vaccines are responsible for low platelet counts. You read a lot of bullshit on the internet about people developing blood clots after the COVID vaccine, but, not about a real identified problem with the vaccines:


        Too bad we don’t have many White Protestant medical doctors anymore. Our medical doctors today look more like the UN, than our formerly White institution.

    • They don’t need to blackmail Joe to betray his race. Dementia has nothing to do with it either. He was born to be a traitor. It is basic genetics.

    • “You pushed the Establishment lies for the whole of 2020, calling the rest of us conspiracy truthers. People eventually reap what they sow”:

      No. It is the conspiracy truthers who will eventually reap what you sow. This virus that is NOT a hoax might eventually teach you not to scoff at virology, epidemiology, and modern, scientific medicine.

      China is taking the INTELLIGENT course of action with the much more infectious Delta strain, which came from India, the world’s second most populous country (soon to be first) where the virus was allowed to infect hundreds of millions and evolve and adapt essentially unhindered. China had eradicated the older, less infectious strains within its borders by thorough testing and enforcing simple public hygiene – quarantine, contact tracing, masking, distancing, border entry restrictions, and real lockdown wherever needed – but China correctly recognized that this new, much more infectious strain (exponentially more infectious) cannot be contained by hygiene alone; it requires universal vaccination. Almost 90% of the population has already been vaccinated with the superior (against Delta) Chinese-created Sinovac, a state-of-the-art killed-virus vaccine that is more difficult and takes longer to manufacture than the U.S.’s attentuated virus and mRNA vaccines. The death and economic tolls from the virus in socialist China are miniscule compared to the death and economic tolls in all countries under capitalism, especially the hyper-capitalist U.S., Brazil, India,, and the most hyper-capitalist of all, Indonesia. The already stark contrast between socialism and capitalism will become even more undeniable as Delta is allowed to spread freely in the U.S. and other capitalist countries.

  5. I’m genuinely stumped as to who I hate more: The mask-wearing Karens, or the covid-hoax trumptards. Equally retarded, equally insufferable.

    • You are not far off. India has just announced “Delta Plus,” a variant of the Delta variant that has gained even more “function” in the real open-air laboratory of almost one billion people who are mostly crowded together and almost completely unprotected by vaccine. India’s U.S.-inspired “herd immunity” policy allowing it to run wild and become endemic so that capitalist profit-making is not hindered, cooks up all kinds of surprises. Across India/s border, China is taking the opposite course of action. But India has plenty of young people to re-stock the “herd”; it may soon become the world’s most populous nation.

      • India had almost no covid cases because they were distributing kits contain Ivermectin, doxycycline, and zinc to anyone who tested positive. Their cases spiked once they were talked into pushing the death jabs. The same happened in nearly every country that started to ‘vaxx’ people, after the initial flush of cases when the virus first appeared, there was almost no infection until they started giving those shots to the people.

        • (1) Vaccination did not cause the spread of the pandemic in India, but the appearance of Delta caused it to accelerate much faster since Delta is MANY TIMES MORE infectious than earlier strains that were only slightly more infectious than influenza, whereas Delta equals chicken pox and is exceeded only slightly by measles. (2) DIstributing a cheap and ineffective-on-viruses flea and worm treatment to some of the few who were tested (and very little testing was and is being done in India) DID NOTHING to slow the progress of the pandemic. (3) A “superior” and more infectious mutation such as Delta was bound to appear in India because it is the world’s second- (soon to be first) most populous country, and the virus was and is allowed to spread freely, mutate and adapt, within a younger population with mostly mild yet fully infectious cases – so it is essentially, paradise for disease development.

  6. 1. Covid is/was a hoax. Mortality is comparable to the flu. Effective treatments were proscribed in order for the jews to push their “jab” and make billions. Deaths from everything from the common cold to heart disease and cancer were attributed to Covid.
    3. That may still happen. The iron fist of the State has yet to be fully deployed here.
    4. Looks like this may well be true.
    5. Supply chains have been disrupted and people will starve (maybe not millions)
    6. Why not, nurses had time to twerk for tiktok. That’s not normal.the election was stolen.

    Trump actually won but the election was stolen. Hundreds of thousands did not die from Covid. Trump should have fired Fauci early on.

    Stop drinking the Richard Spencer kool-aid.

    • 1. My father had COVID. It wasn’t a hoax. Countless people have been treated for COVID here at our local hospital. It is real, not a conspiracy. It is a mild disease that mainly kills sick and elderly people.

      2. How many separate entities would have to part of this vast conspiracy for the death toll to be this inaccurate? Certainly all doctors, coroners, hospitals, county and state health departments, not only in this country, but on a global scale.

      3. It didn’t happen.

      It is also extremely unlikely to happen because of these variants when the death toll is now so low and public concern about it peaked months ago and has declined ever since. There just aren’t enough people dying from COVID these days for that to fly. It is just midterms political posturing now.

      4. The permanent lockdown here in Alabama ended last May. Life has been normal for well over a year here.

      5. No one starved to death in spite of the hysteria at Daily Stormer.

      6. Finally, Trump lost the election because he lost Independent voters. It happened everywhere across the country, not just in the swing states. He lost Independent voters by the biggest margin in decades. The main reason was also COVID and his reversion to mainstream conservatism. It also happened in the 2018 election over healthcare.

      Last thing, I have no idea what Richard Spencer is up to these days, nor have I ever gotten my views from Richard Spencer. I thought at the time that conspiratards were clouding the waters with insane shit that was obviously not true. I also said Trump would lose because of it and he did

      • Okay, I live in Wisconsin, and on the night of the election, when we went to bed, Trump had taken what was previously a blue state. During the wee hours, a ton of fake ballots were dumped in, making a sharp vertical increase for sniffy. You’re telling me, in effect, that independents suddenly sent in their votes at 3 AM and gave Wisconsin to sniffy and kneepads. Jesus Christ Almighty. I don’t even like Trump, but your conclusion that independents went over to that senile slug is ridiculous.

        • Who knew that the vast majority of the dissident right was so stupid! The vaunted higher intelligence of the far right has been disproven.

  7. “Trump actually won but the election was stolen”:

    So what if votes were stolen or falsified. It was not a real election anyway. There are no real elections, only Elite-managed (s)elections. You get to “choose” between two essentially identical capitalist parties.

    “Hundreds of thousands did not die from Covid”:

    Yes the official figure of “hundreds of thousands” is much too low. New studies indicate close to ONE MILLION total deaths in the U.S. including some that died of novel “broken glass” pneumonia in the U.S. in the latter half of 2019 (yes the virus was definitely present in the U.S. in 2019, proven by 2019-donated blood bank samples and sewage samples from a number of U.S. cities) BEFORE the Chinese discovered it in Wuhan, and all those that died of it unofficially in the first half of 2020 when testing was not available or being done much in the U.S.

    • But the world’s most inaccurate official death tolls are probably India’s and Indonesia’s, especially Indonesia understated by an order of magnitude. The science of epidemiology cannot be politicized or it would no longer be science. Facts are facts, regardless of what you wish or hope.

  8. I was gonna do another lengthy post point for point detailing why this site has been all wet on its position via Covid, and has been from day one.

    At this point I think that is wasted effort, as ultimately this blog is an outlet for opinion, and none of ours will effect the policies that dictate the environment we have to operate in as a result in meat space.

    Suffice to say there is now sufficient evidence, in an abundance of places to point to Covid having been a psyop perpetrated by the regime as an intentional over reaction to a pandemic level spread of a virus that just isn’t that serious.

    Nothing thats happened can justify the damage that has been done by the bullshit lockdown policies, the rank redistribution of wealth through covid “stimulus”, or the inflation that has occurred largely as a result.

    I know people that also got sick, and have suffered. I have suffered personally. I also know people that have gotten the flu and died. But my personal feelz on these things haven’t clouded my judgment to the point that I can’t see that we are getting bent over and prepared for an epic dryfuck of prison rape proportions by a government hell bent on turning this into an excuse to control every aspect of our lives.

    It doesn’t take a conspiratards worldview to see this for what it is.

    I got conned, against my better judgment into getting vaccinated. I don’t think the vaccine is a vehicle for microchips or chemical castration. I think its a thrown together snake oil alternative to natural immunity, which we are paying large corrupt corporations to sell us in perpetuity (boosters are like Schick razor blade replacements, a patented product that you are never done buying from them), rather than allowing our own bodies to do what they are intended to do. This was a precedent, a submission to a long conn that the only way out of is to admit I was an idiot to have fallen for.

    Now, my participation in that is being used as a cudgel to beat white working class people over the head with, who followed their gut and didn’t get the jab.

    Now they are trying to mandate the jab, will mandate the boosters, and set up a permanent transfer of wealth for a product we don’t need to companies that will undoubtedly be sending major contributions to our politicians to keep pushing their bullshit snake oil on us. And with privately operated vaccine passports, a defacto social credit system will have been implemented right under our noses as a stick to beat us with for not submitting to the lies that are plain as day about this whole boondoggle, like that our own damn government funded the creation of this virus.

    All of this is obviously what is happening. COVID is a CULTURE WAR ISSUE now. Has been from the start. The vaccine is a sign of submission now, as are masks, and that is why so much pressure is being put on White normies to conform.

    As an ostensibly populist blog, this site has failed roundly to represent the reality of Covid, instead persisting with the obtuse assertion that its a legitimate health concern, and not addressing the broader implications of the regimes policies/how its being weaponized against working class people.

    This started out as a reaction to Trumps inept response to the outbreak, in an effort to make the point that people shouldn’t support him in the election.

    Point taken. Now what?

    • Since you foolishly took the doom jab, I’d say the best thing you can do is load up on a supply of ivermectin or HCQ because when the next flu season comes around, you could really be up the creek without a paddle. In testing these inoculations on animals, ALL the animals died when exposed to a virus later on; their immune systems failed completely. As for the sterility question, are you aware that 82% of pregnant women who were dumb enough to take the doom jabs suffered miscarriages? It will be interesting to see whether they will be able to conceive in the future. A completely untested concoction that contains graphene oxide and humanized mouse kidney cells, not to mention human fetal stem cells, and you put that into your body.

      • It baffles me when aware people go and get the vaccine. They already know that the government is against whites in every aggressive way, yet they trust them on the vaccine.

        People have all sorts of rationalizations for believing the hype. “I trust science!” yet the FDA has never approved it.

        Why bother to get it? So many people who got the vaccine have gotten sick or died. Then there are all of the complications that get dismissed. People who got the vaccine, and two days later have a heart problem.

        It’s pretty scary for any pregnant woman to get the vaccine. That’s literally experimenting on your unborn child.

        Tyranny…disguised as “being safe”.

  9. A century ago, a journalist by the name of M.L. Mencken summed it up best…

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    To be sure : I have had the new Covid virus twice, as has my wife.

    We cured it with berries of the Oregon Grape and Elderberry bushes.

    The virus is real – the chaos, however, is not, but, rather a part of a massive attempt to take control of the world to a new level.

    If they can force you to take an unverified vaccine that has no no clinical data, for a virus, it won’t be long before they will do the same to you and yours for the wrong thoughts.

    Even if you do not agree with me on certain things, you should be sure to support anti-Vaxxers, as they are the last line of defence against those who would administer you an ice-pick lobotomy, it they thought it in their interest.

  10. @ ironicsockaccount, we stall for time, we have no other choice at the moment, hopefully the lawyers, unions can buy us a little more time, at it’s core, the real issue here, is sovereignty, wether personally we have it or not, the rubber is hitting the road here and now, too work, travel about, shop, dine out , mix socially in public, it’s mandated by decree, from the powers that be, that you are too be vaccinated, or under medical quarantine, for public safety concerns, all children under the age of twelve, must be vaccinated, or entry into too schools, will not be allowed at this time, well it would appear, we must meet the requirements of the state, due too the present circumstance we are presently in, or participation, in the economy, society, will not be allowed, what this is leading too, is no joke, not a drill, we all have a decision too make, in my view, if the Satanist are successful here, under the same premise, they will push, what the Bible calls ” the mark of the beast”, also with out this mark, you are outside the law, the question is, who is the authority, you will submit too, who will you supplicate too, who will you obey, GOD or the state, if ever their was a time for the voices of the Confederacy, the old voices, the new voices, it is now !!!!!!

    • @ without personal soverneignty, there is no chance of sovereignty for our people as a whole, or sovereignty over our traditional southern lands, without private sovereignty, there is no private property rights, I am a southern nationalist, my thoughts, statements, action and deeds, testify to that, I appeal too all southern nationalist, now is the time to step up, speak up, we have a chance too make a difference, we have the moral high ground now, let our battle flag, be the flag of resistance to this satanic/marxist attack on truth on liberty.

  11. @ now is the time for the leaders of this Confederacy too be, to stand up, take this issue by the horns and show our relevance, our vision.

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