KOMO News: A Tale of 3 Cities

It is a new progressive era.

Eric Johnson is one of the last true journalists left in America.

Until I watched this, I hadn’t heard about the rat infestation crisis in Los Angeles. The most surprising thing to me about this documentary is that tuberculosis and typhoid fever have returned to Los Angeles along with bubonic plague. Where are our public health experts when you need them?

Note: You will have to click through to watch the documentary.

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  1. I’ll be on the Sunset Strip in a few days to give Occidental Dissent a first hand, up close report on the current situation in L.A.

  2. As civilization crumbles nasty diseases like typhoid and tuberculosis thrive. The “New Americans” from south of the border and the rest of the hideous Third World don’t have civilization in them, that is their fundamental problem. Communicable disease are just part of life for them, another problem for the hated White man to fix.

    As civilization recedes further look for the electric grid to become unreliable then the rest of the utilities people depend upon in their daily lives to follow. The electric grid is the fundamental utility that makes all other aspects of modern life possible. The future is bleak as diversity thrives and multiplies just like the diseases they bring with them.

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