New York City Will Require Vaccine Passports For Indoor Activities

I don’t know.

Even if you believe the virus is real and last year there was a real crisis in New York City, it looks to me like the tide was turned a long time ago. The real problem is that urban progressives are having trouble giving up their newfound power to boss people around now that the crisis has passed.


“New York City will require proof of vaccination to participate in indoor activities, including visiting gyms and restaurants, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.

Why it matters: The mandate is the first of its kind for a major U.S. city, according to de Blasio. France and Italy announced similar requirements last month. …

New York City will create a health pass called the “Key to NYC Pass” for New Yorkers to provide proof of vaccination for gyms, indoor dining, and indoor entertainment. …

“We know that this is what’s going to turn the tide. And we also know that people are going to get a really clear message: if you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time,” he continued. …”

COVID isn’t a bigger problem than homicide in New York City. 8 people died in traffic accidents in New York City last week. Why not shut down all transport by automobiles?

Note: The real play here is a purely political attempt to polarize the electorate along the lines of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. The Democrats are doing this because they are on the wrong side of all the other cultural war issues so they are trying to gin up a fake culture war over COVID.

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    • Great food and entertainment. Easy delivery for any food of your choice and in many areas, little or no need for a car. I’m just answering your question, Arrian.

      But commuting to a job there makes it not worth it. Working from home or being retired helps a ton. But being even moderately conservative in all cities now makes one seem like a dinosaur. Even the Democrats from the 1990s seem alien to these communists who now run that disgusting political party.

      • You both are missing the point. If JEW YORK SHITTY can mandate this fake vaxx, then the entire NATION can be dealt with the ‘Mark of the Beast’ scenario (see my other posts, for the applicability of this term, apart from sectarian fake exegesis of the Scriptures)… and you have a BOLSHEVIK (because JEWISH) state worse than ANYTHING the Leninists/Stalinists could have imagined.

        REVOLUTION/SECESSION. Please, God, someone with some balls rise up and denounce the FRAUDULENT COUP!!!

    • Nothing really. It’s a garbage city (literally has piles of garbage everywhere) and it always has been. Hopefully it will be nuked some day.

  1. Of COURSE the resident population of New York City has been long since burned-over, unlike most rural areas of the U.S. that still have only a minority previously infected and some with only a small minority vaccinated. But NYC does have new visitors and immigrants, legal and illegal, arriving daily,. and is a transportation and trade hub very capable of spreading Delta to many other areas that are not fully burned, some hardly touched.

    I say: Please don’t protest or otherwise hinder the tattered remnants of a public health system in the U.S. when it tries to do SOMETHING. It might still save hundreds of lives left to burn in burned-over NYC.

    But I realize this post is red meat for the vast majority of readers of this blog who enjoy any denigration of public health.

    • Regardless of the merits of the vaccine, it has the excellent effect of alienating the normies from the system.

      So, I say, let every evil be ascribed to it. COVID-19 is not very deadly, and the vaccine stuff is ticking off the people at their oppressors, deeply and thoroughly. So, stand against the vaccine, and the masks as well.

      • “I say (…) stand against the vaccine, and the masks”:

        And against public heath. And against science, reason, and reality.

        It’s what WN’s do. It’s like you’re encouraging fish to swim, because that’s the part, the exact role, that the far right already plays in the system. The far right definitely serves a purpose. If the far right did not exist, the system would need to create it.

  2. “Great food and entertainment. Easy delivery for any food of your choice and in many areas, little or no need for a car. I’m just answering your question, Arrian.”

    What entertainment? There’s no popular music worth hearing anymore, so it’s not like you can buy tickets to see Led Zeppelin at MSG. Troupes of dancing faggots in Broadway musicals like nigfag “Hamilton”? Pass.

    I will grant the great choice of food, but even out here in the sticks we can still get the limited selection delivered.

    • Getting every type of nasty ethnic food delivered by some wog, cooked by some wog, prepared by other wogs seems a high price to pay for losing your country. Not only that but there isn’t that much difference once you’ve sampled a few of the so-called “cuisines”.

      Many of the kitchens in ethnic restaurants are unsanitary. I would rather just get a pizza or other Italian food and call it a day than sample Chinese, Burmese, Jamaican or other “ethnic” restaurants and risk getting sick.

      To each his own.

  3. We are on the “Road to Serfdom” at mach speed comrades.

    If you would have told me in early 2019, that by August of 2021 their would be mask and vaccine mandates in many large American cities, including NO fly and vaccine passports, I would have done a double take and laughed out loud.

    NOW, it’s here! What’s next? The Power hungry elites will not let this crisis go to waste.

    Bolshevism is rearing its ugly head and the populous laps it up.

    Something wicked this way comes… Get ready..

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