Poll: Majority of Californians Support Recalling Gavin Newsom

In California, it is the “Latinx” voters who are the most tired of this new progressive era. Blacks and Asians still support Gavin Newsom who is losing ground in the recall. White voters are split.

The Hill:

“About half of likely California voters want Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) recalled next month, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The poll conducted Aug. 2-4 by Survey USA for the San Diego Union Tribune found that 51 percent of respondents said that they would vote to remove Newsom from office if the recall election were held today. Forty percent said they want the governor to stay in office.

The survey results mark a sharp reversal from a Survey USA/San Diego Union-Tribune poll conducted in May that found only 36 percent of voters wanted Newsom removed from office, with 47 percent opposed to the recall. …”

Check this out.

Education polarization is transforming California politics in funny ways.

SF Gate:

“Just prior to the start of the first televised debate in the Gavin Newsom recall election Wednesday evening, a shock poll showed the governor losing the first question (“Should Gavin Newsom be recalled?”) by double digits.

The poll came from Survey USA and the San Diego Union Tribune, and was conducted among 1,100 Californians from Aug. 2 to Aug. 4. It found that 51% of respondents were in favor of recalling Newsom, while only 40% wanted to keep him in power. The previous Survey USA/San Diego Union Tribune poll from May found 36% in favor of the recall with 47% opposed. …”

California … a Red State? What?

Real Clear Politics:

“The California recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom had been a fairly quiet affair, with Republicans considered a long shot at best to oust him. That was before two polls from Emerson College and another for the Los Angeles Times showed support for the recall reaching around 47%. More ominously for Newsom, opposition to the recall has fallen below 50%. If undecideds break strongly enough for “remove,” he could lose. Against this backdrop is the specter of the 2003 recall, when California voters replaced Gray Davis with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If Republicans could pull off the feat once, they might do so again in 2021. …”

The Hill:

“New polling data released this week found that voters are nearly evenly split over the recall vote for California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

The Emerson College – Nexstar poll found that 46 percent of voters were in favor of the recall vote against Newsom while 48 percent said they were opposed. The remaining six percent said they were undecided. …

A divide by educational levels was apparent in the results, as those without college degrees were largely in favor of the recall at 54 percent compared to the 39 percent who were against it. Among college-educated respondents, 36 percent said they were in favor of the recall while 59 percent were opposed. …

Among racial groups, Black and Asian voters were in favor of keeping Newsom. White voters were evenly split and a majority of Hispanic voters said they would vote to remove Newsom. …”

David Shor has repeatedly warned that White college educated shitlibs were taking over the Democratic Party and transforming it in their own image. The big danger for the Democrats is that their bohemian cultural values and preferences are so radical that they are alienating and driving out both White and non-White working class voters. Even the “Latinx” voters have their limits with that stuff.

The Atlantic:

“At the end of the 2020 election, California’s Republicans had reason to feel hopeful. Although Joe Biden won the state by a landslide, Donald Trump won more votes (6 million) there than any other Republican candidate had ever. Increased Republican turnout led to victories in four competitive House races with large Latino populations. One of those districts even elected the state’s first Republican Latino congressman since 1873.

Hope hasn’t been California Republicans’ default emotion lately. Just three years ago, Democrats crushed the state GOP, cementing a supermajority in the legislature and winning four congressional seats in Orange County that had been in Republican hands for decades. But the 2020 results offered a taste of what a reinvigorated party could accomplish if it looked beyond its base and offered a palatable message to Latino voters. Trump won more votes from Latinos in California last year than he did in 2016, and he made similar gains around the country. With an effort to recall Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom now under way—the election is set for September 14—the party faces its first post-Trump test of whether it can be truly competitive in the state, and whether it’s willing to distance itself from a toxic legacy to make gains with California’s new, growing plurality. …”

I’m going to laugh when the BoBos lose power to the “Latinx” in California. The state is now so far gone because of this class of people that it would be an improvement for it to become culturally more like Mexico. The major difference between Texas and California is White shitlibs.

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  1. Shlomo’s fatal mistake was not running this douchebag for VP. I hate this piece of shit but he is somewhat credible where Kamala is not. I’m just thankful I don’t live in riot country. When the power goes out we are going to see savagery that has not been recorded in modern history except for maybe Zanzibar.

    • ” . . . When the power goes out . . . “ This is what knocked Gray-out Davis out of the box as Governor of California during his recall election more than anything else. There were avoidable blackouts because of his stupidity and incompetence. As the country declines, especially as the decline accelerates more and longer blackouts will be common everywhere.

      In places like California the failure of the grid will make life impossible in many areas because, amongst other things, water and sewage systems rely upon electricity to function. Most of California’s population lives in a semi-arid climate dependent upon a water system bringing millions of gallons of water in every day from hundreds of miles away. This is a severe weakness people who live in the Northeast and much of the Midwest are unfamiliar with because they have a huge advantage of (almost) unlimited clean water, much of it delivered by gravity in many places.

  2. “But the 2020 results offered a taste of what a reinvigorated party could accomplish if it looked beyond its base and offered a palatable message to Latino voters.”

    And advocating closing the borders to keep wetbacks and LEGAL invaders out is no turn-off for those spics: now that they’re here they want to protect their paychecks from new hordes of peons.

    “With an effort to recall Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom now under way—the election is set for September 14—the party faces its first post-Trump test of whether it can be truly competitive in the state, and whether it’s willing to distance itself from a TOXIC LEGACY to make gains with California’s new, growing pluralities.”

    Leading pejoratives, as always from the kikemedia scum. The “toxic legacy” is the policies that appeal to culturally-conservative spics & sane Whites.

    • Culturally conservative spics are not your friends. By that logic, we should all welcome in Muslims.

      • My point was not that they are our friends – I know full well they still hate the gringo for their defeat in the Mexican War and think the Southwest rightly belongs to them – but that they are against letting in new hordes as a purely pocketbook issue. Put simply: they want to keep their fellow greasers OUT – and that’s what we want, for our own racial reason.

        Where interests coincide, there’s nothing wrong with pointing it out. That does not mean that they should be appealed to in any way that’s detrimental to White interests & dignity.

        As for camel-fucking terrorists: where is the faction among them that wants to keep the rest out?

        • They really don’t want to keep illegals out. For every Mexican citizen of America, they have at least 5 illegal family members. I honestly think this is wishful thinking on your part.

  3. @ with the coming earth changes, California along with the rest of the west coast, could soon be a moot point anyway.

  4. I’m guessing they rig the recall to fail. This guy is being groomed for something. Maybe he will be Kamala’s VP when Biden stops being functional.

  5. I really don’t care what Latino, Asian or Black voters think. Unless current trends change California is the “inevitable” brown future of America that Anti-Whites love to brag about.

  6. Recall popular but no strong candidates that might replace him. GOP is impotent and unable to capitalize on even this despicable governor.

  7. Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer are all coming under attack. The one percenters want their Gay Pete bad.

  8. As a Southern Californian, Mexicans are not the friend of the white man and will most definitely side with White college educated shitlibs if the framing is that they’re fighting against someone like me or you.

    Since, the election you’ve been BASED posting about muh working class LATINOS over and over just because they’re culturally less progressive on sexual and traditional norms. Saying that California should become culturally like Mexico is one degree away from saying that it would be better if it BECAME Mexico. That’s just stupid.

    I know you’re a fan of Huey Long, so you’re obsessed with muh working class populism, but you at least were a racialist and white nationalist.

    Now you sound like any old boomer civnat with your LATINOS SO BASED shtick. I stopped reading this website months ago because of it, and you’re still doing this shit. I’m not coming back here. You cucked.

      • No, they’re not – they hate Whites just as much as shitlibs and Blacks but they are not nearly as vocal about it(except amongst themselves). Living in Alabama means you haven’t been exposed to them like Kronos in SoCal or in the Chicago area where I lived for a long time. Everything and everyone is tribal – except for White liberals.

  9. @ California is the USA’s future and the future is now, after Babylon falls, if there is anything left of California, we will rehabilitate it, repopulate it with young,tough and smart confederates, the desert will blossom again.

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