45 People Were Shot In Chicago In One Night

What about Emmett Till though?

What about black people committing suicide in Mississippi?

Note: Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently declared a systematic racism crisis in Chicago. In reality, murderers are simply released back into the streets.

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    • “Self Cleaning Ovens are?”

      BS, the crud is building up faster than it’s being cleaned, by a factor of 1000.

  1. Born & raised in Chicago, I retreated years ago to a far northwest suburb known for its conservative community – a small outpost not yet lost to Chicago’s multicultural hellscape.

    In the few short years there, tho I watched it surrender to liberalism’s anti-white propaganda. So this Spring, I moved again, this time 2000 miles to the far Pacific Northwest, where I’d read statistics, it was still 80+% white.

    That’s proven not accurate – it’s at least 50% mestizo here. And the brown families I see 3-4 young children; whites mostly alone – and older. Demographics indeed, destiny.

    While the Js kept whites concerned about the blacks, and funded blacks to elected power in big city USA, the mexicans kept crossing the border in waves; and once here, reproducing their way to winning the Mexicain-American War 2.0 without firing a shot. Press 1 to hear your message in English.

    This country (long since a nation) has been conquered, it’s over; Dead but no one’s yet unplugged the life-support machine.

    I’ve 1-2 last ideas left but so black-pilled I doubt either location will look much much different than the “80% white” PacNW twon I moved to.

    As far as the Coof diapers go, I was thankful to notice less around here donning them but w/ Fauci’s latest, “fear-programming” propaganda pitch, I am seeing more.

    I’ve steeled myself to stoicism but believe me, it’s being tested. If I could / can find even a tiny village of sane men & women Americans somewhere. I’ll be there asap. Thanks for reading … and God help our kind somehow.

    • “been conquered, it’s over; Dead but no one’s yet unplugged the life-support machine.”

      Don’t be too pessimistic. As Don Black says ” history is full of radical twists and turn “.

    • They get bussed and flown in, because the old ones aren’t traversing the border. There is no advantage to have them here. The majority of them don’t work, and have no problem going to another country and dropping a litter and having the taxpayers pay for their homes, food, and all of the free healthcare they want. They are demanding and rude. They aren’t intelligent enough to do our nation any good, and they contribute to the big nonwhite crime scene.

    • Even if your right, what even worse is the victim still doesn’t understand what was done to them. At least on the old Buck Rodgers TV show there was some Eagle-Man who was the last of his kind murdered by humans who was out for revenge. Idiot white women will go to their graves virtue signaling by voting for Lori Beetlejuice Lightfoot and her Thunderdome Army of gang banging, fatherless, savage, bastard, teen black boys out reeking mayhem.

  2. This isn’t going to end well. And, it’s probably going to end soon. I hope everyone here has prepared themselves to be unable to get certain food, personal care, and medical items. Also have the capability to protect yourself and your family. Perhaps the grid may even go down here and there.

    Would you rather be prepared and wrong or unprepared and wrong? Choose wisely.

    Look around and see for yourself, does our current environment feel just crazy or more like we’re engaged in a different kind of warfare? Choose wisely.

    Brad, do you hear me?

  3. A White female CPD officer was murdered by three humanzees during a traffic stop Saturday night.Had she been at home being a mother to her baby (2 months old), she would still be alive to see him or her grow up.

    Chicongo is quickly becoming West Detroit and North St. Louis.

    • Uh, WHITE women don’t get lavish welfare handouts.

      If they do get a pittance in support, other WHITES will condemn them for ‘living off the state’s. Too bad WHITES don’t have the balls to condemn other groups.

  4. Chicago should kick down the door of every black and systemitically sweep for guns. But it won’t do that. The best that can be done is the self cleaning oven. High score in the ghetto has its uses.

  5. “Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently declared a systematic racism crisis in Chicago”

    Trying to civilize blacks is a fool’s task, as endless as carrying water in a sieve.

  6. And we have dementia joe telling us , WHITES are the problem.

    His kosher scriptwriters sure can shovel the BS.

    • I guess the Negroes were vigorously exercising their 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. They must have been reading the Constitution that faggot David French keeps talking about. Maybe the Negroes will next start watching Fox TV, reading the WSJ, National Review and Milton Friedman, debating capitalism vs. libertarianism and joining the Republican Party like every Republican keeps talking about.

      Who knew the path to the Republican Party for the Negroes starts with a .45 automatic.

  7. This is what blacks like and what they vote for. The same with most jews, Hispanics and Asians. It’s just blacks are forever hopeless Democrats. 95%. It never changes. The other groups are a pitiful 70 to 75% Democrat. But compared to 95% they actually seem a tiny bit reasonable. I stress a tiny bit compared to 100% zero hope.

    People now vote for blacks just for being black. Or for being gay. Or for being a woman. Hardly any focus on issues except kill the baby in the womb, promote sexual depravity and hate (White) police in particular.

    This is what too much diversity brings to a society- chaos. Suddenly nothing matters as ” everything is the same.” Suddenly GOD is an afterthought and suddenly just consuming things and making never ending bucks is ” the god.”

    I’ve never been to Toronto, Canada but on video it easily looked like a typical American sludge city. And all the typical leftist govt slogans were everywhere. People looked tired, GOD less and consumer oriented. It looked crowded and ugly. It also looked extremely diverse to the point leftists will dominate for ages.

    The direction of ” the West” is not a good one, clearly. What is going on in dumps like Chicago will keep going for a long time. What has to be done to change it is considered ” so radical” and a party like the Democrats are so in the opposite direction that there is no hope. Whitey is now the slave. Throw in these increasing mandates and we are witnessing something we used to think only Rod Serling could create on television.

  8. Small potatoes, when compared to this Crime Against Humanity:

    “This is an admission in no uncertain terms that the past eight months specifically vis-a-vis the DeathJabs have been a giant violation of the Nuremberg accords and the largest crime against humanity ever executed. All responsible from Gates to Fauci to Dickless Levine to Cuomo to the entire management of Pfizer, Moderna and every pharmaceutical company that participated in this mass poisoning should be considered non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerents and dealt with accordingly.”


  9. I remember an AmRen poster who, during Katrina in 2005, posted several long essays with the same conclusion all in caps: AMERICA MINUS WHITES EQUALS AFRICA!

    You dug your grave, now you can die in it, Chicago!

    • Most of our problems in the US would just disappear, if they all went back to Africa, or some other galaxy far away. Think about it. The trillions we spend to house, feed, and give them everything they want, could be spent on new roads, bridges, healthcare for us, and the space program.

  10. Trump and Joe been letting thousands of joggers out of prison. Now they came back to the old hood and these new jaunces be running things. So they fight it out.

    What was that white hoe doing, dressed up in a police uniform? Useless.

    Abolish the police, I say. Let’s the joggers be wilin and caps be exploding. Outside the jogger towns we don’t need these damn police, who just be raising revenue and arresting husbands, that’s all they do.

    One single thing we could do to turn this country around: Abolish the police.

    Committees of Vigilance. That’s right. Bring em back.

    • Lol. I chuckled quite a bit at this, Tim. Thanks. ” Trump and Joe been letting thousands of joggers out of prison.”..lol. Yup. Biden doing it for some evil, twisted power he sees in another election- country be damned. And Trump with his lunatic advisors got the black vote up from ” freaking hopeless” to ” utterly hopeless.”

      The Don kissed up to the rinos when Republicans ran it all and waited three years just to start the wall while sucking up to backstabbers like Zuckerberg and Dorsey. His ego would not allow him to punish them because he loved being on social media. So instead social media spit him out.

  11. @ BABYLON will soon fall, the word says it, no time for hand wringing, get ready, out of this calamity, is a chance for us to do something good, reclaim, reconquer this land, for god and the Confederacy.

  12. I m fortunately mostly out of Chicago city , but keep close tabs on the city neighborhoods that made me who I am.

    Crime , murder and mayhem are constants every year of my life.

    What s new are other erosions of what most Americans would consider civilization .

    Chicago highways and even bike paths and sidewalks are something out of a Mad Max movie. There isn t any semblance of traffic laws being enforced .

    Diseases, both physical and mental are always close by.

    I went to my former neighborhood beaches – nasty scenes of Walking Dead Blacks and new additions of Central American orcs – these short creatures don t even look human.

    Large parts of Chicago still look beautiful – looking for a tough White guy , maybe a White Hispanic.

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