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  1. I’m not a big fan of Cuomo, either, but this is some he said/she said BS. All (non-jew)hetero males are in the sights of the Respek Wahmen Movement.

  2. The 165-page report by Letitia James is a travesty of justice, and extremely poorly written. Cuomo and his administration were bad, but this frenzy to destroy him is insane. On the on other hand there is method in the madness: making him the scapegoat to be punished for the disastrous, criminal, pandemic policies of 2020, the public may forget that anyone else was responsible.

  3. This is probably because he went after the Jewish community over covid-19 restrictions. Me too allegations only matter if the media amplifies them. The media chose to target Cuomo after he tried to crack down on Jewish mass gatherings that were breaking protocols.

    There’s also a theory that democratic insiders were getting him out of the way so that Kamala will have fewer challengers in a presidential race. The only way they can successfully push Kamala is to make sure she is just completely unchallenged, since she is otherwise extremely unpopular.

    Bottom line is, if the media wants to they can bury any me too accusations like they did with Biden (or with numerous other figures who are on their side). They chose to go after Cuomo because someone higher up wanted him gone. Me too is a weapon wielded by the media, that they can employ or not depending on the situation. Whether they “believe women” or not depends on who is being accused.

    • I’ve heard the reason for his move on putting COVID patients into nursing homes was due to his Jewish donor ship. I guess the Jews have monopolized that industry in New York. They received a huge government payout for each patient. Tax money and grift. Typical. Cuomo, the Italian punk, has been a big friend of the Jews. Any politician in New York has to be a friend of international Jewry.

  4. My sympathies, Governor. Ha ha ha, Fuck You, you hypocrite! Take your ugly, dumb brother with you and his pal, Mr. Potato Head too.

  5. The path to the nomination has to be cleared for Gay Pete. Newsom, Whitmer and Kamala are going to get what Cuomo got.

  6. I hope he goes to jail but he won’t. Not so much for sexual harassment because anyone can make those claims in today’s environment without proof but the deaths in the nursing homes and other cases of corruption. It sucks being targeted, doesn’t Mario?

  7. While he was shoving all of those poor old people into nursing homes and killing them, all the Cuomosexuals were praising him as a leader during a crisis. He even got an Emmy, it’s fitting since Hollywood does have sexual deviants. His own brother on CNN was doing interference for him asking him questions about the meatballs him and his family used to have for dinner. This is what actual corruption looks like and no one bats an eye.

    We need our own William Jennings Bryan or a Huey Long to hold all of these politicians accountable.

  8. I may not be the average poster, but I couldn’t care about whether any of these shit women got their fanny pinched, or worse, or the assholes like Epstein, Weinstein or this quarter nigger douchebag that get punished for it.

  9. I have no idea why someone in the South would care if a governer of Noo Yoyke stays or goes. He’ll just be replaced by another politician with an agenda that means nothing to you. Might be time to discuss things that affect the nation as a whole. This guy was merely a governer.

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