White Woman Viciously Attacked At Mobile Gas Station

Closer to home, black criminals have been emboldened everywhere by the “racial justice” movement and the retreat of the police in the Joe Biden era. Becky here was body slammed on the pavement in a robbery in Mobile which is currently on track to set a new homicide record.

Note: Don’t get the impression that this is only happening out West or up North. Some of the worst racially motivated violence is happening here in the South.

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  1. The same blacks saying “We need more police protection” are the same ones burning down the town when the police arrest their keeds for committing robberies.

  2. If Julius Streicher could be hanged for printing cartoons the purveyors of anti-white hate propaganda like Django Unchained should also be prosecuted and dealt with in the same manor.

  3. This is the very reason I am motivated to advance WN.

    They mostly attack the weak, young, old, female or the disabled. Those are their primary victims. It’s safety and protection of the most vulnerable that interests me.
    As healthy racewise WHITE males, most of us are the least likely to be harmed by this social decay.

    Yet, women, especially the younger and mothers, grandmothers should be the most active , on boards like this, because they are the most vulnerable. They should be the most active promoters of WN, it’s in their best interest.

    Instead, there’s a dearth of women in this cause.
    They are the ones who will be the greatest beneficiaries of a WHITE society.

    It doesn’t make sense.

    • Women are just timid herd animals: slavish followers of fashion in all things, including politics, and itz kikes who determine those fashions; who set the boundaries of what’s Acceptable. (((They’ve))) always known that women are the weak link, the pushovers, from the earliest days when they peddled their cheap shit door-to-door when hubby was at work. When the White male fools of the past allowed them to usurp all media, entertainment & edjewcation, they fucked us royally, and only an ocean of blood will save us.

  4. “Some of the worst racially motivated violence is happening here in the South”

    Anywhere there are blacks, there will be violence.

  5. Notice the 3 locals they interviewed were all black, and expressed terror, apprehension at the thought of a violent criminal at their favorite convenience store.

    Undoubtedly in Mobile, the black population is larger than the white, so it isn’t surprising that there were blacks aplenty available to interview for the news segment. However, the news crew is also fully aware of the implication of having white women express fear on TV about a black man attacking a white woman. Can’t be having the justified fears of whites documented on the evening news. Only black people matter. Their feelings must be our 24/7/365 concern and nothing else. Any more than that and we’d all be racists.

    • @Memebro,
      The media is trying to paint blacks as caring, the primary victims and separate from the criminal elements. In some cases they likely are, but it’s a psychological trick on the part of the media to convince the white audience that the blacks are the ‘victims’, not the perps, and to avoid becoming reactive and racist.
      The white lady was never given an opportunity to give her account or sentiments on tv, despite obviously still being capable of speaking at that point.

    • @Memebro – Apologies; I just commented simularly below before seeing your comment.

  6. Wench is absolutely clueless. In Mobile? Alone? No weapon at all? I’m wondering, what did she expect? That all the blacks are like they are presented on the talmudvision?

    • I noticed that too. He was approaching her and got within striking range and she still did not react.

  7. White women had better develop situational awareness, because this country is no longer under the rule of law. And the coloreds know it.

    • The behavior and opinions I have seen from White women…..I am beginning to not feel sorry for them anymore.

      • @Powell – No self-respecting White woman wants sympathy from a male-in-name only.

    • @Spahn,
      Prior to about the mid 60’s, blacks had their faces rearranged if a white lady was so much as whistled at by them. The result:- they behaved themselves. There were deterants in place. Now it’s drawn out court cases, excuses, rehabilitation, blaming it on slavery……..at taxpayers expense. Because of the civil rights era, they no longer fear anything.
      Yes……..’progress’ has really helped us.
      Every white nation around the world has the SAME issues.

    • @John – No, ignorant boy. The fact is diversity has come to almost every burg in the land and still people have to live their daily lives.

      • So true.
        Circumstances often force ppl into places they don’t want to be.
        The (((social planners))) knew this would happen.

  8. black violence wont be a problem once mexicans, indians and asians take charge of this country. when they are the mayor, DA and sheriff, heads will roll.

  9. The broadcast jewsmedia always go to ‘decent’ negroes, after a humanzee is caught on tape doing something violent.

    Like GLR said about jewish names and noses, you will begin to see it every single time.

  10. Is her name “Becky”, or are you just dehumanizing her with an anti-White slur?

  11. Why, it was only “a woman robbed by a man”: no mention of race – even on Fux jews – when of course it would be the ONLY issue if the races were reversed.

    Uncle Shmuel needs to die.

  12. Be aware that may of these interracial crimes are often a White female who was dating a Black male.

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