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  1. So I guess the US military was in Afghanistan to make sure girls went to school? Cry me a river, Andrea Mitchell. The good guys won.

  2. It is encouraging news that Afghan women in urban areas will wear moderate, traditional modesty veils in public now. They will not be required to wear a full head-to-toe covering.

    At least they aren’t being encouraged to appear naked to entice men (and other women) like American women are.

    I predict that the Afghan national dress code for women, and for men, will not be onerous, no different than that of neighboring Iran. The Taliban of today is not the old, CIA-created, U.S.-taxpayer-and-opium-supported Radical Islamic proxy force of the past.

    Afghans are different than European peoples, different culture, different history, different dress. Not wrong to be what they are, only different. Let them be.

    • “Afghans are different than European peoples, different culture, different history, different dress. Not wrong to be what they are, only different. Let them be.”

      A fact that our ruling class is too stupid to see.

  3. (((Andrea Mitchel))) preaching to us about propaganda, oh so ludicrous.

    How does that hideous hag keep her job, kosher privilege ?

  4. US media sends in a female reporter, knowing full well that it will vex the Taliban.
    Just any little petty snarky trick, to provoke trouble.

    Mass media should be declared a public health hazard.

    • US invaded Afghanistan to bring ‘democracy’ (perverted social norms).
      Yet, we are suppose to tolerate and respect different cultures ?

      Doulbetalking HS !

  5. Meh. I can’t make myself get upset about the poor brown people. They’ve been getting the shaft, and likely will continue to, and thats the plight of the working common folk from time immemorial. They don’t have a monopoly on suffering or hardship.

  6. They are allegedly planning on cutting down on the more extreme patrolling methods. We will see. If they can strike a golden mean somewhere between attacking sluts with acid for showing their ankles and girlboss feminism, they will do well.

    • How much of the stoning and acid attack stories is just western propaganda? It’s impossible to know the truth anymore.

  7. You may be able to get away with that feminist crap in the JSA but not in Afghanistan. Their men won’t tolerate it. The US used to be that way at one time.

  8. Taliban position of abortion—–

    ……abortion is only legal if it is performed to save the life of the mother or if the child is going to be born with a severe disability.

    • Completely sensible!

      Imagine that these humble hillfighters have a way better leadership than any of us have

      Revolution in our lands can not come soon enough

  9. Putin should send the “band” Pussy Riot to Kabul ASAP. Afghanistan should be the the new ” home for wayward girls,” since the West in their (((20th century enlightenment))) did away with such places and practices.

    Everyone bellyaching about muh poppy fields forget that morphine and codeine are made using opium plant poppies. No one is forcing you to wrap a tourniquet around your upper arm and ‘mainline’ some tar heroin, or placing a spoon under your nostrils to snort, unless you’re a whore ‘working ‘ a corner for your humanzee pimp.

    Sharia Law applied to women doesn’t really upset me. What would cause me to go “Luka Bratsi” on muslims is their Inhumane treatment of animals both domesticated and wild.

  10. “OMG – (((feminism))) is Cancelled in Afghanistan! No future Only Fans, screaming pussy hatters, or blue-haired bulldykes! I-I can’t even!”

    The catastrophic history of the jewed West for the last 100 years proves that women must be controlled by sensible-but-firm men. Firm the Taliban certainly are; we’ll see about the sensible. If they’ve have slightly more brains than the average camel, they won’t make their existences a brutal hell: give them enough freedom to lead normal, traditional lives as wives & mothers; they’ll find that far more fulfilling in the end than any “career” insisted on by kike brainwashers infesting jewniversities & media. Under no circumstances allow them to vote, let alone hold any government office.

    This is their Big Chance. Here’s hoping they don’t fuck it up.

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