Brian Stelter: The Fall of Afghanistan

The overall theme that I am sensing here is America’s rapid imperial decline – COVID, the fall of Afghanistan, military incompetence, cultural degeneration, etc.

Do you remember when Joe promised that “America is back”? Clearly, we’re not coming back. We’re moving forward toward imperial collapse. We’re picking up steam toward that outcome.

Note: How long will it be before trouble emerges elsewhere and further exposes our imperialists? China and Taiwan and Hong Kong? Russia and Ukraine? Israel and Iran and Syria?

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  1. It could be over. I say, have a read of Flashman and the Angel of the Lord. I suspect there might be a new Harper’s Ferry soon. The battle scene in the book is vivid. You’ll get a kick out of the narrative. There are several audio version for $ but the book has a nice map reconstructing the place in the 1850s. Both “factions” of the US are spoiling for a showdown. In the middle you have to survive the jive. The timing right now is ominous with anniversaries and evacuations and endemic diseases. Biden is as weak as Buchanan and will have to come up with some bullshit inside job. Read the book, it’s chilling.

  2. ” Clearly, we’re not coming back.”

    There’s been too much racial damage done to America over the past 50 yrs. The racial structure of the US is terribly corrupted.

    The reason we haven’t experienced the consequences of this destruction is that 30 trillion in fedzog debt has papered over it.
    Like wallpaper to cover structural cracks.

    The structural failure will be bad and come quickly.

  3. >America is back

    Nice people on the center-left and center-right have yet to be disillusioned about the Rainbow Empire as a Force for Good™, that is, the supposed invincibility, universality, and inevitability of their cosmopolitan lifestyle preferences. Taliban barbarism isn’t the genuine concern since we arm Saudi Arabia. Note also that Orban’s Hungary — a clean, modern, civilized state — causes the same panic. If not everyone wants to live the same way affluent Americans live, then they have some uncomfortable questions to ask themselves, especially if they believe what they believe from careerist, conformist, and ultimately cowardly motivations.

    tl;dr That timeless progressive ideals are really just one among a set of changeable and historically limited customs gives Puritanical America (don’t be fooled by its secularism) indigestion.

  4. Ward is British. Do you get the feeling as I do, that this Afghani adventure was part of the Great Game rivalry pitting Britain versus Russia? Joe Biden had a meeting with Putin in June.

  5. I rather enjoyed Jonathan Cahn’s take on all of this in The Harbinger 2. What we have here is the wrath of God on a nation that has all but forgotten Him. To me as a believer it all makes sense taking into account all that we have done in this country in the last fifty years.

    He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”
    Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. (Rev. 22:21)

    We are doomed! As far as I’m concerned it can’t happen quick enough…

    • @Jack Aubrey – You “can’t wait”… Then what? You magically get sucked up into heaven??

  6. We are not in “decline” as much being sucked dry by Satan worshipping pedophiles. Black Rock and friends sucked $trillions out of the US economy just to move it to China along with all our manufacturing. Next is probably food control.

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