Talibased? White Supremacist Praise of the Taliban Takeover Concerns U.S. Officials

It is true that we respect the Taliban.

The Taliban fought for their religion and their country to expel a foreign invader. They fought for self government. In contrast, we fought for feminism, cultural degeneration, imperialism and to sustain an endless grift that enriched corrupt defense contractors and their puppets in the Beltway.

The Taliban are heavily armed, rural, independent minded mountain people who fought off the world’s largest empires. They are the embodiment of the “Don’t Tread on Me” spirit.

The Taliban are the legitimate government of Afghanistan. They represent Afghans. Who can deny this after watching the speed of the collapse of our puppet government and fake army? Who can deny this after they walked into Kabul and virtually no one put up a fight?

As nationalists, we understand why the Taliban fought for their country. We don’t understand why our imperialists here would have Americans die to occupy Afghanistan and to sustain a fake puppet government. It is their country, not our country. We have no right to rule their country. We have always believed that trying to transform Afghanistan into a Western liberal democracy was a fool’s errand.

Is the Taliban a model for resistance in this country? The question is so ridiculous that we haven’t entertained it. No, our Patriot Boomers with their “Don’t Tread on Me” flags are nothing like the Taliban. They are middle class Americans who live in the suburbs. They are Facebook LARPers.

Note: Every single one of our soldiers who died in Afghanistan would be alive today and would have never dreamed of visiting Afghanistan were it not for the Pentagon and its worthless generals.

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  1. Look at the faces of the Taliban in the top picture. They are not Arabs. They are white guys. Half of them look like people I know.

    • Persons who live in non-Arab countries are generally not Arabs. Though a type of Arabic script is used in Afghanistan, the country’s major languages are Aryan, as are a number of its minor languages.

      Guess I’m going to have to link this for a third time:

      • Good comment. I am also disturbed by Afghans being called Arabs, though they have nearly all adopted an Arab religion.

        Besides Indo-Aryan genetics, there must also be traces of the Greco-Macedonian colonists.

          • I’ve been around the Caspian Sea. These phenotypes are exceedingly rare. Often a Polish or Russian parent. Poles end up there a lot. A lot of hotels are staffed by Russians. Even in Tehran.

          • In a statement that appeared in some history or something that wasn’t written until, I don’t know, he’d been dead some centuries, he himself was said to have had red hair.

          • I suppose it is possible. He might have had traces of the Celtic-like Whites who dwelled in the Tarim Basin and were wiped out by the Asiatics centuries earlier.

        • This pathetic fan-boy adulation doesn’t make them White. It only strengthens the anti-White argument that White people “don’t really exist”.

          • “Robert Browning” is an anti-white troll who tries to stir things up here with bait like this. He may be connected to the troll known as “Tom Watson/Krafty Wurker” who all have a similar set of interests and writing style. They pretend to be old, reactionary WASPs, like they learned how to be a white nationalist from outside of the movement, like some kind of training course. Nothing they say sounds like anything any real white nationalist would say about any issue. It’s all distraction, baiting, taking absurd positions that no real people in the movement take.

      • Aryans(us) should not be killing fellow Aryans(Afghanis and Iranians) for unscrupulous semites(Arabs and Jews).

        • OMG. Stop it! Today’s “Jews” are not Semitic- nor have they ever been! Dr. Elhaik’s DNA study conclusively proved that.

          The mass conversion of a Mongolian/Turkic tribe in the 10th century to the religion of Talmudic Judaism, does not make them the Hebrews of the Old Testament!

          Stop using the Jews lying propaganda against whites!

          • “Dr. Elhaik’s DNA study conclusively proved that”:

            Elhaik’s study does not prove that Jews descend from a Mongolian/Turkic tribe.

            His study was designed to search for the origin of the Yiddish language, which was originally a secret language spoken among Jewish merchants, and has over 250 different words for buying and selling!

          • By “mass conversion” you must be referring to Khazaria. It is doubtful that the majority of Khazars were ever “converted.” Khazar origin of Jews in Eastern Europe has been debunked. Sephardis and Ashkenazis are descendants of the Pharisaic Talmudists of Palestine, Mesopotamia, and other parts of the Middle East.

          • According to their own Jewish Enclopedia, Jews are the original Edomites who were coerced to adapt the the religion and culture of Judea by John Hyrcanus. Interestingly enough, his son, Aristobulus converted Galilee, “The Land of the Gentiles,” by don’t as well. It is believed that that area was settled by Gauls from roughly the area of France.

            There is some evidence that the Edomites or Idumeans mixed a lot with the Kenites who were believed to be actual descendants of Cain.
            Perhaps that was what Christ was referring to during his “anitisemitic” outbursts.

      • You know all those British lads who ran the place for 200 years? The Russian squaddies? Could than have anything to do with the bronze skin and blue eyes? Just a thought. The brothels there would have been producing all sorts of hybrid exotic fauna.

          • US construction crews built all the hydroelectric dams in Helmand too. All through the 1950s Morrison Knutson was there in Kandahar pouring concrete over rebar.

          • Great information again, Captain. After I read your comment, I found, at Wikipedia, a link to a 1954 Time cover with an illustration of Harry Morrison:


            The optimism–in contrast with the chaos and cross-purposes that have ensued since the ’60s–is striking:

            “Builders Abroad,” “Ambassadors with Bulldozers,” “To Tame Rivers and Move Mountains”

          • Heroin on only grows in Helmand Because of those dams. The water table rose and slightly altered salinity and made the land viable for poppy flowers. Opium is not native to Afghanistan. Those Seabees and civil engineers were sent to create a vast field of opium.

      • You still haven’t told me why you hate Muslim Mick, wanna that another stab at it retard? Can you reason or is your brain too soaked with booze to do that?

        • I don’t even drink, dumbass. And yes, I do hate retards who believe in an imaginary god made up by a desert-rat pedophile rapist and cousin-fuckers who will gladly abuse and murder innocents because their fake demon commands it in their moronic heads.

          • How did a bunch of Muslims with box cutters take down building seven? If you can’t answer that question then the whole false narrative of Muslim guilt you swallowed wholes does not stand to reason. Answer me professor. If you are so smart and I am such a dumbass then the answer should roll right of your tongue. Have at it Christ killer. You can’t tell me. Your hatred of innocent Muslims is based on a lie, a Jew lie you and your kind have taken money to propagate. You and your Han man and the rest of your kind are going to hell. And you deserve it Christ killer. You wage war on the innocent. Hell was made for you.

          • I’m not talking about 9/11, shit for brains. I’m also not going to write a book about all the historical crimes of Islam. You’re an unhinged religious maniac just like your inbred, rapist buddies.

  2. Beards, guns, mountains…Washington bloated alien parasite quaking that the Taliban are giving Appalachians ideas…

  3. The Taliban are serious people, the U.S. is not a serious country. The U.S. is the land of fools, perverts, lunatics, fanatics, mentally ill, degenerates, greed, betrayal and globo-homo shopping mall. These things are characteristic of the ruling class and also an unfortunate number of other people not in the ruling class. There are many serious, decent people in the U.S. but they are reviled by the ruling class except when the ruling class wants them to fight one their innumerable, insane wars.

    It’s past time for the serious, decent people in the U.S. to stop fighting Globo-homo shopping mall’s wars. Let the trannies, pregnant men and diversity fight the wars going forward. Cackling Kamala can be Commander in Chief when Dementia Joe resigns then she can lead Globo-homo shopping mall to its glorious future.

  4. Here’s the thing with Afghanistan, I’d have happily exterminated them and planted colonies of millions of Episcopalians, Lutherans and Presbyterians on that newly depopulated land. Missed opportunity to revive the 1700s in North America or Australia. Admire them? Lol. Give me Ghengis Khan’s methods or John Smith instead.

      • The methods not the slanty personnel. I also said they ought to have already beencolonised by Europeans. I think the Russians should have been given a free hand for example. There’s also a level of jest here. I’d just as soon have seen the European population expand as anything else happening like a humiliating western evacuation.

    • @Captain John,

      Ever the imperialist Anglo, eh? Don’t forget to bring along the Guggenheim’s and Rothschilds as was their custom.

      • What is America Canada Australia early Cape Colony if not a white population exterminating the darkies? Colonialism done as an exterminating angel worked well.

  5. Hazaras are my own personal favorite form of Afghan. Although Asiatic in extraction, they lack the bizarre autism ang fanaticism found in many caucasoids

  6. I usually think of Occidental Dissent and other pro-white websites as small and insignificant. Yet here i am reminded that the US government and certain organizations in the United States are very much aware of websites such as this and probably are Mr. Wallace’s most faithful readers.

    The United States government probably reads every article and comment that Occidental Dissent prints.

    My opinion of the Taliban? I would not want my family, people, or myself to be ruled by them though what they do in their own country with their own people would generally be their own affair.

  7. Great replacement ‘conspiracy’. Whites were 90% in the 60’s, and about 58% now. Not a conspiracy. White replacement is……….. really happening.

  8. You’ll never end white supremacy or waysism……… until you end our replacement. It’s akin to punching someone multiple times, and expecting no response.
    Stop invading us, committing crimes, raping our women, blowing out the welfare cost and trying to change our culture. Only then will racism disappear.
    The people never wanted dieversity………..only the ZOG does.

  9. In this one ten minute discussion, our replacement was being called a conspiracy……….then the woman said it was actually happening, and that it was a good thing!
    So………is it a conspiracy, or really happening?
    When was any white in the West asked if they wanted to be replaced?

  10. I almost never watched CNN when I had cable, which I haven’t for a couple of years. What a kosher shitlib echo chamber: first calling the “Great Replacement” a right-wing racist conspiracy theory – then the Lebanese slut saying that ‘Murca becoming majority non-White will be a source of “security”. That cunt McCabe having the gall to say that we’re stealing THEIR heritage & symbolism…these scum wouldn’t be able to lie successfully if Whites knew the true history of this country, the real beliefs & words of the Founders on race.

    I yearn for the day when they’re all dragged out screaming & begging to be spared.

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