Imperial Decline

The Taliban are throwing people like this off buildings.

China is banning these degenerates from appearing on television.

Meanwhile, Blumpf, Mark Levin and Dan Crenshaw want to reinvade Afghanistan like Rambo to rescue millions of Afghans and resettle them in this country. They also want to occupy the country forever and squander trillions of dollars on the Pentagon and the “intelligence community” … so that they can resume their effort to transform the country into becoming something more like this.

What can we do to expedite the demise of the American Empire? It is clear now that we aren’t going to get any relief until the day it is gone. Things will only continue to deteriorate until the empire falls.

Note: This is the “mystique” of the American Empire. It is the Capitol in the Hunger Games. You are a “domestic extremist” for wanting nothing to do with it.

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  1. The empire is almost gone. It will die in the next war. The white troops will frag their kiked up officers. Many will defect to the Russians. The Russians will sink the surface fleet in four hours, all of it. Then that is it. It will be over.

    But here at home, it will be just the beginning.

    So there is no need actually to vote for a blue kike shill or a red kike shill. They are the same. Focus on the local Sheriff. He needs to be good

    • >Focus on the local Sheriff.

      And the local DA (low turnout elections that Soros et al have recently targeted) — DAs have prosecutorial discretion, which is currently being politically abused in many locales.

  2. All the fuss in the media about Afghanistan, the flip flopping and the recriminations are about this right here.

    This is all the further ahead the Washington establishment is thinking. As long as they can keep this hamster wheel of “democracy” going, they have a gravy train with no brakes.

    There is no plan in late stage decadence, only momentum.

  3. Only in America would a president be critizized for ENDING a horrible and illegal war, the horsemen are soon to start their ride from “sea to shining sea”

    Un-fn believable how it works

  4. The images above would likely bother blacks more than us. Nice to see we don’t have a monopoly on degeneracy and fruitcakery.
    I’ve never understood, or bothered researching how a baby is born of a male. There’s no hole!
    If anyone can enlighten me?!

    • @Goose – Since only women — definition of a person BORN with a womb — can grow an embryo in their uterus (in their womb), little “Nas” must actually be a “she” and not a “he”. Must have had breast removal and a prosthetic penis attached. Even a degenerate Satan worshipper cannot defeat nature !

  5. The faster the Rotten Banana Empire falls into the reeking dumpster of history, the better for all the world. As for Cheetohead Blumpf (the God-Emperor of Grift), who has oft expressed a fondness for military parades, he should shut up and get on the fastest plane to Kabul along with Grima W. Kushner, his airhead daughter and Dan Crenshaw go watch the Taliban’s great military parade of left-behind RBE weaponry. Perhaps Taliban could arrange a special ride in a Blackhawk chopper for all four at once. That would be real entertainment!

  6. Giving birth to what? Does it have horns and a tail and a cloven hoof? Moshiach is coming, no doubt about it. He is on his way. Mazeltov Nash X.

  7. I used to believe in fighting for and salvaging whats left of this nation but not anymore. There’s nothing worth saving. The whole system needs an enema

  8. The American empire is ending itself about as quickly as it can. Not sure we peons can do much to expedite it. Only small things like buying Chinese products instead of Western products (American, European, Japanese, Israeli, etc.). I try to boycott Western products whenever possible. Also, use crypto instead of USD whenever possible.

  9. The Yankee Empire will suffer SEVERE drought, famine, starvation, cannibalism, nuclear destruction, captivity, slavery, sold (many so worthless that no one will even buy us) to serve cruel foreign masters and be mocked by the whole world.

    May God have mercy on the Yankee Empire’s first conquest — the AMERICAN South. Prep, prep, prep for the soon to vanish resources that remain.

    May the South repent of all of its sins against God and be delivered.

    May God Save the South!

    May God Save the South!

    May God Save the South!

    • May God vindicate and save us Sir, may he see the great evil that was forced upon our Nation 1865 and hopefully understand why we participaded in all forced at the point of the bayonet

  10. American’t is clearly finishing up. None of it is ever quick but rather a slow slide. We seem to bring in every ” refugee” that is not White and not Christian. Over 50 thousand Afghans will now come here and soon, so will their relatives if the Taliban allows them. The Democratic Party will soon brainwash them into hating the people that saved them- White America.

    We can’t get a sniff on White South Africans coming here. These are people who would instantly improve our country with low crime rates, a good work ethic and would be patriotic. These are all things hated by the Democrats and their whores in the media and Hollywood.

    Disgusting Republicans would rather do nothing about it or keep allowing in the third world to show how ” anti racist” they are as they keep weakening their base. Utah is a prime example of this. Still a majority White state that will flip blue eventually due to never ending promotion of illegals and refugees and ridiculous White leftists fleeing states they helped to ruin due to their Democrat voting behavior. Democrats 100% have time on their side.

    Diversity is a weakness. The Blm thug promotion, refugees who are not White or Christians, critical race theory, 30 million illegals, lying filthy media that barely mention brutal attacks on Whites but spend all day talking about the rare White on Black attacks; police being more of the problem than black savage criminals; 10s of millions killed in abortions with Democrats freaking out over the Texas pro life law.

    Islam is growing rapidly in stupid, cowardly, self hating majority White nations.The absurd lgbt flag flying with the American one in various countries to show how degenerate we’ve become. We now get a talking to by Christians in Africa or other black places excoriating us for our homosexuality promotion. We have a nearly 80 year old president promoting the mass murder of the unborn and pushing an invasion of our country south of the border. A truly evil bastard along with his glorified community college teacher wife called a ” doctor.”

    Notice the list of the best places to live. Also notice all or nearly all have little to no diversity? Basically European countries with a few Asian ones. Yes, humans are different races and ethnicities. Can’t blame people for how they are born. However, when a mish mash of cultures are forced to live together problems usually happen. Worst of all its often done for that exact reason.

    It’s clearly why White South Africans can’t come to America because of who they are. But America is a nation that gave special burial services to Congress men Elijah Cummings and John Lewis who were race baiting communists. China, Russia and others can’t wait to pull the plug on American’t.

    • A lot of Christians are behind bringing them in here. Putting up money, vans, trucks, etc., so they can come in and live off government money. Everyone is “God’s Children”. Everyone is saved. Everyone will go to heaven. God wants you to give your last cookie and a brand new cell phone to a nonwhite.

    • The slide may be slow but the end will be quite abrupt – like the fall of the Soviet Union – unlike the USSR, though, the US is run by true sociopaths that will drag the world down into hell with them.

      • To Pilot and cd, totally agree. Look at all the Republican governors and senators favoring Afghan re settlement. Senator Ernst of Iowa basically saying they are doing GOD’s will by taking them in. Well why not allow more in, then? Why not let in 400 million Africans? Biden said America can ” fit” more people in. Basically he thinks America wants to be like a city everywhere or like China and India. Just stuff em’ in! No Whites of course!

        Senator Ernst is of course killing her career and the hopes of future Republican nominees. Lunatic Ben Sasse of Nebraska, in great cuck fashion, said he is ” proud” to have Afghans as his neighbors in Nebraska. Then again what is a war mongering screwball to say? In case people did not know, Nebraska is becoming a dumping ground for refugees.

        Republicans like Ernst and Sasse actually think they can win in a non White and non Christian state? Because that is exactly what they are encouraging.

        Look at Texas. Decades of turning a blind eye to illegal aliens, no wall ( finally starting one now in Texas), tons of blacks who moved to the Houston area from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina who never went home, zero encouraging of White people to Texas, zero done to change the 1965 immigration laws that stopped White immigration, etc. No hope.

        As a Christian myself who points out massive hypocrisy by Christian politicians, the Bible says to let the homeless in your homes. Are people like Ernst and Sasse doing that? Or Governor Reynolds of Iowa? How about Paul in the Bible saying women should not speak in Church? Gee, any mention of that by these Evangelicals?

        How about GOD establishing borders? How about the fact JESUS never condemned the death penalty?

        It is a suicide mission when we mix clueless and deviant ” Catholic” politicians who promote mass abortion, mass illegal immigration, homosexuality, hatred of Whites and no defined genders with far more Biblically literate Evangelicals who refuse to deal in reality or ignore certain Biblical verses. All these same people refuse to lift a finger for White South Africans who would help any state they move to almost immediately. America is becoming such a freak show that it’s becoming fun to cheer against it.

  11. Leslie ‘Naked Gun’ Nielsen got there first with his parody portrait of the famous Demi Moore pregnancy picture which was more than twenty-five years ago.

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