George Galloway: NATO Backed al-Qaeda Against Gaddafi in Libya

George Galloway makes an excellent point here.

The very same people who say that we have to stay in Afghanistan to fight al-Qaeda which they failed to eliminate from the country after spending over $2 trillion to occupy it for 20 years supported al-Qaeda against Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria. The Pentagon, Israel and the “intelligence community” will never stop meddling in and destabilizing these countries and arming these groups.

What do our humanitarian imperialists in the State Department who care so much for Afghan women have to show for their efforts? What did they unleash in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Gaza and Libya? What did they nurture in their “allies” like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and the Gulf states? How is the sum of their efforts in the region not a cultural disaster, an economic disaster, a national security disaster, a humanitarian disaster and even a foreign policy disaster for the Empire?

Note: Lil’ Marco tried to pull a Libya on Venezuela during the Trump administration.

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  1. Gaddafi’s obscene death was part of a Sacrificial Ritual to Satan by the Tribe. The Khazarian Edomites are obsessed with homosexuality, sodomy and perverse sexual behavior.

    • Interestingly, not far from Benghazi, the ancient city of Cyrene in eastern Libya had a very large, wealthy and powerful Jewish population prior to the Arab-Islamic conquest, when some of them emigrated and others remained and became crypto-Islamic. Gaddafi’s enemies the Misurata, the most powerful and influential group in the Benghazi urban area, are said to be largely crypto-Islamic.

      The Jews of eastern Libya also revolted against the Roman Empire: “The Jews waged war on the (Gentile) inhabitants throughout Libya in the most savage fashion, and to such an extent was the country wasted that, its cultivators having been slain, its land would have remained utterly depopulated, had not the Emperor Hadrian gathered settlers from other places and sent them thither, for the inhabitants had been wiped out”:

      • Jews were banned from many Greek City States but somehow managed
        to corrupt the Romans and weasel their way into society and very powerful
        influence, Alexandria was created by Greeks and only Greeks were allowed
        to live there, same story, later Jews ended up involved in major events there …

        This is very interesting European history, Greeks had firtst pickings of
        prime choice real estate they were building on, largely uninhabited land.

        There are no blacks living in North Africa, read the book White Gold,
        this is discussed, the moslems had to cross the Sahara to find blacks
        for slavery. David Duke covers this book as well, MUST READ.

        Just one City State of many. Only the stones speak today.,_Libya

        • It is interesting to know that Jews had not only full acceptance but, in fact, special protected status in the Roman Empire while Christians were considered subversive to the society.
          Christianity was certainly made of much sterner stuff than “Christianity” today is!

  2. Has anybody read Gaddafi’s Green Book? I have. It combined elements of Social Nationalsim with Direct Democracy. The idea of an oil based curreny instead of the America dollar as the world’s reserve currency may be what did him in. I was really sicked by his death. Did you see the video he did whereby he warned Europeans they were going to turn Black if they did not stop migration from Africa. Italy even had a contrct with his government to pick up migrants at sea before they made it to Europe and deport them back. But then came the good ole U.S. of A and NATO and now Europe is under siege from non-white migrants again!

    • Gadaffi was also in favor of a gold-backed dinar which was like signing his own death warrant. Saddam Hussein was talking about trading his oil in Euros instead of US Dollars and it didn’t work out too well for him.

    • Gaddafi did not live in a palace, or even a house. He lived in a tent, and said he would not stop living in a tent until there was a house for every citizen of Libya.

  3. The tweet replying to Marco Rubio is short and sweet. Without the European Union/With the European Union.

    • All I know is America is now up to about 100 thousand Afghan refugees. Obviously it will be far more than that. Biden requested over 6 billion from Congress to pay for it. Suddenly we have the money for that but monster Democrats were complaining about cost when it came to the wall.

      America is now a lunatic, renegade nation all the more dangerous due to our military power. There is little to cheer about this country any longer. It’s clear that Islam will continue to grow rapidly in this idiot country.

      So many places with Islamic majorities have problems. Throw in a war or tribal battles and poof!, more ” refugees” created. Stupid, sucker majority( but sinking fast) White nations will do their ” savior” complex creating large swaths of Moslem areas in their lands. Blacks will gravitate to it the way they always do.

      The result will be more shit holing and Minnepolis copy cats will be the result. A once low crime White place that even had Republican mayors. Now it’s a dump with very large black and Moslem communities that has Omar as its Congress chick and Keith Ellison as the Attorney General of the state. Many other loser leftists have been voted in like Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey.

      An increasingly vile nation who plays tough guy to the world while at home it’s totally dysfunctional.

      The refugee program is a disaster used as a political ploy to bring in the third world and their relatives. As stated before, you can bet the ranch if we cut a swath of land and fed them but no voting, the left would go crazy. It’s all about making Whites a permanent minority and we are rapidly getting there. Then the reparations and land stealing will be next.

      Stupid Whites, and too many of them Evangelical Christians, like Senator Ernst or Senator Sasse or Senator Langford or Mormon Senator Romney all say and do nothing about millions of White South Africans coming here. Yet they are all giddy for Muslims or Haitians or illegals from Central America.

      This country is so overcooked and done that it’s unpalatable on countless levels.

      The Us Constitution has again proved to be a community college level paper so easy to get around due to its outlandishly vague wording. Throw in the stupidity of not declaring it a Christian nation where we now can’t even call a Christmas tree what it is but now a ” holiday tree” in our never ending slobbing to Jews and now Muslims.

      The only hope is a peaceful breakup. This marriage hit the skids about 30 years ago but now it’s so blatantly over that it’s a combination of stomach holding laughter and stomach holding puking. At this sinking fast rate the next hats people will be wearing will say, ” Make America Average Again.”

        • Thank you Old Enough. I, too, am ” old enough” to know pie in the sky stupidity does not remotely work. I used to ” have hope” for things like enterprise zones when guys like Jack Kemp would talk about them. Then simply living decades more taught me the realities of Iq, media fed lies and hatred, black on White undiscussed crimes, illegal immigration, the realities of different cultures, the sickness of feminism, lgbt butthole depravity, etc.

          Compare 1950s America to today. Outside of incredible technology advances today. the 1950s was far better. Basically every city was fine. Things were cheaper overall. Housing for sure was cheaper. My parents in the late 1960s bought a home in a good area for 20 thousand dollars. That home now is worth about 600 k. Both of my parents left that area a while ago and are now deceased but you get the point.

          Anyone could own a home years back if they.had a job. Now that cannot be said of today.

          In the 1950s there were literally billions of less credit cards compared to today. People saved for their important purchases instead of scam purchases today.

          We didn’t have scum like Blm, Antifa or a treasonous media back then. We didn’t have a Democratic Party dedicated to destroying the White race. We didn’t have the worship of black athletes, actors and politicians then.

          America has entered territory there is no coming back from. Non Whites expect and demand things just no doable any longer. Hope entered the ring in the 1940s and 50s only to exit the ring today permanently.

  4. Ghaddafi was a Jew and it just goes to show you what the Jews will do to their own kind for the sake of money and power. Ditto Solemani, he was a Jew too. Solemani=Solomon.

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