Major Takeaways from Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawl

Afghanistan obtaining its sovereignty over America has been without a doubt been one of the best things that’s happened in geopolitics in the last 20 years. Coming from zoomer born in the year 2000, I think this is the first time in my life that I have wholeheartedly supported the sitting US president in any major policy decision. Instead of caving to the media, Biden is actually defending his decision and says its time to end the “forever war.” No more malarkey.

This complete rejection of American imperialism just shows how unpopular liberalism is. China doesn’t want it. Afghanistan doesn’t want it. More and more Americans don’t even want it. Liberalism is dependent on brute force, blackmailing world leaders and extreme brainwashing.

I see conservatives complaining about Taliban members being on twitter while Trump is still off. What is the problem with this exactly? Did the Taliban incite people to storm the U.S. capitol based on a rightwing conspiracy theory with little to zero evidence? Were they the ones who allowed open travel and immigration into our country while a global pandemic was taking off? I don’t know of any Taliban members who were friends with Jeffery Epstein.

I’m still curious as to what the GOP’s messaging will be going into the next few years. Could they actually make watchgate (Joe Biden checking his watch multiple times) into a major issue for the midterms? Will the hype around ivermectin last? Will they still try to smear the “radical socialist democrats” as open borders while simultaneously advocating for more Afghan refugees?

Another very good development is how much conservatives have exposed themselves. One big talking point from the dissident right around the January was how much of a Neocon Biden was compared to Trump. Many people were actually led to believe there was some sort of four year pause in the American war machine that would be resuming under Biden. How poorly those takes have aged. Mark Levin compared the situation to Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Tucker Carlson is literally suggesting Joe Biden should resign. However, the most insane response might have come from Zion Don himself who released a statement saying we need to reinvade or “at least bomb the hell out of it.” If Trump runs again, I hope he continues to be this honest about his globalist ambitions. Regardless of what the GOP pivots to from here, hopefully this will destroy the myth of American Conservatism being somehow a “populist” and anti-interventionist force in politics.


  1. The Afghans should be responsible for Afghanistan just as Whites should be in charge of the nation their ancestors built and tamed. Without Whites driving millions of cattle to market and building the land, there would be no USA. It would be under control of another arrested culture, the Indians.

  2. Neocons always cared more about the wars for Israel’s benefit (Iraq & Syria) than Afghanistan. Also, in Biden’s July speech, he cited Trump’s deal with the Taliban as a major reason for the withdrawal. As for Tucker and the others, I gather it’s more about how we withdrew rather than the withdrawal itself. It’s still very early in Biden’s presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised if their attention shifted back towards Iran.

  3. Trump’s labor policy

    Use Native White Working Class Youth

    as canon fodder in Afghanistan

    Import China’s Youth Population for STEM Jobs in America

  4. Trump went from ‘we must end these wars’ to ‘we must bomb the hell out of em’, without ever actually pulling troops out. Never knows if he’s Arthur or Martha.
    It isn’t good enough to claim you’ll do something during a presidential campaign, then fail to do it by the end of your first term. The voters just want it done. Fuck formalities. Fuck logistics………….just fucking do it!
    Notice how whenever it’s something popular that people want, there’s always paperwork and official roadblocks to navigate through first. The people are sick of it.

    • @Goose – Similar is Trump recently saying he “should have” called out the National Guard during BLM summer of riots, when he was still President. Yeah, that’s great — why didn’t you?? What’s changed since then?? Oh! Right. You’re not President anymore.
      Not that that anyone would have obeyed his orders anyway; because he hasn’t the moral courage to force any issue.

      • I wondered that too, and wondered why people said Trump couldn’t do anything. He sure could have. He just didn’t care about his original voter base, and wanted to court blacks.

      • Old enough,
        I work with someone like Trump. I know what they’re like:- they’ll say they’ll do something, make promises, and then just NEVER do it. It’s very infuriating.
        Kinda like……..yeah dude, cheques in the mail.

      • @Old Enuff: Trump is only interested in feeding his insatiable appetite for attention, madam. Being president was never about anything except satisfying his ego. By contrast Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson thought very little of their respective presidencies. Jackson wanted people to refer to him as General and Jefferson believed his greatest accomplishment was establishing the University of Virginia. What has Blermpf achieved, besides a lot of bankruptcies and divorces!

  5. Biden, Blankfein, Austin & Company botched the whole pullout from Afghanistan. But, with an Irish Roman Catholic, a Jew and a Darkie in charge, what could go wrong? LOL.

  6. A bit lame that the author assumes the shitlibs “narrative” of jan 6th “storming the capitol”. Yes, the jan 6th theatre was laughable, but we all know there were feds involved. Also, laughable to think the Afghanistan withdrawal was some sort of heroic act from Biden. They need the war machine directed to other places, like the USA (remember their mantra of “domestoc terror the biggest threat to the USA”)?

  7. Fine article on the uselessness of the GOP. However, make no mistake: our elections are rigged, they’ve been at various stages of rigged for a long time, and the 2020 election was really shady. The big scandal of 6-Jan is how Trump did nothing for his supporters even while pardoning blip blopping negro rappers who sing songs about murdering his supporters. Zion Don is a nigger-loving huckster.

    • He was even giving rappers millions to convince them to endorse him as the presidential candidate. He didn’t care about us, the people who actually work real jobs and keep the economy going.

      • Trump was swayed by mudshark Kim Kardashian, and her closeted homosexual husband to sign “The First Step” pro-criminal law.

        Now supposedly, in a new book being released, Trump said that Jared Kushner was more loyal to Israel than the United States. Wow! What a shocking statement from “The King of Israel.”

        Trump, Guliani, and Trump Jr incited the crowd at the “Stop the Steal” rally to go down to the US Capital building aka the synagogue of democracy, and disrupt the US Congress from certifying the electoral college vote.

  8. I agree with this take. GOP pols and Con. Inc are useless and hopeless. The message should have been to applaud the withdrawal and reject the mass resettlement of Afghan Muslims on US soil (why can’t they be resettled in a Muslim country?)

  9. I am given to understand the American embassy in Afghanstan flew the gay rainbow flag during the entire month of June (Which is Gay Pride month) That is almost sure to infuriate a nation governed by strict Sharia law. That and the George Floyd murals painted everywhere that the Taliban is painting over. That just about destroyed any patriotic capital I might have had! As I have said before modern American culture is a toxic and corrosive culture that is exported through the media to the rest of the world and as such it is has a destabilizing and degenerate influence on the rest of the world which contribies to anti-Americanism on a gloabl scale. I can understand why nations like China, Russia, or the Islamic world does not want to see homosexuality and race mixing on a daily basis. After all, those are modern Ameirca’s two main exports to thr world!

  10. I have to admit I though Biden was a Neocon. Although, to be fair Trump didn’t start any new wars either he couldnt seem to admit defeat in Kabul. I still think its possible that Biden will Attack Russian Crimea. So watch out.

    • Blermpf didn’t start any new wars because we’ve already got tens of thousands of occupation troops stationed in hundreds of bases around the world, Cap’n. But the assassination of that Iranian general was definitely an unprovoked act of war, wouldn’t you agree?

  11. A song describes the GOP:
    “I promise you tomorrow
    I promise you the moon
    I promise no more sorrow;
    As if promises come true’

    My biggest thought is here in St. Louis there was a big funeral for a marine who was killed in Kabul. His body arrived last week, but they kept him on ice for a high public funeral. His town went apeshit. The funeral route carefully planned, with people urged to go to overpasses and show the flag.
    His funeral hearse was a humvee. Many radio talk show spots had his father on, telling how they were planning the funeral, march, etc.
    One of the news babes said “He was born eight months before 9-11, and now, twenty years later, died for the same cause.”
    There was no irony whatsoever. Yes, a very worthy cause. And older vets told how they were in tears, since ‘he died so we can all live.’
    And sure if you pumped some of the oldies, they’d spout ‘he died so we wouldn’t be speaking German.’

    I’m pretty cold to all of this, and to be frank, I see it as a sacrilege. You don’t keep a body in storage for a week so you can have a state funeral. Isn’t that George Floyd country? And I ask Hunter, what’s the difference between using a humvee for a hearse and MLK, where they pulled a mule wagon out of a museum for his funeral? There’s such a sense of unreality and theater, and what a POS Afghanistan and all of Bush-Obama wars were all for. But there is a segment of the population…sadly, the white working class who should be Jew-wise by now…who go along with this theater, and are always willing to go fight a war somewhere, anywhere to ‘stop terrorism.’
    I’m reminded how the Irish were always in the British army, and later Irish poets and thinkers said they died fighting for England’s colonial wars; a sacrifice for someone else’s war. We seem to be doing the same thing.
    Okay, sad the kid died, but I just feel nothing. Absolutely nothing. I spent sixteen years in the army and national Guard, and it’s all.
    Again, asking Hunter, is this father dragging this out for a show funeral any different than the family of George Floyd making political hay out of his getting wasted?
    I saw the humvee and I just shrugged.

    • You’re talking about the kid from Wentzville, right?

      We heard about it. My wife is from St. Charles and her friends and family still live in the area. She just showed me a video from one of her friends who were out on the interstate to see the funeral. I don’t know … I guess it is psychologically easier to believe the conservative narrative, right? Your kid is a hero. He died for something important. It was a noble. We have a bleaker view.

      It is a lot easier than admitting the truth. 9/11 was planned in San Diego and Hamburg. We let these people into the country. Osama bin Laden left Afghanistan around 20 years ago. All of the soldiers who died there died for nothing. Not a single one of them would have died there if they hadn’t been sent there. This kid would be alive today if Trump had made good on his promise to end the war in Afghanistan. He was talked out of it by John Bolton and the generals. He was afraid of looking weak and taking the political hit.

  12. There is no cause for rejoicing in this nonsense with Afghanistan even if the United States does have egg on its face, because the people who run ZOG have a clear track record where, even when they make a “mistake” it is NEVER ever in OUR FAVOR.

    Here is MY takeaway from Biden’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    I think it was botched deliberately, so we’d HAVE to go back in order that our kids will face much better armed Taliban fighters.

    The only way the way this matter would have been good for Americans, especially European Americans from the South … which is where we get most of our solders … is IF

    1) The President had gotten something in exchange from China, i.e. the sole rights to OUR precious minerals and control of other domestic companies like meat packing plants which is vital to OUR national sovereignty.

    2) The same with Russia, remove sanctions from Russia and let Russia sell oil to Europe in exchange for our Uranium rights while tell the Green New Deal Idiots to sit down and shut up.

    3) The President had stopped any more arms from going to Afghanistan and either removed or destroyed any weapons.

    4) Our Afghan allies were encouraged to find another Mideast country to park their money to bug out to. but not allowed here.

    5) All the prisoners held at Bagram AFB had been executed at the time of capture or before we vacated.

    6) Not stopped any private charities from evacuating Afghans who claimed to be Christians as long as they were not brought into the United States or Europe.

    • I think a more plausible explanation for the veggie-in-chief’s action – or rather the actions decided upon by its owners – is that the invincible legion of the GloboPedo Imperium was pulled out of there in order to make them ready to deploy in Iran, Syria or maybe even Taiwan. The pullout is a good thing, but Creepy Joe doing an accidental good thing is like a broken clock giving the accurate time twice a day. As Livia the poisoner said in I, Claudius: Goodness had nothing to do with it.

  13. Hype about Ivermectin Mr. Wallace ?? Did you read PCR’s piece on low Covid rates in sub-Sahara Africa and its widespread use of Ivermectin as a human de-wormer?

    • “Hype about Ivermectin Mr. Wallace ?? ”

      I have to agree. Remember the breathless panic about India and widespread corona there and their need for the vax but they put the whole country on Ivermection except one province/State that listened to a pharm linked health official. Now you don’t hear a word about the covid panic in India because there isn’t one. They completely stamped it out. The plague has collapsed “except” in the one province/State where they didn’t use it and they are talking about hanging her for all the deaths that happened there.

      That’s likely the largest medical experiment trial ever done anywhere and the results show Ivermectin to be highly effective in fighting corona.

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