Senate Parliamentarian Blocks Stealth Amnesty

Some very good news broke last night.

The attempt by Democrats to sneak a massive amnesty into their budget reconciliation bill has been blocked by the Senate parliamentarian. This is a major victory.


“The Senate parliamentarian ruled Sunday that Democrats cannot include pathways to citizenship in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package, per a copy of the ruling obtained by Axios. …

What to watch: Democrats plan to go back to the parliamentarian to see if there are ways to provide other kinds of legal immigration status to the undocumented populations, said Kerri Talbot, deputy director for the Immigration Hub, who has been deeply involved in the efforts. …

“Senate Democrats have prepared an alternative proposal for the Parliamentarian’s consideration in the coming days,” said Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) in a statement.  …”

The fight isn’t over yet.

The Democrats will try again, but the odds of the Senate passing any type of amnesty through budget reconciliation are slim after this ruling. They would probably rather blame it on the parliamentarian anyway than vote on it and further imperil their slim majority.

Note: We haven’t heard much about the issue because the temperature of the immigration debate is so much higher post-Trump. Republicans would rather run on blaming Joe Biden for the border crisis than on providing the votes to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

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  1. Did Cloward and Piven have a plan for rebuilding after collapsing the system? Just asking cuz I don’t see it happening.

    • Just a technicality. I would expect something more like Saudi Arabia where your visa/life status is dependent on the good will of the employer/slave master. The establishment has the voter fraud down now so more voters is probably not a big issue for them.

  2. ‘amnesty’ is a word ordinary whites should always fear, like with ‘enrichment’ or ‘progressive’. Whenever you hear them, it’s an ‘uh – oh’ moment. They mean yet more advantages for invaders, and more concessions from us.
    ‘progress’ never helps us.

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