Poll: Secession Has Widespread Bipartisan Support

New poll just dropped.

Maybe I should be writing more about this?

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    • This is more like an update to the Scott Greer vs. Ramzpaul debate.

      There isn’t any need to reiterate that support for secession is way up among Trump voters since he lost the election or that secession has support on both sides now or that ordinary people who voted for Trump are open to secession and that the two are not mutually exclusive. I made all these points at length a few days ago in my review. This poll is just further proof of what I said.

  1. Ten years ago I voted with my feet and moved from the NY city metro area to semi-rural Indiana. Blue to Red, matching my political views. I now realize I actually seceded with my feet! Have never regretted it.
    I would have said yes to that poll for separation if they had asked me.

  2. “”….Maybe I should be writing more about this?…””

    Much of Russian and Eastern European disaster in the 90thies from collapse of economy to deaths of desperation and crime was caused because of we were totally unprepared for so rapid Soviet Union collapse.

    Even most radical dissidents thought that Soviet Union will be gone somewhere in the future. Absolutely nobody expected that coup and collapse may be months or weeks away and because of that we caught totally unprepared. Biggest problem was that there were no plans.

    So considering our experience, healthy discussion about possible future scenarios and solutions to forthcoming problems may avoid lot of horrors and increase the speed of rebirth of new Nations.

    I can say from my personal experience that spend 30 years of your life to lick wounds is a really shitty 😀

  3. I really should make secession my new issue at the forefront. When I launch my radio show I might start reading these facts and figures. A lot of WNs are thinking that this whole country can be saved and is united. That is nothing but a joke. You could have made that case in the 50s but not anymore.

    The South has always been a Bastian of White Identity, Christianity, and Populism and that needs to be preserved!

    • The South is too full of it’s own imports and more are returning daily from the North and Midwest.

  4. Hypothetically, in the event of a peaceful secession or Balkanization, the borders of the states as currently drawn could not be used, as many “blue states” have concentrated urban population plus their suburbs and collar counties, while the vast swath of the rest of the state is “red.” There are numerous examples of this being the case.

    New boundaries would need to be negotiated. Much to the chagrin of Southerners, much of Dixie as configured during “The War Between the States” would lost to “Wakanda.” The Southwest would certainly become a continuation of Mexico (no more New Mexico, Arizona, and perhaps Texas). California would be split between East Asians and Mexicans. Florida and southern Georgia would be for those in mixed marriages and mixed race Cuban, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Haitians would all have to return to their home islands in the Caribbean Sea, or request admittance into Greater Mexico, Wakanda, or Tel Anglia.

    Coastal White cultural marxists and White neo-liberal “progressives” can share New England and a share if the Ohio River Valley, with the rest becoming a White New Europa from the Heartland to the Pacific Northwest.

    Fragmenting of land would cause issues with interstates snaking through sovereign nations. Therefore, it would make sense to separate these new nations where none are landlocked, and all have enough land for crops to feed their populations.

    Of course, this is nothing more than a fictional rough draft.

    It would be interesting what other commenters on OD think the USA should be divided.

    • From the Potomac to the Keys, from Miami to the Mississippi, from Cape Hatteras to Cape Girardeau, from the Florida Panhandle to the Panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma – The Southern States of America.

      • @ In our new southern nation, we are taking kentucky, the so-called state of west virginia,,as much of virginia, as practical, there is no way, Lexington, virginia, will belong to anyone but us, we are also taking appalachia, ohio and southern indiana and southern Illinois e as well.

    • November,

      A thoughtful comment from you. Why would we divide California with the orientals? Do we not outnumber them significantly in California? We also want at the very least southern Texas. I think we sort of already have it. Can not Texas divide into different states? I believe they had the right to secede when they joined the Union. But the americanos murdered them just the same in 1861.

      When I first came on this website in 2019 the white nationalists on here were adamant in keeping all of the US States. Now you people have conceded.

  5. Every state is full of nonwhites. So if a state secedes, it takes its nonwhite problems with it. It’s not like the War Between the States.
    The only way secessionism would be any good is if it could really happen, and the nonwhite population was transported to a pro-federalism state.

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