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  1. This says it all: On February 22, 2014, Stelter married Jamie Shupak. The couple married in a Jewish ceremony, and plan to raise their children in the Jewish faith.

  2. Everything he said can be boiled down to just one phrase. “A list journalists”.

    In that one word, he admits that these people exist in their own little protected bubble with little exposure to alternative ideas…or at least, a heavy heavy amount of confirmation bias within their in-group.

    It’s also very elitist.

    • More like, pampered in every way, in hopes that he would be the moshiach.

      That’s the voice of a spoiled rotten brat, who whines for everything, knowing he will eventually get it.

    • That jewish sissy pays shiksas to dress up like slutty nurses and punish him for being a naughty baby who soiled his diapers. Sick!

    • He’s another dickhead like that other dickhead, David French. Perhaps David French can adopt Brian Stelter then he would be like another one of David French’s colored chilluns.

  3. They are saying that huge numbers of Independents have soured on Biden and the democrats because they didn’t know how radical they were. Where were these people during the last five years? Who exactly are these dopes who don’t know what has been going on? How are you allowed to vote being to clueless as what the political dynamics are all about? Shows how we got in the sorry state were in.

    I wonder why the democrats have gone from running a confidence job on whites to escalating it to an armed robbery? Trump really spooked them. Or could it be as simple as a bunch of geriatric leftists like 90+ year old Soros pulling the strings deciding they want to see white America killed off before they die.

    • “Where were these people during the last five years? ”

      Heads up their a… , as are 90% of WHITES.

      Good times breed weak people. America has had very good times, since 1945.

    • ” why the democrats have gone from running a confidence job on whites to escalating it to an armed robbery? ”

      Because their (( controllers )) are running out of time, in their theology.

    • “Who exactly are these dopes who don’t know what has been going on?”

      They don’t always pay attention, but when they do they pay attention to the MSM.

    • They go by what the media tells them. Polls and Pundits.
      They might be well-off enough to not care or worry about things, so they think things won’t affect them.
      Just so they get their football and cruises.

    • Satan’s minions are flailing. They think they are so close to total victory if they just step it up a little… Food restrictions are probably next if things don’t just start collapsing. I don’t see how New York maintains basic services.

  4. America is a democracy in the same way as East Germany was the German Democratic Republic or North Korea is the Democratic Republic of North Korea.

  5. “My god – Dump is doing everything he can to stir up his MAGAtard minions! H-He’s actually got the gall to DO WHAT WE”RE DOING!!” Lol.

  6. “when Joe Biden has a 42 percent approval rating in the NBC poll. ”

    HW, are you sure those numbers shouldn’t be reversed? I read Antichrist Joe is at a 24% rating….

  7. Looking at Drudge for the first time in years, to see the polls, they have averaged the four Hebrew polls, and they are both in at 47%. Youngkin ahead by a trifle.

    A third of the people already voted, and the Dems have already staked out 300,000 late ballots, which if needed, will all be for MacAulliffe.

    Looks just like expected. But does the DNC secretly want to dump the ambitious Mac? Probably not. He’s a team player.

    If Yougkin is ahead tonight, they will start in with the 300,000. It’s easy. It will be even easier next year.

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