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    • Democrats/Republicans: Two jewish crime gangs fighting over shrinking spoils in an empire they destroyed.

      You know who is playing it smart? They are a white religious group that stays out of politics and this rotten society, and is rapidly building their numbers through high birth rates. No one is dragging them through the courts, or putting them in jail on Trumped up charges. Charlottesville occurred, because we backed a side in a jewish gang war, and then walked into the wrong jewish gang’s territory.

      • True Story: Black woman with purple dreadlocks and a last name like a respected White Germanic family gets elected to public office—only afterwards do people realize the mistake. LOL.

      • This group are pacifists. They will have to count on the good will of future brown America to leave them alone.

          • @ spahnranch1970, “Amish, who are rumored to engage in incest”, typical satanic slander, you are very reliable, spahnranch666.……………

          • No they had a problem historically with it just because they were isolated but it was accidental not by intent. Their numbers now are such that it isn’t a serious problem anymore.

          • Nope. Around here I have actually heard of them inviting in desirable males for their daughters to add to their gene pool.

        • There’s a group if Mennonites in Northern Mexico who are lovely people, do very well for themselves and live very peacefully with the Mexicans around them.

  1. The only thing i can hope for trump at this moment is to croak. He is a narcissist with an ego the size of rushmore and his true followers are as braindead as he is. Imagine him coming back to office in 2025, he’ll be pandering to blacks and hispanics more than he did his first term. He will be the best president for the jews; he will nuke Afghanistan and China and Iran. He will also make anti-semitism and holocaust denial a crime punishable to life in prison.

    • Anyone who allows his kids to marry into the tribe, then continues to closely associate with them………. enough said.

  2. Israel controls congress and the senate more now than 15 years ago. There are more jewish PAC’s and organizations today then 15 years ago. Their control is getting stronger, not weaker.

  3. Why Jews declared war on white southerners I do not know. Not a few fought for the Confederacy. Trouble started after Leo Frank then after WWII when they lost their minds over extreme propaganda.

  4. This alone disqualifies Trump from being President. When he put his hand on the Bible and swore an oath: ” . . . I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same . . .” Trump committed perjury. An oath is legally binding, that is why one who takes an oath in court then lies while testifying is liable to prosecution for perjury, the oath is what creates the legal jeopardy. Trump has shown ” . . . true faith and allegiance . . . ” to a foreign power.

    Trump also claims to be a Christian. Under both Catholic and Protestant teaching swearing an oath upon the Bible is a way of invoking God as a witness to what one testifies to. It is a form of blasphemy to then lie. Trump lied when he took his oath of office.

  5. Trump is a New York Liberal Republican, somewhere to the left of John Lindsay. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out by now should get another hobby besides politics.

  6. Nothing has changed since Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney lost everything, because she refused to sign the loyalty oath to Zionism required of U.S. congress members:

  7. Lol instead of having 100% support (rightfully!) from Congress, Israel only has 99% support. This is a tragedy.

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