TNR: The Radical Young Intellectuals Who Want to Take Over the American Right

What do you think of the “New Right”?

In my view, there are two distinct “New Rights.” There is the very online, demographically negligible, conservative elite version. These people range from the Catholic integralists to the Nietzschean BAPists. They are overwhelmingly college graduates from Blue states and skew toward being Jewish or Catholic in background. They are sincerely radical and have somewhat similar views to our own. You can find these people hanging out with Josh Hawley, Rachel Bovard and Josh Hammer at NatCon II.

At the other end, you have White people in rural areas, small towns and working class suburbs who are concentrated in the South and Midwest, but who can be found in varying degrees across the country. These people are also extremely radical, but skew rural, small town and Protestant. They have modest incomes and did not typically graduate from college. They have never heard of Friedrich Nietzsche or BAP or Catholic integralism. It is the same division that exists in a different form between conservative elites who tend to be Jews and Catholics and the conservative base who are Heartland Protestants.

Back in 2008, Democrats used to be much more competitive in small towns and rural areas with White working class voters who are populists on economics. Iowa and Ohio were swing states. Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were safe Blue Wall states. Democrats under Barack Obama had a near super majority in the House and Senate in 2008. The White socially conservative, economically populist rural and small town Heartland Democrat and Independent has been vanishing and migrating into the GOP which has changed its internal demographic composition resulting in “New Right” voters who are the opposite of Reaganites on economics. “Fusionism” no longer works because the electorate changed.

The coastal shitlibs have made the Democratic brand too toxic in rural and small town America which is why you see candidates like Glenn Youngkin winning over 80% of the vote in these places now. Former Gov. Steve Bullock tried to explain this in the New York Times this morning. White people in the Heartland see this and they are like … do I want to vote for the Democrats and empower a bunch of sneering, insufferable coastal woke faggots like Elie Mystal or vote for the GOP to own these people?

The Democrats have a branding problem:

Such is how we got to this place in American politics.

The New Republic:

“Conservatism in 2021 means radicalism,” announced Nate Hochman, a 23-year-old writer at National Review. Describing the posture of his political milieu, Hochman spoke with urgency and without pretense, less eager to impress than to be understood. “We have to think of ourselves as counterrevolutionaries or restorationists who are overthrowing the regime.” He doesn’t mean by violence, necessarily. “But … there’s not a lot left to conserve in the contemporary state of things. There are things that need to be destroyed and rebuilt.”

If you’re scandalized by the language of “counterrevolution” or surprised to hear a conservative talk about “destroying” things and “overthrowing” regimes, you probably haven’t spent much time around right-wing college grads of late. Which makes sense. As a matter of demography, they’re exceedingly hard to find. “Young, highly educated people, as a group, are now overwhelmingly Democratic to an extent that’s literally never been seen before, probably ever in history,” explained David Shor, the progressive pollster and statistician. The well-known liberal biases of millennials have held for Generation Z, and education polarization continues apace. We’ve become accustomed to thinking about the distorting effect these factors have on Democratic campaigns and NGOs, which are dominated by young activists with beliefs well to the left of the median Democrat. But the same forces are shaping the right’s leading lights. Given the high statistical likelihood that a young person who went to college is a Democrat, those college grads who are not liberal—the hardheaded holdouts who buck the trend—tend to be, well, as Shor put it, “really very weird.”

And because the right is not exempt from the iron laws governing left-wing nonprofits, highly educated elites tend to run Republican institutions, too. Hochman—who graduated from Colorado College earlier this year—may be a statistical unicorn, but young people who share his attitudes are common on the mastheads of conservative magazines, as well as among conservative activists, Capitol Hill staffers, and lower-tier alumni of the Trump administration. Which is to say, don’t be surprised if we begin hearing a lot more about “counterrevolution” from GOP officeholders. …”

The reality is that the demographic core of the Republican Party is not what it was when Barack Obama became president and that it no longer really has a governing philosophy and is just the vessel of backlash politics. The purpose of the GOP is to own the libs in the culture war.

What are these people clamoring for? What do they want? I think we can safely rule out Catholic integralism, Apollonian global imperialism and Nietzschean vitalism. We can rule out Reaganism too. None of this really matters anyway because Trump and lib owning will suffice for now.

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  1. There are right-wing Jews who aren’t Neocons? Or their interest in right-wing politics does’t skew into being what is best for Jews/Israel like Ben Shapiro or Dennis Prager? Do Ben or Dennis call themselves Neocons anymore, or what is the fashionable term?

    As far as pagans vs. Christians, I think we should not fight as long as we’re all advocates for White interests.

    • What about Moshiach? Should we all be on the side of Moshiach, Christ killer? The source of all anti-white antagonism is the Jew hatred for Christ. Should we ignore that?

    • Christians worship the chosen ones. They will not criticize them either. Christians are also pro-immigration and helping everyone.
      These 2 things are a big problem with Christianity. If Christians weren’t this way, it would be a good way for whites to unify, because it’s really the only legal way now.

      • What about Moshiach? Do Christians worship Moshiach to kyke? Do you know how stupid you sound? If they worship Jews or the Jew messiah, the Moshiach, the anti-Christ they are not Christians. They are fake Christians, frauds do you get it todd?

      • Dispensationalism is a very recent heresy that only began to gain ground in the 1920s. Do you know how you defeat a heresy? You defeat a heresy by fighting it with Christian believers going out and taking it on. The position of the Church for 1900 years has always been that Christians are the New Israel replacing the faithless Jews. Read the Book of Malachi, God’s last prophet to the Jews who told them God would replace them. Grifters like “rabbi” John Hagee should be burned at the stake like the apostates and heretics that they are. Do not abandon the God of your ancestors, instead go out and fight for His Truth.

      • @ Pilot, christians worship JESUS CHRIST, we will talk about Jews ,just as quick as we will talk about anyone else, if they give us a reason, we are not pro-immigration period.. . . We believe charity starts at home, our first obligation is too our own house, out own blood, when our people are fed and our barns and storehouses and our pantries and freezers are full, as jesus is generous, we will follow his example, after our own obligations are met,.seems so many churches of any denomination are just like any of our governments, whether local,state or federal, there all run by the wrong people, christianity has united our people in the past and it will so again, when the true faith, the gospel is preached and taught again……………………..

  2. “Intellectuals” need to get the bog.

    I’m tired of these ever varying, faggotous, made from thin air worldviews like “Nietzschean-Neoclassical-Neopaganites” that are invented and exist for 3 weeks while some asshole promotes their new flavor of autism in a blog for bitcoin donations to feed their coke habit and scrape by floating their excessive college debt incurred from their liberal arts or poly sci degrees.

    These people all need to spend about 5 years as a farm hand, livestock and grain. I’m confident that would make for real changes in their character and serve to provide them perspective and humility on the nature and value of labor.

    Intellectuals who have never done anything IRL are worse than useless, they are toxic, annoying and gay.

    I consciously chose to get degrees in business and accounting. After having worked as a high-school drop out laboring in any job I could land.

    Before I even touched a college textbook I could.

    1) drive a semi professionally.
    2) operate every kind of wheeled and tracked heavy. equipment used in agriculture and construction.
    3) weld mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, cast aluminum, thick and sheet stock to ornamental and structural standards.
    4) frame a building.
    5) plumb a building.
    6) wire a building
    7) prep, dig and pour the foundation for that building and fabricate the steel to support its frame.
    8) break and train horses
    9) professionally perform the husbandry of large and small livestock
    10) build a computer from parts
    11) hand forge and finish basic tools with a coal fire using traditional blacksmithing techniques
    12) proficient enough as a marksman and woodsman to take the head off a squirrel at 60 yards, repeatedly and without fail, with a Lancaster flintlock long rifle (round ball not shot), and any other long gun.

    I’m sure there’s more but ffs. I’m 34 years old now with an established career that doesn’t involve any of the above, and feeling far too old to care what some dumb fucker, still wet behind the ears, dimestore philosopher poli sci grads think about how to lead the ever shrinking remnant of the White race.

    We deserve a better class of leaders.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this for the last week.

    RamZPaul made me think about it, when he rushed to the defence of capitalism when the Dilbert author Scott Adams was admonished for calling a Republican racist, investing in COVID vaccines at the bottom of the market, and then incessantly shilling for them on social media.

    Why is Scott Adams doing that? Vax investors are making more money than Bitcoiners. COVID vax related companies have gone up in value, at least 10 times since the pandemic.

    RamZPaul once said on his videos, that he supported non-White immigration into America in the 1980-1990s to bust the unions, because the unions were taking advantage of their power. They were getting paid too much for doing very little. He said he regrets it now, because his country has turned non-White.

    RamZPaul wants capitalism combined with nationalism, which is an oxymoron. Nationalism implies caring about all of your people, even the ones that fail. Capitlaism on the other hand is open borders, globalist, anti-racist, because they want cheap labor, and is classist. Class in capitalism is not about bloodlines, it is about whether you are rich or poor.

    So the reason I think RamZ hates Nazis, is not because they can’t win electorially, or because he thinks he may have a small percentage of jewish genes and they will take him away, but because he is a captialist, and the socialism part of Nazism cannot be tolerated.

    I am not a Communist, but something I just realized today, if you look at a map of countries of the world, you will find that ALL capitalist countries have used immigration against their peoples, and they have given birth to and export the most toxic political movements everywhere else under the guise of leftism: Abortion, porn, man hating feminism, woman hating MGTOW, anti-White wokeness, transexualism, soon transhumanism, while the poor and mentally ill are cast into the street, because they are inferior.

    Communist countries of the other hand, to quote a commenter here, “Remained in a deep freeze.” in regards to the above toxic movements.

    Edward Dutton also seems to be thinking this way. He just released a video about Argentina, where he said it was the richest capitalist country in the world that activly imported White labor. Then he said, it imported non-Whites and turned socialist, its IQ dropped, and Argentina has been going down ever since.

    From what Edward said, the beginning of Argentina’s downfall came from capitalism. Argentina was very rich, the captialists being greedy wanted even more money so they impoted cheaper labor. Non-white labor was cheaper than White labor, so they imported millions of non-Whtes.

    Dutton also thinks the the same way as RamZPaul. People get rich in capitalist societies, because they have higher IQs, and work hard, so don’t be jealous!

    But if we look at what has happened with COVID, we have governments enforcing compliance, jewish controlled media providing global propaganda and censorship, and White capitlists shilling for vaxxes on social media, making X10 their money in shares.

    And all of it is orchestrated by the World Economic Forum in Europe, a jewish capitalist outfit, that wants to tear down the White middle class, so they “own nothing and be happy” and BlackRock buys their homes and rents them back to them.

    • Correction:
      “RamZPaul once said on his videos, that he supported non-White immigration into America in the 1980-1990s to bust the unions, because the unions were taking advantage of their power

      Actually I remembered this wrong, as this video was made a couple of years ago.

      I think he said he supported offshoring of jobs to bust the unions.

      At any rate it was the same crew (capitalists) that sent the jobs overseas, who also brought the non-Whites in to take what good jobs were left, and they are still at it.

    • Bravo. We need a Whites-only, Christian Social paradigm, based on Biblical Law.
      No Jews, Fags, Feminazis, N-words, just Whites, just right, and FUBU, only.

    • RamZPaul is a waste of time. Years ago, he said, quite arrogantly, in a video that WNs can just F-off. He thinks anyone who promotes whites is “a Nazi”. Pro-white people don’t really use the “Nazi” term, because it was made up by the enemy. So anyone who is Nat Socialism, or admires what Germany had achieved, is a bad person, according to Ramsey.
      He’s not pro-white. Just another grifter who thinks everything is so funny, and makes money off of “conferences”. It all makes sense if he has some tribal genes. Why would anyone care what he thinks?

  4. We really get nothing from the Democrats or the Republicans. The New Right will be no different. We got nothing from the Tea Party. We got nothing from Trump. As for Nationalism….our views are getting more popular among the right wing. However the establishment of the Republican Party will never let Nationalism (especially race focused Nationalism) ever get anywhere in the Republican Party. I’ve had pretty much the same views since 2001….White Folks and Southerners should focus on voting Third Party. As for the left wing vs the right wing vs the libertarians vs the Communists…..we really get nothing positive from any of them. I do believe Nationalism, Populism, Third Position, and things like that are the best way we can run our White Nations. Working together with our fellow White Folks is key. Deo Vindice !

  5. Re: “What do you think of the ‘New Right’? (…) White people in rural areas, small towns and working class suburbs who are concentrated in the South and Midwest, but who can be found in varying degrees across the country. These people are extremely radical, but skew rural, small town and Protestant. They have modest incomes and did not typically graduate from college (…) What are these people clamoring for? What do they want?”:

    I don’t think they are radical, and they’re certainly not clamoring for socialism. These “NewRight” right-populists still want and sincerely believe in the “American Dream” of “getting ahead” (maximum personal wealth accumulation). They still want maximum freedom to “do it to others, before others do it to them.” They have been brought up believing that “good persons are good by virtue of having goodly quantities of bounty and loot in their coffers,” and they are virtually immune to selfless socialist values. Source of quotation:

    Populism is not revolutionary. It is mere temporary reform, a brief lightening of the load, a strategic half-step backward in preparation for two big steps ahead on the road of total pliutocracy and inequality. Populisms of the right or of the “left” variety will never change the system, and these “New Right” populist so-called radicals only want to conserve the system, and access, use, and profit from it.

  6. I guess I belong in the “Nietszchean BAPist” group described in the first paragraph(?). A college educated ethnic White and lapsed Roman Catholic from a coastal urban area in a Northern blue state who wants an American National Socialist dictatorship. And who also supports total Southern independence.

  7. “Conservatism in 2021 means radicalism,” announced Nate Hochman, a 23-year-old writer at National Review. Describing the posture of his political milieu, Hochman spoke with urgency and without pretense, less eager to impress than to be understood. “We have to think of ourselves as counterrevolutionaries or restorationists who are overthrowing the regime.”

    He’s absolutely right, of course. The Left has complete hegemony over all institutions of society, and the public largely accepts this. Conservatives are in exactly the same place the radical Left was back in 1968.

    The question is, what is he going to do about it?

    Blow shit up with the Weather Underground like Bill Ayers — and then become a mentor for a future president? Take part in an armored car robbery like Kathy Boudin, go to prison for murder — and then someday get a teaching gig at Columbia and have her son elected D.A. of San Francisco? Get 58 years on NFA charges like Susan Rosenberg — and then have your sentence commuted by a future president like Bill Clinton? Rape black women as an “insurrectionary act” the way that Eldridge Cleaver raped white women? And then become a celebrity?

    The radicals of the Left behaved like violent animals — and they succeeded in taking over society.

    I’m not saying that we should necessarily follow the same course of action, only pointing out that talk is cheap. Saying “Conservatism means radicalism” and talking about “overthrowing the regime” is one thing. Acting on radical principles — and paying the price for them — is quite another.

  8. A real college-edumacated radical working for (((National Review))). Un huh. Maybe it’s because he thinks Jonah Goldberg is the reincarnation of Lev Davidovich Bronstein. It’s true that Goldberg has much physical similarity to the god-father of neo-connery (who’s likewise the god-father of NR), though he’s more filled out.

    • Trotsky was a true revolutionary and intellectual who was also very charismatic. In other words he had absolutely nothing in common with the kosher kahnservatives at the National Zionist Review – except for a shared ethnicity.

  9. BAP? Benefit Access Program? Black American Princess? a soft bread roll? women’s breasts? Y’all need to speak English. WTF is BAP?

  10. All different shades of CIA gray. National Review has been a CIA rag from the beginning, and Buckley was an active high level agent the entire time. That was the incubator of “neoconservative”, which is no kind of conservatism at all. More currently we get the likes of CIA agent J. D. Vance, and Langley Carlson, the neocon pretending to be one of us, Hunter’s good buddy, who named his son after a CIA agent, William Buckley.

    The war in Ukraine will start any day. Pay careful attention to who the warmongers are. Vance and Carlson are among them. They work for the Jews. Directly for a Jew. The Director is a Jew, with an Anglo Saxon name. They always change the name. Garfinkel comes to mind. All of them. When we get a country, they have to go. Go in peace, but just go away.

  11. Im a college educated, white collar, gated neighborhood gal, but my rural blue collar roots outweigh this 10 to 1 & the older I get I find myself only interested in that portion of myself.
    Neither group of new Republican groups are terribly compelling to me, tbh. I’ve read The Neech & I’ve been a low church Prottie & can fluctuate between either group but Im not fully content in either. My politics are radical. Period.

  12. What we want is not that the conservatives become the White mans party, but a reality where both parties needs pro-white policies to win, and where the grifters will need to be somewhat pro-white to be able to grift.

    The environmentalists parties never really got power, as both the left and right became green to win, and now with the republicans picking up populist policies to win, the democrats will have little choice but to follow suit. The socialists in Denmark got power because they ditched immigration, even if they took a Trump when they were in office, and now the right has radicalized even further to beat the socialists next time.

    If we want bang for the buck, pushing the democrats to pick up old style pro-labor policies, where socialism were focused on making the nation richer, a living wage for families and a possibility to own your own house.

    Angela Nagle, that most of us knows fairly well, is one socialist that don’t hate her own people, and although she is hated by the woke that own progressiveness now, it’s not hard to see that most leftists actually like what she is saying.

  13. NR, like nearly every commentator who analyzes these issues, talks of the ideological movement of generations as if it were a natural phenomenon, happening in a vacuum. It’s not. It’s being done purposefully by the massive indoctrination infrastructure that is government (and/or government-sponsored) education.

    The “educated” liberals, aren’t more intelligent – they’re probably less-so. Herd animals, lead to the slaughter.

    The “uneducated” ruralites are easily lead as well, which is why they accept socialist talking-points without argument. (The government-schooled Alt. Rightists accept the talking-points as well, with equally little reason – only they accompany their dismissal with intellectual sneer instead of well-reasoned economic modeling). Mencken was right about the utter stupidity of crowds.

    “Owning” a lib is just as grotesque and dishonorable as stabbing one in a duel would be. It lowers the one foolish enough to engage.

    Time to leave this place and find refuge in some isolated, out-of-the-way, expatriate community. If anyone disagrees, see if you can get your purple-haired, trans, guard at your gulag (where you’ll all be, shortly), to postmark a letter to me, in my hammock, sipping homemade wine out of a coconut on a foreign shore…

    • I like the last paragraph of your post, ST. Costa Rica, Belize and maybe the expat community in Mexico come most readily to mind. Or is that just some sort of Jimmy Buffet inspired fantasy?

    • @ Scott Terry” homemade wine out of a coconut on a foreign shore”, ” Gilligan’s island, was just a harmless tv show, on a fake set ” you must be a “Hyphenate american,” Founding stock Americans aren’t interested in drinking coconut wine on a foreign shore, the bones and blood of our forbears consecrated this land, their sweat, their tears, washed this land, Our king has given this fair land too us, as a place of refuge, till he returns..Leave the lands of the southern confederacy, I DONT THINK SO………………

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