Twitter Flooded With Barrage of Alt-Lite Fed Accusations

This past Saturday, Patriot Front held a rally in Washington DC. They didn’t brawl with police or Antifa. They were masked up and didn’t get doxxed. They weren’t obese. They didn’t center their march around Covid or Donald Trump. They didn’t break into the capitol. They didn’t accuse democrats of being the fascists or the real racists. They were unapologetically pro-White.

Many of these facts seemed to trigger conservatives, “mainstream” and alt-lite alike, into a massive frenzy. How many of these people encouraged stopthesteal? Or the January 6th protest itself? Speaking of January 6th, one of the main reasons that people got doxxed (in addition to Baked Alaska’s livestream) was because their faces were completely uncovered. Now many of these same commentators supposedly think its somehow suspicious that Patriot Front wasn’t that foolish.

However, there is one thing I agree with rightwing media on and that is that this demonstration was not made up of conservatives. As mentioned previously this was a pro-White demonstration. GOP-adjacent conspiracies centered around the 2020 election, a “communist takeover” and the “vaccine holocaust” were nowhere to be found (from what I saw).

Furthermore, this proves once again that paleocons aren’t actually interested in “optics” or “appealing to normies.” When they talk about optics and reaching normies, they mostly mean doubling down on militarized boomer talking points, maybe the most unoptical political faction in America after trans rights activism. Optics to them just means being conservative. This is why they attack groups like the NJP and PF despite them all being well dressed with a clear cohesive message that resonates with normal people (not to mention a vetting process to protect their members). The only legitimate criticism I can see of Patriot Front is their American Flag symbolism. Other than that, I support them.

Maybe the strangest takes from this were supposed conservatives disavowing the PF members literally because they weren’t fat and that’s how they knew PF wasn’t a rightwing conservative group. I’m not sure if this was just trolling by ourguys or a really bad self-own. What do you guys think?


  1. The KKK march to stop immigration was the last gasp of true america before Shlomo completely took over. This is why it is vilified now.

  2. American conservatives are absolute cucked and retarded swine. No wonder they keep on losing to the left for decades.

  3. Faileoconservatism exists to funnel disaffected voters back into the Republican party. It isn’t even really a political ideology. If they had ever been serious about challenging the establishment republicans, they wouldn’t have endorsed republicans at every opportunity. If paleocons had threatened to split the vote, then they could have maybe seen some success.

  4. Real “American Patriots” marched through central DC with police protection, no political objections and ended their march by stepping on the American flag tossed in a heap on a U Haul trailer floor.

    Methinks Hunter hete has been honey trapped again.

  5. Brad, let’s suppose Patriot Front is everything you hope it to be. Even so, I think your entire line of thinking is fundamentally flawed. I have slept on this, because I wanted to make sure my initial thoughts held up.

    Your comparisons and reference points are all from the MAGA republican Tump era. This was a terrible era because of Trump’s personality cult. I don’t think you should compare anything to this failed era to begin with.

    You also don’t need to see your future allies as coming only from the right. There are plenty of liberals looking for alternatives. This is an incredibly positive outlook to have, and it’s what gives me plenty of optimism for the future in the dismal present.

    Covid proved that the elites want total control over the planet. Covid broke open the levy, and now everything has changed. People now know how EVIL the government is, and it is pure EVIL. This automatically now allows whites to organize without the interference you got during Trump. You just don’t know it yet, Brad.

    Political opposition should be geared toward the mainstream. Political opposition now can include white advocacy because things really have gone that far. You just don’t need these cults or subgroups anymore to talk about white issues.

    • Ok, so my above comment reflects my general philosophy in terms of how to proceed politically. Having said that, I am about half way into an interview between Cultured Thug and Thomas Rousseu from Patriot Front. I am incredibly impressed with Rousseu personally. I think he has both vision and great organizational ability. I think it’s worth llistening to this interview. This was my introduction to Rousseu.

  6. Re: “What do you guys think?”

    No fault on the execution. The protest/demonstration was very well executed, and at least it wasn’t anti-socialist, pro-Trump or anti-vaccine.

    It was a Whiteness demonstration. However the notion of “Whiteness” in the U.S. is very ethnically and culturally mixed, not real, natural ethnicity.

    If the demonstration was intended to be politically indefinite, or a “broad tent” politically, it is confusion, because man is always a political creature, and it is impossible to separate the ethnic from the political. But we know the marchers are political. They are patriots of the system they love. They do not want to overthrow the system but to conserve it, and regain full access to it and profit from it without so much competition from millions of imported cheaper-labour replacements. So they ignore that the inexorable logic of the capitalist system requires more cheap labour replacements be constantly drawn in (into the imperial “homeland” from the colonies on every continent) and the mixing, blending, and extinction of all natural ethnicities, communities and cultures continue until even mixed “Whiteness” disappears.

    Yes, these patriot “opposition” demonstrators do support the system. Both right-wing and “left”-wing so-called “oppositions” play their parts supporting the system, wasting time and energy.

  7. “What do you guys think?”

    I think that unless the REAL Pastors, Priests and People join together, APART FROM THE MERELY POLITICAL, to work for substantive change, and COMPLETE HEGEMONY over the process: the public, and the Political, we will continue to fail.

    As North wrote (in the free site, I’ll link to at end of quote) –

    “Political pluralism is not simply a political philosophy: it is a theology. it is American’s civil religion. This theology teaches that there must never be a nation that identifies itself with any religion. Well, not quite. The nation of Israel is grudgingly allowed to do so, as are the Islamic nations. But no nation is ever supposed to identify itself as Christian. “A Christian nation is self-contradictory!”

    So we are told. But who tells us? Secular humanists who are dedicated to wiping out all political opposition. Also, Christian teachers who teach in tax-supported schools. Also, professors in Christian colleges who attended either state universities or secular humanist private universities, which are the only accredited universities in the United States that grant the Ph.D. degree.

    Also, the U.S. Constitution.
    This is the problem. God-fearing Christian Americans have been told that the Constitution teaches the absolute separation of Church and State. They have been told correctly. But what they have not been told is precisely where it says this. It does not say this in the First amendment. The First amendment says only that Congress shall make no law regarding religion or the free exercise thereof. So, where does the Constitution prohibit a Christian America? In a section that has been ignored by scholars for so long that it is virtually never discussed-the key provision that transformed American into a secular humanist nation. But it took 173 years to do this: from 1788 until 1961.

    Political Polytheism discusses this crucial provision in detail-the first Christian book to do so in over two centuries.) –

    We need to conquer the US for Christ, and put every Jew, Sodomite, Usury advocate, Woke schmuck and Politician under arrest, and REMOVE FROM OFFICE every one of them.

    In short, finally, irrevocably BUILDING THE KINGDOM, the ‘goyim’ be damned!
    What have we got left to lose? They want to genocide our race, destroy our nation, obliterate our monuments, etc.

    They aren’t. They are the seed of hell.

    This attitude, and not the one that says ‘turn the other cheek,’ is Manly Christianity.
    I’m done with the feminized pap that proclaims itself the Faith ‘once given unto the saints.’

  8. At least 50% av american are deeply influenced by second great awakening edge Christianity and millennialism. This is the root of american conspiratardism and occultism. This is schizophrenia and madness as a cultural phenomenon. From Charles Manson to Qanon. “everyone is a fed” “I’m proud of being fat and useless” get off my lawn” “the end is nigh” “Go Brandon!”.

    Up the PF.

  9. “Patriotic Front is nothing but a bunch of wignats and Feds. Anyone who gets involved with them is a loser and a Nazi LARPer. The only things we can do are to voat harder and Trust the Plan. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to take my wife’s black son to visit his probation officer.”

    PILOT, interviewed by Elle Reeve, December 2021©2021 VICE News, Inc.

  10. If PF has Feds, “conservatives”, and the Lügenpresse this bollixed up over a couple of hundred White guys peacefully marching then PF is doing something right. That hideous creature Joy (sic) Reid and the rest of the Lügenpresse are incontinent over this march to the point where they are giving PF free publicity by their screeching about Fascism. When the WP, NYT, WSJ, CNN, MSNBC etc. are all screeching from the same talking points you know PF is doing something right.

  11. Anytime you have an organization of Whites trying to do something good, you have other Whites calling them “feds” and condemning them whether they’re right, center or left. I never hear the left calling Antifa or BLM a bunch of feds. They’re probably more off duty feds in Antifa and BLM than on duty feds in PF.

  12. Lauren Southern? I thought that trollop fell off the face of the earth, after her alleged trysts with Stefan Molyneux in Australia.

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