Poll: 22% of Americans Want Joe Biden To Run For President Again

Dogshit 2024.

At least he isn’t Trump!

TIPP Insights:

“Just when it seemed President Joe Biden could get no lower in the public’s political esteem, a new I&I/TIPP Poll of Americans’ preference for the 2024 Democratic presidential ballot is a shocker: Just over one out of five want Joe Biden back at the top of the Democrats’ ticket in three years. …

As mentioned, Biden was named by just 22% of those asked, while 12% mentioned Vice President Kamala Harris, whose abrasive style, lack of preparation, and revolving-door personnel changes have drawn criticism even from formerly friendly Democrats and the left-leaning media.

None of the rest rose above low single-digits: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg garnered 4%, while New York Rep. Andrea Ocasio-Cortez, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy, and Georgia 2018 gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams each attracted 3% of the support. …

But only 8% of independents and other non-major party voters also want Biden back as Democratic standard-bearer. And 10% want Harris, not Biden. For Biden, that suggests near non-existent support among independents, the swing voters who make up a third or more of all those who go to the polls each election. …”

Trump should stay put on his golf course in 2024, say nothing and run on “Let’s Go Brandon” as his campaign slogan. It worked for Joe in 2020.

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  1. In my head, I’m trying to find a simple statement that calls Biden an “old white man” and tries and convince the Left-leaning to split their vote between a woman, a homosexual, and a non-white, fracturing their party along superficial lines. Sadly, I’m not a witty person, as I lack all brevity.

  2. Why? In God’s name, WHY? Because he’s not DJT?

    That’s like saying eating maggoty food is better, because it isn’t feces.
    Neither is good for you, and both will make you sicker.

  3. >Joe Biden has virtually no support from Independents

    He’s a 79 y/o man with clear cognitive impairment, among other age-related infirmities, all of which will worsen, perhaps significantly, between now and 2024, when on election day he will be 82 y/o — literally no one should want him to run again — in any case, he isn’t going to run again.

    Trump will be 78 y/o on election day in 2024 — he is also too old to be involved in electoral politics; for an exceptional candidate I might be willing to make an allowance for age, but not for Trump.

    The US is a gerontocracy at this point; the country is plagued by aged career politicians who do not have the decency to step aside when they should — this has to end — these career politicians have been in the Wash DC bubble (which now has the highest per capita income of any US metropolitan area) for so long that they are now completely disconnected from ordinary people — to force this to end, and to force these shameless people to resume a non-political life, we need a congressional term limits amendment: max 5 terms (10 years) for the House, and max 2 terms (12 years) for the Senate — I hope this will also have the side effect of diminishing the importance of government in the public conscience.

    • “The US is a gerontocracy at this point; the country is plagued by aged career politicians”:

      Young politicians of the U.S. are just as well selected by the system to serve and protect the system as previous generations of politicians were. Voting out the old and vting in the younger selections will change nothing but appearance and style. The population cannot vote its way out of the system.

    • A person of your intelligence should know the present System cannot be changed or improved, it can only be done away with.

  4. Election was stolen by law-suit driven promulgation of unrestricted and unverified mail-in-voting in a few precincts in a few swing states.
    trump was too incompetent to arrest it, even when he made statements about it as early as the summer.
    obviously this will be repeated again and has totally brought the integrity of the vote in states that are allowing this compromised voting system.

    • Nobody who denies the election was stolen should be taken seriously. I can understand not caring about Trump. The Democrats were willing to do anything to win and the Republicans were not going to do anything to stop it. To deny this is to be complicit in the system of vote-rigging. There is no reason to trust elections in so-called “Western Democracies.” The system is fundamentally illegitimate, the US Congress is a gang of criminals!

  5. You still expect us to believe a record number of people voted for this guy a year ago?

    The man has been a known quantity in Washington for 50 years and nobody has ever been impressed by him.

    • No, they didn’t.

      They voted for “Not Trump.” The polls are consistent. Trump lost because of COVID. Biden won because most people were exhausted with Trump. Now, Joe Biden is president, and people dislike what he is doing and will vote for anyone who isn’t Joe Biden

      • I agree with your analysis – that the pandemic was the determining factor, and Trump would have won without Covid other things being equal. But it doesn’t matter which one won.

        Re: “people…will vote for anyone who isn’t Biden”:

        They will vote for some other system-selected puppet then.

      • I’m not sensing much nostalgia for Trump, HW. He permanently turned off millions of his white supporters with that “lowest black unemployment” horse-shit, while BLM and Antifa ran wild in the streets.

        • I agree. Promising to reward Blacks for riots and looting with his “Platinum Plan” turned a lot of urban working class Whites off. Biden did used to have a rep as a moderate labor union guy. His help with the Clinton Crime Bill put more Blacks in jail than ever.

      • So they voted for not Trump. Why then is Trump now all set to cream him in 2024? Every single metric and poll is showing Trump cruising to the finish line in the primaries, and the polls are all saying he is going to destroy anybody they run against him.

        What you describe should have resulted in record low turnout. Not record high turnout.

        I am not anywhere near convinced your analysis of this is correct. Doesn’t pass basic smell test.

  6. HW- A post from the past about who your ‘constituents’ should be.


    “A Christian who worships Christ in spirit and truth will not worship democracy. And the democratic heresy is the first obstacle that must be overcome before white self-defense can begin. A white Christian will not refuse to fight, in the fullest sense of the word, when such fighting takes him outside the parameters of democracy.”- https://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com/2017/06/03/our-world-is-not-their-world/

  7. Biden’s unpopularity isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

    He was a placeholder to get rid of Trump and to tire the Democrat and independent electorate of old, straight, white men.

    I don’t think it is working out how they intended. I don’t think it’s entirely his age and senility that makes him so unpopular. People really are tired of all the wokeisms. The average voter, especially moderates and independents, just want a government and leaders who are stable and relatively hands-off. Fix the things that really need to be fixed, and CAN be fixed, but otherwise leave everyone alone.

    The Biden administration has been the opposite of what those independents and moderates want. He’s indulged the activists in the party with too much zeal. I really can’t even conceive of a Democrat who can bottle all that up at this point.

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