Poll: “Latinx” Voters Shift Right

Hey look, there is another poll out which shows “Latinx” voters and White working class voters have same opinion of Joe Biden. It appears that education polarization has taken another giant leap forward.



  1. Latinos hate all White people generally. Joe Biden is White, so they hate Joe Biden.

    They aren’t our allies because we agree Biden is a piece of shit.

    They are perfectly capable of hating us all equally with zero contradiction in their minds.

    Its the same thing as me not liking blacks, or the Chinese because they both hate me. This doesn’t make them allies. In fact they hate eachother too.

    All thats happening is that just like happened in the Democrat party where working class whites got memory holed in favor of blacks in the 50’s, andost their franchise, became unmentionable, we are now being elbowed out by Spics in the Republican party.

    We will wind up getting the shit end regardless.

    • This is precisely the case.

      We’re simply seeing the non-Whites taking over both parties. The Democrats are becoming the Negro, Arab, and assorted riff-raff party, and the Republicans are becoming the Nuevo Mexico party or whatever you want to call it.

      Whites will continue to exist as a rump in both parties, giving the parties some voting bulk while providing the Whites with zero representation.

      This is simply the last stage of the takeover and the reduction of the White population to an auxiliary/helot class.

    • What the hell was Alex Ramos doing in Charlottesville? Are you another one of them Irish troublemakers? Sean Patrick FBI is that you?

    • I don’t think most of them hate us. They are simply more aware of group identity than whites are. The ones I have dealt with were decent people. That doesn’t mean I think we should share living space. We should not, for a multitude of reasons.

  2. Bruh….

    White no college: 32/63
    White w/ college: 52/46
    Gen Z/Millennials: 41/54
    Suburban Women: 57/41

    It’s just as suspected: College Educated Whites are race traitors, and suburban women should have been forced to stay home and bake cookies. Second wave feminism was a mistake. Peter Thiel is doing nothing wrong by driving AWFL’s out of the Right.

    On the other hand, nice to see the younger generations are sort of based. Younger people tend to support the Democrats no matter who is in charge. Been the case for generations. “Mugged by reality” and all that. Looks like that mugging came before they hit 30. Lol.

    Seriously though, nobody here needs to vote Republican in 2022 and 2024 – I don’t even know yet if I’m going to – but if you support Joe Biden and his agenda, something is deeply wrong with you at a spiritual level. Suburban Women and College Educated Whites are officially Enemy No.1. Ahead of the Jews, who are merely using them same as they always use people like puppets.

    “Suburban women, would you please vote for me?”-Donald Trump

    “Nah, I’ve got to take Johnny to Drag Queen Story Hour, then give Lucy her hormone blockers”-Suburban Women

    • Retardicans are NEVER based!!! Both political parties are strychnine for White Gentiles.

      You wouldn’t happen to be a groyper?

      Jews are responsible for the gas lighting of White anti-Whites. They are the most corrosive force ever known to mankind. Remove jews from our society and civilization, and 90% of our cultural ailments would disappear in one generation.

  3. The obsession leftist woke democrats have with negros is hilarious. Everything with the woketards revolves around transsexuals, anal sex and black “empowerment”. I am honestly surprised how by now, the democrats haven’t implemented a black-only refugee/immigration policy, giving browns the ultimate shaft. I mean, that’s the logical conclusion of the “only black lives matter” shit they shoved down our throats for the past 5 years. Even with all the die-versity and the large amount of latino/arab mongrels walking around in America, they still obsessively pander to negros, as if the world revolves around them. Negros are simply gullible welfare apes for the jews.

    • Agree, but I think they pander to anyone nonwhite. They sure give a lot to latinos and arabs, too. Every time they need to have an interpreter, we pay for it. Every time they have a baby, we pay for it, and to raise it. There is nothing worse than working all week, and your paycheck is diminished by taxes, to support the whole brown tide. They KNOW they are worthless and take away from our nation, but they cover that up with these ridiculous demands as a distraction. When people got all upset over the children at the border, you can just bet that was another distraction. Oh the children!!! People just play into their hand with emotion, as predicted. They’re not here to ramp up America. Why would anyone bring in moochers unless they wanted to destroy this place…

    • When the Spaniards came to the Americas, they said the pyramids were running with blood. Somehow, the idea that Amerinds don’t have large numbers might be based on the fact that they slaughtered thousands of their own kind constantly. But we can see how they over truly populate. Liberalized anthropology boast of their ability to have a calendar and other things. They never talk about their savagery, as if they have to respect their human sacrifice religion.

  4. @ I don’t care about the party of lincoln and brown, the Democrats have not been our friends, since the days of george wallace, neither entity is really our friend…

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