Keith Woods: No One Is Coming To Save You

“Appealing to the elites” who hate you is one of the dumbest and most self-marginalizing ideas that has come out of rotting corpse of the Alt-Right.

  • In the United States, there are two rival elites. There is the cultural elite of college educated White and Jewish professionals who dominate the Brahmin Left. There is the business elite who dominate the Merchant Right. The former elite has gone woke over the past two years with an even more intense form of “antiracism” becoming central to their sense of identity. I suppose you can appeal to those people in the sense of volunteering to be a trophy on their wall. This is what has happened to everyone who has gone the deradicalization route who is trotted out on CNN.
  • No one watches CNN or MSNBC except for a dwindling audience of aging suburban wine moms who live in coastal metros. There is no route to power through those people. They live in a diminishing bubble that is radically detached from the vast bulk of White America.
  • Joe Biden has a 24% approval rating among White men. Who are you trying to impress by appealing to progressive elites? Anderson Cooper? Lawrence O’Donnell?
  • Those elites just got finished winning a $26 million dollar judgment in federal court against former Alt-Right figures like Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler. Are you going to win those people over?

In sum, trying to appeal to progressive cultural elites is futile, as those people are the core of the opposition to anything resembling White Nationalism. It is a road to total self-marginalization, but then again so are other things these people do like creating their own race-based religion or being so individualistic that they are incapable of getting along with other people in their own dissident milieu. You can’t get along with Keith Woods, but Lawrence O’Donnell is going to be your bestie?

I’m not going to completely dismiss the idea of “appealing to elites.” We should be appealing to potential counter-elites, which is to say, the sort of White people who have lots of money, but who probably didn’t acquire it through becoming a credentialed shitlib and who are culturally alienated from the political and cultural establishment. David Brooks calls this class of people the “boubours.” Those people are persuadable because of the growing disconnect between their wealth and social status. They are likely more persuadable than ever due to being demonized for being cishet White males.

We have a lot of things going for us in 2022. The anger, resentment and polarization is off the charts and has never been higher. The “mainstream” is shrinking down to its base in the coastal metros and has lost its legitimacy in large swathes of the country. The so-called “watchdog organizations” have lost their ability to police the Right. There is an abundance of angry wealthy people who are fed up with being attacked for being White men. For the first time in memory, we have a real potential mass audience. Also, lets not forget that the last two years has proven that the censorship didn’t work and normies have been radicalized by the Brandon administration to the point where the Great Replacement has gone mainstream. We might even be on the cusp of an economic collapse caused by hyperinflation. In such a favorable environment, why in the world should we be focused on trying to get on MSNBC to pitch Apollonianism to Lawrence O’Donnell? Does this make any sense at all?

The Trump years were terrible for all of us, but the lesson that we should draw from that experience is that change always happens slower than radicals would like and we should have more self-awareness and a bit more patience with the weaker brethren. 2016 was always a stepping stone and was never going to change everything overnight. In fact, we eventually got what we originally wanted out of Dump circa 2015, which was to transform our politics. It just didn’t happen until he was booted out of office in 2021.

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  1. “We should be appealing to potential counter-elites, which is to say, the sort of White people who have lots of money, but who probably didn’t acquire it through becoming a credentialed (…) and who are culturally alienated from the political and cultural establishment. David Brooks calls this class of people the “boubours.” Those people are persuadable because of the growing disconnect between their wealth and social status. They are likely more persuadable than ever due to being demonized for being cishet White males”:

    Do you mean the kind they call “New Money,” people who start a business and succeed, and don’t belong to any of the elite connections, and also happen to be White and nominally Christian?

    • The local gentry class

      Mainstream culture is beamed out of a few metros and goes over the heads of the local rich people who used to have significantly higher social status than they do today

  2. We need to appeal to the Southern People. On a local, state and regional level.

    Forget about appealing to, or addressing outsiders. Southern Nationalism is about the Southern People. Not the Northeastern oligarchs, or Iowa corn farmers.

      • And what about all those shit-hued “Southerners”, now including millions of cucarachas, dotheads, etc.? Who, ya know, vote? How do we persuade them that it’s time for the White South to rise again? How are they more like us than White Iowa corn farmers?

        • @NBF – “How are they more like us than White Iowa corn farmers?” That would be my question, too, and is the thing that baffles me about the “Southron” supremacists on this site. My parents — and several generations before them — were southerners, and descendants of people who originally immigrated from Germany. Just because my parents came North a couple of decades ago to work in a factory, before I was born, am I somehow tarred with all the sins of “Yankees” and Puritans, as if it were part of my very DNA ??

          I think those “Southerners” have a misguided strategy and are living in the past.

          • If you look at it as Southern heritage, traditions and values, it kinda works but as you say, the geography is barely relevant at this point with old families atomized, the South bisected by the Black Belt and places like Charleston being as shit-lib as New York.

            If SN’s were saying “come back together in the Blue Ridge or Ozarks” or similar, calling the “Confederate diaspora” home, it would make more sense. But I still don’t get a sense that there is a distinct Southern Nationalist identity that’s strongly distinguished from White Nationalism re: politics or ideology.

            Is “Southern Nationalism” going to be open to Blacks, Latinos or Jews? Are there fewer White shitlib shabbos scumbags among the descendants of the Confederacy in 2022 compared with other White ancestries today?

            As you say, it seems rooted more in the demographics of 1970 than 50 years later.

            A lot of this boils down to HW distancing from Spencer and his supposed “toxification” of WN in general, “the TRS Nazis are scaring the normies,” etc…

            I’m open to persuasion if someone can tell me what a distinctly “Southern” nationalism rests on beyond “we want to live in a particular place.”

          • I don’t think anyone understands the Alt-MSNBC / Apollonian direction that he is going in. It has nothing to do with Southern Nationalism. It just doesn’t make any sense. Who is the audience for that stuff? Do you see an elite or mass constituency for it?

          • “I think those “Southerners” have a misguided strategy and are living in the past”

            I’m forced to the same sad conclusion by (((demographic reality))).

            I consider any awakened White anywhere to be a brother, because we are all in the same boat, and Shmuel has drilled a hole in the hull. The question is how to come together to create a political force/entity. Maybe the creation of new states based on White rural areas? IDK. But it seems far more plausible than laughably trying to get niggers to start singin’ Dixie…

      • Let’s not forget that one of the biggest Southrons on this site was a hasbara troll called Ivan Turgenev (I learned recently that before that name he was here calling himself Junius Daniel, a much better name because it was of a Confederate general from NC, the place Turgenev/Daniel said he was from). That troll was the best. I almost want him back. The Foghorn Leghorn “sir”ring; the talk about Southern honor that would make Walter Scott blush; the references to his wife (yeah right) as “the wife,” a dated thing they wouldn’t even put in Mad Men; almost always mentioning that he had good black and brown Southron neighbors too; and above all, letting us know his “daddy” was a meek, hard-working, humble, trusting Jewish immigrant making his way to the New World and finding a niche and a loving shiksa in the great state of North Carolina (what, Hester Street wasn’t good enough for him and his pushcart?).

  3. Keith Woods gets it. Very well explained. Far too many on “the right” will simply disregard what he has to say because it will not mesh with their biases.

    White people’s time as the battering ram of the Rothschild crowd is over. Our people were used to help them rise to power. The WW2 generation got their payback in the form of a few decades relative affluence and accolades. The WW2 generation did not understand, when they were openly told so, that they would actually be replaced, or that their children would.

    The “mercantile elite” have their power, and now see their future in China, as their new protectors, and their next battering ram on the way to owning the world. White leftists cannot comprehend that their usefulness also has an expiration date; of course many will be happy to die for their delusions, as long as they can take you with them.

    White people have a hard time with the idea that most people in the world, and wealthy elites especially, do not share their sense of right and wrong. The “elite” could’nt care less about the civilization that allowed them to rise being destroyed. The “elites” do not care about your families, or your heritage, or your cultural morals, or beliefs. Your ties to family and place are anathema to the “elites”.

    At no other time in history have an entire people been so directed to self-destruction, and cowardly displacement, as are White people, here and now. For White people there are only two choices going forward, and neither of them are good. White people as a whole have squandered their position.

    White people could, of course, continue to pretend that they can “vote” their way out of this, and that the “marketplace of ideas” will somehow persuade their enemies not to kill them, but let them sing some version of kumbaya with those who want them dead. You can continue to delude yourself with some sort “magic dirt” idea, that your particular region in America will one day rise again, just remind your replacements of this.

    White people have come to the ultimate historical crossroads. If they are unable to find the courage to do what is needed to survive, the Iron Laws of Nature will ensure they do not.

    • Re: “White people have a hard time with the idea that most people in the world, and wealthy elites especially, do not share their sense of right and wrong”:

      Are you saying most non-European people lack a sense of right and wrong? The natural human sense of right and wrong, and of God, is being weakened or destroyed by this System that is concerned only with rules of exploitation, rent and interest, profit and loss, instead of moral good and evil.

      Re: “White people have come to the ultimate historical crossroads. If they are unable to find the courage to do what is needed to survive, the Iron Laws of Nature will ensure they do not”:

      ALL people today are at the same crossroad, and must face the same law of Nature: Living “free” (alienated) as an individual salesperson and consumer related to others only through monetary transactions, instead of belonging to (by birthright) and living in a real tribe or ethny, on its own soil, is UNNATURAL. Either human nature can be changed by this System (I doubt it) or unalterable law of human nature will finally prevail.

      • If you listened to what Kieth Woods said, he pointed out that the things most White care about, are not cared about by the “elites”; White people are historically naive about other people, and tend to believe that people who seem to “be in charge” will not do them harm.

        White people are the only people for whom the right of association has been stripped; White people have no homeland that has not been usurped from them, due to the previous point. No one said White people absolutely have to stay a certain place, or whatever. But, White people now are not allowed to have any say over their own people’s future, unless they agree with those who want us dead.

    • Agreed. We can never beat the jews at mercantile capitalism or communism. Those are the two areas of economics they surpass all others. That is where their power and influences are bought, bribes, solidified, and institutionalized.

      Whatever future we carve out for ourselves must not make the same economic and ideological mistakes our ancestors made that allowed this malevolent race to have the whip hand over us.

  4. Its a two party system, and we aint in it. There is nothing going good for “us” in 2022, as hundreds of thousands pour across the border every month. And the elections are still rigged. Anyone still think a victory for McConnell and McArththy, Chinese and Mexican wife respectively, is a win for “us”.????

    Really, anyone?

  5. How is commie Keith still on Youtube? lol How is “White Nat” Spencer still free to troll Twitter, when everyone else has been hell banned, especially you Hunter? You know the answer to that. Spencer is still there, for the same reason the MSM was promoting him in 2016. Because the people who control the country, want him to be the leader of the resistance to their rule.

    I think it is inaccurate to call Spencer a White Nationalist, because Spencer would not be accepted on Stormfront, according to their own strict one drop rule. Also, he called himself a White Zionist on TV back in 2016, didn’t he? Well then, Spencer’s group are not WN, they are WZ.

    Change will happen fast when there is an economic collapse. When the dollar can’t buy bread, the people who rule the country will be rounded up, as has happened 109 times before. Until that day, I’ll relax, and enjoy the good company on this website.

    • @Joe I like Keith and think his intentions are good but I have heard from more than a few people that he is a Duginist and Commie. There should not be infighting and the clips they have pieced together are not definitive. Take everything with a grain of salt as disinformation is everywhere. Same with the TRS guys whom almost everyone claims to be a honeypot operation, but I don’t think everyone should be attacking each other. A polite conversation can go very far as

  6. Really, the only counter-elites we should bother appealing to are foreign counter-elites who stand a chance of usurping the judeo-american shitlib elite as the American empire declines.

    The wealthy but not culturally relevant chamber of commerce republicans are not on our side and never will be on our side. These are the same people who lobbied for decades to minoritize Whites because they wanted cheap labor to work in their small businesses and drive up the value of their rental properties.

    • True statement regarding foreign counter-elites. It is very odd to me that we have republicans posting here. Or democrats. We have no solidarity as White people and keep trying to figure out why we are losing.

      The answer is clear, but we are too proud, rugged and individual to recognize it.

      • China, Russia, etc. Any power that would benefit from weakening the American state, really. Russia seems to have caught on recently that they are better off appealing to the disaffected White American population if they want to oppose American imperialism. For example, if you look at RT today versus 7-8 years ago, it went from a standard libtard perspective then to much more “right wing” and vaguely pro-White today. They learned that leftist anti-americanism and anti-imperialism are only affectation, so they switched their target audience.

  7. I’ve always held the view that Trump was a useless, embarrassing windbag who achieved nothing of significance for us except maybe bring our ideas to to mainstream, however, Trump voters are largely on our side and thought he’d be better. They likely still support him based on what the alternative looks like.
    We still have lots of work to do, putting ideas out there that the politicians won’t discuss, and the media tries to silence.
    Trump was so dumb that he squandered an opportunity to do something that would bring left and right together in support of him:- end the wars.
    Nobody should get too excited about Trump regaining office:- he achieved nothing the first time.

  8. You should consider coming back to Twitter, maybe more incognito, though. I’ve learned a whole lot in 2.5 years, such a different person today. And, have finally gained the understanding of our people’s history. Without your articles, I never would have. I struggled with the 1066 Invasion, Reformation issue, and trying to understand Colonial France, Spain, and Portugal compared to us. But, have finally conquered all that freeing myself. Understanding is worth more than rubies. I am of Colonial Irish (more of a rarity, from areas of today’s Republic of Ireland) and Colonial English decent. Colonial Virginia and Colonial NC. Greater Smoky Mountain area since antebellum days. I’m pretty much like you, old Cavalier Anglican sympathies and parish church member, hate the Enlightenment, wish 1776 was handled better or not attempted at all, but also with so much Irish, I’m also haveTridentine Catholic sympathies, without crossing the Tiber.

  9. Truth be told I really ought to be a coastal urban-dwelling blue state shitlib. But those people are so repellent to me that I became the exact opposite.

  10. “It is a road to total self-marginalization, but then again so are other things these people do like creating their own race-based religion..”

    People like Woods don’t understand that, in an organic society, a people’s spiritual outlook is tied with their Blood. There is nothing more simple and true to grasp. Stop pandering to Globohomo Elites, and don’t expect salvation from people who are only motivated to support WN to save their money.

    “What we have to fight for is to secure the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the Fatherland, so that our people may mature to the fulfillment of the mission allotted to them by the creator of the universe.”

    – Hitler

    Nothing less than the above is acceptable. Seek out to become neighbors with likeminded people, raise your children with the right education, cultivate them into the new elites by pooling resources and organizing. Embrace the Volkish Renaissance.

  11. I’ve been reading this since… 2010?

    “We should be appealing to potential counter-elites, which is to say, the sort of White people who have lots of money, but who probably didn’t acquire it through becoming a credentialed shitlib and who are culturally alienated from the political and cultural establishment.”

    • Roman,

      You have indeed been saying that, certainly since at least 2013 when I saw you speak at the NPI conference and you told us in clear terms that the conservative mentality of “we just want to be left alone” will not work if the goal is to change politics and change our future.

      Here’s the problem, and you’re recognizing this now with your old buddy Richard: There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be left alone, and those who wish to rule often have sinister ulterior motives. We need to rule so that we can go back to being left alone. Ruling should not be the end game. Its a means to an end.

      For Richard and his fellow RadLibs, ruling is the point. Dominating is the end goal. They talk a big game about wanting to “explore the stars,” as Spencer said in his speech that year, but its a cover for the real agenda, which is basically making Colonialism Great Again. They call it “Aryan Globalism” now.

      I think any potential counter-elites that WNs appeal to will be the type who are willing to become authoritarian in order to protect their libertarian existence. At heart, White Nationalism is a Right Wing movement, and hierarchy no longer defines the Right. Wanting to be left alone – individualism – is a huge part of being Right Wing in the 21st century. Communitarianism is the domain of the Left and the Hippies. It doesn’t really exist on the Right except within certain tradcon Evangelical and Catholic spheres.

      My point is, yes, we should appeal to counter-elites, but the endgoal shouldn’t be to rule, it should be to use ruling as a means of attaining what we really want, which for most on the Right is indeed the end of history – basically, everything Spencer’s icon Nietzsche hated about the “Last Man.” Comfort and security.

      Sure, we can still explore the stars, colonize and terraform Mars, and pursue grand projects. But on a day to day basis, at the ground level among ordinary Whites, it should be all about comfort and security. The government should protect us and conserve us, not torment us. Spencer and his RadLib ilk want to be the new tormenters. I would take my chances with the existing Jewish system before handing power over to him.

      • Which is why it’s bad when whites tell other whites not to go to college, and just become a manual worker.
        Whites need to command the highest paying jobs, without tribal control. Economics is where the power is.
        We need a hundred more Elon Musks.
        We whites have so few millionaire/billionaires on our side. It’s why everyone got excited when Trump first ran. We had hope, which was later shattered.
        But the real issue is power, and the banks and most sectors of industry and law are owned or controlled by the tribe.

        • Which is why it’s bad when whites tell other whites not to go to college, and just become a manual worker.

          This is fine so long as manual workers aren’t looked down upon and scorned, like Spencer did in his recent Oddysy podcast with JFGarety, or like this Appolonian does here:

          “You’re angry because incels, and other assorted genetic waste who were born to a subclass of drones and obedient omega male factory workers are being selected out of the gene pool during the white recession. It’s normal to be bitter about this and to pine for 1950s nostalgia.

          I can’t remember who said this, but there’s an old saying about how if you scratch a Liberal, you get an Aristocrat. Its obvious that White Liberals such as Richard Spencer and the Appolonians look down on the White Working Class (NOT to be confused with the White Underclass, as represented on this website by trash commenters like Vicki and Dart).

          They hate obedient factory workers who did everything right and reasonably expect to get rewarded for their efforts. Seeing as they want to play the Darwinian game of might makes right, I have every intention of crushing them and marginalizing them before they crush and marginalize me, and conservative Whites like me.

          So then, while I agree that any potential counter-elites will come from the ranks of the Upper Class as opposed to the Working Class, I’m on high alert over baseless, spiteful Classism towards the White Middle, which is one of the defining features of White Liberalism. This brings me to your next point:

          Whites need to command the highest paying jobs, without tribal control.

          Sure, but it matters how they got those jobs. If they got them through starting their own business and meeting a market demand, sure, lets recruit them. But if they got those high paying jobs through credentialism, then not only are they useless – since they had to castrate themselves before every cultural shibboleth in order to attain them and are therefore irredeemably corrupted – but they are also just straight up the enemies of White Nationalism and their own race.

          White Nationalism does not benefit from having PMCs in it, as the values of the PMCs are at odds with everything we stand for: Racial purity, zero non-white immigration, a homogeneous White population, and of course, policies that harm Whites and not hurt us (every policy PMCs support is harmful, not helpful). The Appolonians literally want to appeal to PMCs, both because this is the class they identify with and because they are delusional enough to think PMCs somehow secretly support White Nationalism and White Identity. Dinesh D’Souza sounds rational compared to Appolonians. Indeed, Spencer has basically taken the position of, “Dinesh did nothing wrong, and thats a good thing.”

          White Nationalism might or might not have appeal among Upper Class Right Wing conservatives. It has zero appeal among PMCs and College Educated White Liberals.

  12. I agree with you Hunter, insofar as those of us who weren’t born with the golden touch should try and appeal to those of our peers who made it good, and still have affinity to their volk down to the regular working class folks (and hopefully, even those diverted into the hell of poverty by the zionists and their opoids).

    My only comment would be that I think there are gems of gold in the dross of the existing cultural elites, and I hope Spencer and those who can operate in that space continue to pick some of them up, even if I don’t agree with Spencer’s overall worldview as a National Socialist. Those people can operate in that cultural space better than thickos like me, and many of them end up coming to the right (NS) space.

    • Richard Spencer is on a strange trajectory.

      Even by Spencer standards, the hot takes are becoming even more bizarre. He has been doing Twitter Spaces with RadFems. He clearly wants to suck up to progressive elites and media figures and I guess be accepted back into the fold by them. On any given night, he sounds like he wants his own MSNBC show to talk about Apollonianism, Emmanuel Macron, disinformation and COVID vaccines. My impression is that those people want nothing to do with him and what he is saying in 2022 doesn’t resonate with any constituency.

      • His twitter feed has become comical. Even AspireTotheStars questioned him on his claim that White Liberals are the same today as they were 100 years ago. Its like, does he actually think White Liberals secretly support the White Race and Racial Purity? The very notion is more laughable then literally anything Marjorie Green-Taylor has said.

        I think what’s going on is that Spencer is becoming who he is. White Liberals and Modernists are one and the same. They are a spiritually diseased subset of the White Race with major daddy and mommy issues whose entire purpose for existence is to take out their anger and rage on the White Middle, who they deem lesser then them.

        The Modernists you documented in late 2020, although I actually agree with some of their more libertarian positions, should nonetheless have been killed with fire. Their upper class parents scoffed at them and brushed their hand at them, when really, they should have stripped them of their inheritance and reduced them to paupers. Maybe then they’d all have croaked before they could spread their poison.

        • I hate to say this.

          Spencer increasingly sounds like David French. He got trolled back in 2016 and snapped and everything he has written since then has been a bitter hot take like “the conservative case for …”

          I mean … I agree there were a lot of toxic people who were drawn to the Alt-Right. See Andrew Anglin and Weev. We all regret associating with those people. What I don’t agree with is this bizarre yearning for acceptance and sucking up to the MSNBC audience and weird, self marginalizing cult stuff like Apolloism.

          • ABC, anything but Christ. You must be blinded and led astray, you can not and must not find your one and only true salvation, for it will mean the end to your enemies.

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