Politico: Republicans Are Moving Rapidly To Cement Minority Rule. Blame The Constitution

This is a beautiful illustration of what I said earlier this morning.

If you tried, could you have written a more sanctimonious, hypocritical or hysterical headline than this one in Politico magazine? It turns out that redistricting is looking like a wash for both parties. Democrats have gerrymandered as aggressively as Republicans in states like Illinois and California.


“As we approach the one-year anniversary of the violent assault on the Capitol, the prevailing argument on the left and much of the center is that the Republican Party poses a novel threat to American democracy. This is a flawed assessment, which oversells and understates the danger we face.

In the past year, the Republicans have used their control over state governments to gerrymander congressional districts in their favor, all but ensuring a GOP majority in the House in 2022. They have made it harder for citizens, disproportionately of color, to vote. They have made it easier for Republican officials to sabotage the administration and outcome of elections. Many fear that Donald Trump and his thugs could overturn the results of a free and fair election in 2024, as they failed to do in 2020. …

Democracy is not just the enemy of the Republican Party. It is also the enemy of the Constitution …”

The truth is that the “democratic collapse” that Democrats are whining about lately is the bitter fruit of their own political strategy.

A few decades ago, Democrats convinced themselves that changing racial demographics would be sufficient to carry them to the victory. This theory of the case was based on the key assumption that they wouldn’t evolve to become so annoying that they would alienate millions of their own voters. The growing non-White population would swell their ranks and make them inevitable. They were free to move hard left on racial, cultural and gender issues to satisfy donors and progressive activists.

At some point in the Obama years, Democrats convinced themselves that they could dismiss and write off White working class and rural voters and focus on educated professionals. Before their rapid conversion to “white supremacy,” many of these people had enthusiastically voted for Obama who attracted large crowds in places like Montana and Iowa. It shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise that they would begin to lose these people by wider and wider margins in cycle after cycle of backlash politics.

The Senate and Electoral College has always had this rural bias. The inevitable consequence of neglecting White working class and rural voters and deciding that you are going to be a coastal party that only appeals to ultra woke urban and suburban shitlibs is conceding the majority of states to the Republicans. This leads to a blowout in downballot races for governorships, state supreme court and state legislative races. This empowers the Republicans to do whatever they want in most of the country. Suddenly, you find yourself in a situation where you have to win by 4 points to break even.

When you have to win by 4 points to break even, the system favors Republicans like Donald Trump who win more often with a smaller coalition. Crying about how unfair it is that Republicans go on to stack the Supreme Court and federal courts which then rule in their favor on issues like voting rights doesn’t change the fact that these are the unforeseen downstream consequences of a failed political strategy. Democrats really have no one but themselves to blame for the collapse of “our democracy.”

Do you know who was able to win with this Constitution? Barack Obama who had 60 Senate seats and 255 House seats in 2009. The idea that Democrats are losing because of “voter suppression” is ridiculous. In fact, turnout in the 2020 election was probably the highest it has been in over a century. More people are stirred up and voting now and politics hasn’t been this heated since the late 19th century.

As James Carville and others have pointed out, the real voter suppression isn’t election integrity and voter id laws. It is jargon like “Latinx” and “birthing persons” and the 10,000 new genders which were invented on Tumblr and teaching children that boys are girls and girls are boys and open borders and driving people into unemployment over a vaccine that doesn’t even work and smugly telling White people that they were born evil and to check their privilege and that it is “racist” to complain about it.

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  1. >The Senate and Electoral College has always had this rural bias.

    Maybe the Senate (two per state, regardless of population/density), but the Electoral College? — in states like e.g. Washington (Seattle/Tacoma), Oregon (Portland/Salem, Eugene), and Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno) densely populated urban and suburban areas have an outsized influence on the awarding of Electoral College votes in presidential elections — Virginia is another example, where the voting patterns in the eastern (more urban/suburban, heavily populated) and western halves of the state differ markedly.

  2. The senate used to have a rural bias as well, before the 17th amendment put it in the hands of the gaslight media, its Satanic oligarch-owners, and a dumbed-down electorate who votes as told. The present Incitati make Caligula’s famous equine appointee look like a great statesman. Look at how many decades Shitpants Joe, the sniffy-pedo decked the dark hallways of the Senate.

  3. “…Democrats convinced themselves that they could dismiss and write off White working class and rural voters and focus on educated professionals…”

    Most professionals ARE working class. Most doctors, lawyers, etc. are employed by big firms. Most are working long hours to pay off their large college loans. Democrats are quite wrong to assume professionals are all liberals.

  4. The jew media is going to milk Jan 6 for all it can. Year after year like clockwork. Never let a good crisis go to waste even if it’s all BS.

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