Jake Tapper’s Plea To Republicans

We’re begging you.

The Constitution is an antiquated relic of “white supremacy.” Please bail us out. The survival of “our democracy” depends on censorship and packing the courts and getting rid of the filibuster, the Senate, the Electoral College and the Bill of Rights and dismantling our white privilege!

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  1. You’re not unironically celebrating Trumptards with your latest banner are you? They are worse than liberals.

  2. Is this the best that CNN has? It’s kind of weak to put it mildly. No one cares about Jan.6th except as comic relief other than the hysterical women on CNN like Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter. No wonder CNN’s ratings are in the gutter, right where they belong.

  3. I would never vote for a Republican but it is so nice to see Democrats hand wringing as is if they are so innocent of any wrong doing. They insist that they have all lived perfect lives and would never harm a fly. It reminds me of an innocent child in the womb just doing no harm and then out of nowhere BAMMMMMMMMMMM!! You’re dead!!!!!!! Own it!!!!!

    I think all of the Dems need to be “aborted” all a once to even the score on all the murders they are responsible for. May God speed that day.

    May God Save the South!

  4. Our democracy, if it could be called that, has been going away for a long time. The creation of permanent burocracy that has more power than elected officials is a big part of it. For example, letting the supreme court decide things that should be done by state government. A hand full of unelected swamp types are ordering the whole country about. It’s a similar thing with intelligence agencies, they operate in secret, none of the public voted for them. The same thing could be said about the pentagon.

    Ike, in his last speech before leaving the White House, warned the public about the ‘military industrial complex’. Congress, the people’s elected representatives are supposed to decide about war, instead presidents and the military are doing on their own, and treating congress like they are the accounting department at a corporation.

  5. “Our democracy” means their democracy means no democracy for us. Trump can disappear for good and it won’t make any difference. He served his purpose whether he meant to or not. Listen to these sanctimonious bastards whine and bitch. Funny.

  6. “The political problem which we face today is this: most Christians in the pews and voting booths do not yet understand that any pluralism-induced lull in the political war between God’s kingdom and satan’s is merely a temporary cease-fire. (This was written in 1989!) They have forgotten the Bible’s long-term judicial strategy: THE SUPPRESSION OF BIBLICALLY DEFINED PUBLIC EVIL IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE, by every covenant institution, each in its own God-authorized sphere of responsibility.”- North, Political Polytheism, p. 294.
    (The Three ‘covenant institutions’ are FAMILY, CHURCH, and the CIVIL SPHERE.)

    “…..It is quite possible to fool Christians, who are usually the products of inane public school textbooks, and whose knowledge of the primary sources is negligible.” [Dr. Gary North, ‘Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism, p. 297]

    ” The Framers at the Constitutional Convention issued a death warrant against Christianity….the death sentence was officially delivered by the Fourteenth Amendment. It has been carried out with escalating enthusiasm since the 1950’s…To admit the historical truth of 1787-89 would mean that a restoration of so-called “original American Constitutionalism” would change nothing covenantally. The nation would still rest judicially on an APOSTATE COVENANT. [Why?] The text [of the Constitution] categorically prohibits the imposition of the biblical covenant oath in civil law. Let us put it covenantally: what the text of the U.S. Constitution prohibits is covenantal Christianity…. this worldwide legal transformation is the crisis of Western Civilization…” North, Political Polytheism, pp. 691-92,94.

    North’s point? Article VI, Clause 3 was the silent killer that doomed this nation, right at its’ foundation.
    Inability to have trinitarian oaths, denied God his covenantal Hegemony over the nation.

    The Constitution is an APOSTATE COVENANT. God is damning this nation, and has been for some time.

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