Politico: 1/6 Didn’t Set Off a Wave of Rightwing Terrorism

I spent all of 2021 on this website describing what was actually going on.

The combination of COVID, the George Floyd riots, the heady embrace of Ibram X. Kendism, Dump losing the 2020 election and the Biden presidency was the tipping point. These people didn’t understand that having Dump in office and on Twitter was having a pacifying effect on his supporters. By removing him from office in the way that they did in 2020, the dam burst and we are moving again.


“One year out from the Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6, 2021, how worried should we be about far-right extremism in the United States? After that tragic day, many analysts (including myself) predicted we’d see a surge in violent attacks throughout the rest of the year. This didn’t happen — but in its place, something arguably more worrisome has occurred.

Rather than a spate of attacks by organized groups — largely what the Biden administration has prepared for — instead we have seen a massive expansion of the broader ecosystem of far-right extremism. I study terrorism and regularly monitor the rhetoric traversing Telegram and other platforms frequented by far-right extremists. Over the past year, it’s become clear that the violence underpinning the Capitol rioters’ ideology has seeped into mainstream culture and politics.  …

What some scholars call “mass radicalization” — the mainstreaming of extremism beyond a more organized core — presents a different sort of counter-terrorism challenge for the Biden administration. Rather than playing defense through a law enforcement-driven approach, the administration needs a comprehensive strategy that cuts across different parts of society to weaken the growing pool of extremists prepared to use violence to advance their ideological goals. …

However, it would be a mistake to conclude that the problem has faded away. Though we haven’t seen the most visible signs of growing extremism, a more extreme climate is permeating our society, culture and politics. …

To even begin grappling with the tens of thousands or tens of millions (nobody truly knows) of Americans impacted by “mass radicalization,” the Biden administration will need to be more proactive and less reactive. …”


“While Trump ultimately lost the last election, his base remains powerful and is seen in many red states as the best path to victory. Southern legislatures have aggressively appealed to the emerging far-right mindset, pushing so-called voter suppression bills, while also taking aim at critical race theory, voter fraud and issues around coronavirus. …”

Why would anyone need to engage in violence to make a point?

The Brandon administration is creating massive polarization and changing attitudes all by itself. You don’t have to do anything when the New York Times and Politico are agitating to get rid of the Constitution or the Washington Post is railing against “White appeasement politics.”

Instead of storming the Capitol, you should storm your city council or county commission or your state legislature. If the polls are correct and normies have become this radicalized, some of the things we have tried before in the past might work in the present or the near future.

Now that we are winning the argument because the Democrats have gone mask off on hating White people, there should be “a call to organizing” or “a call to politics.”

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  1. These so called media outlets always leave out the obvious, left wing terrorism. We have seen plenty of footage of that the last year but it always seem to be covered up for some reason.

    • F***in eh, like the autonomous SUV that ran over all of those White folks in Waukesha, during a Christmas parade no less, that just happened to have a decades long criminal record sucking off BLM self proclaimed terrorist predator dred Islam revisionist aka Byg Tierownius C**k Bloherrr-X sleeping at the wheel.

  2. It always amazed me how un self aware these people are. The number of riots, terrorist bombings of government buildings, looting, sheer criminal behavior, from white communist organizations , black groups in the 60s, black riots, BLM, antifa, kidnappings, like patty Hearst, a whole constellation of rioters, bombings, looting, often fueled by drug sales, etc, etc, and he’s worried about RIGHT wing terrorism? I’m 59, and the list of violence on the Left over my life, would fill a phone book. What a historical bubblehead he is.

  3. One thing I can say about the violent Left, they take care of their own. Our thugs go to prison, theirs get to be well paid professors, etc.

    • This is an important observation. Violence has worked very well for the left. BLM signs are still in yards in affluent white suburbs all over Murika. The Church of Woke has more faithful (and way more funding) than anything resembling actual Christianity in Murika. Most that which refers to itself as “Christian” is either subverted by the Church of Woke or owned by the grifters who operate the Judeo-Christ idol. The Great Replacement is well underway and there’s no actual resistance (unless one is so completely retarded that they consider Zion-Don’s tweets to be ‘resistance’). The reason Antifa and BLM can do whatever the hell they like is that they are just FBI and DOJ jackboots-in-training. Leftist violence is in fact government-sanctioned violence. There’s been a single-sided dirty-war (also government-sanctioned) of blacks killing whites for 60 years or more now. Most whites are fine with it. How many of the victims of Waukesha (now memory-holed by gaslight media) will put on the phylacteries of cheap-forgiveness of the killer to virtue-signal? Now the latest Soros-elected prosecutor in NYC has basically declared permanent get out of jail free for black thugs. The pale shitlibs in NYC will no doubt be getting to experience the joy of die-ver-city more than ever – though (((certain white-looking types))) will retain their own private police forces.

    • That’s because the kikes & commies were just allowed to take over the universities & other chokepoints of brainwashing & authority..

  4. “Southern legislatures”

    It’s still Yankeedom vs the rest of America. The urban enclaves in the South and the West are filled with Yankee transplants. The urban coastal strip from California to Washington State is just a colony of Yankeedom, settled by people who came by ship from the Northeast.

    No matter how “conservative” rural Iowans and Minnesotans supposedly are, they’ll never vote like Texans and Alabamians do. Or think like them. They don’t share a common culture with us.

      • There is not, and never was, unity between White Yankees and the rest of White America. It barely even existed during the American War of Independence. Since 1865, it’s been a relationship of rulers to subordinate subjects. Iowans, Illinoisans and New Englanders will never cooperate with Southerners and Westerners, unless they’re in a position of authority over the latter. They’re irredeemable Puritans. I’m a Jeffersonian republican and a Southern Nationalist. I don’t care about the North. I care about getting rid of their misrule over my country. My country. Not theirs.

        • @Jsmes Owen – You are incoherent on the politics of Heartland Americans. Clueless. And the much-vaunted South is full of non-Southerners. Politically, it no longer exists.

  5. That’s because they’re all on the same side. The left views this as a war to the death against Whites with no holds barred. Gentleman warfare went out with Sherman’s march to the sea.

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