Joe Biden’s Disapproval Rating Hits All-time High

I feel like it is 1/6 all over again.

It is a “slow-moving coup” and “never-ending insurrection.”

This is a five alarm fire for “our democracy.” Democrats need to break the glass. “Authoritarianism” is sweeping the nation. Disinformation is spreading like wildfire! This is voter approval suppression! We’re on the precipice of CIVIL WAR! White supremacists are preparing to bomb state capitals and launch guerrila attacks! We need a more sanctimonious “pro-democracy media,” STAT!

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  1. In the end it means nothing. He cant be impeached for having low approval numbers. We are stuck with him for at least another 3 years.

    • @John

      He can be removed from office for health reasons. That was probably the original plan. Biden was supposed to be the Oval Office doorstop for Kamala. But she’s proven to be both as incompetent and as embarrassing, if not more so, than Biden.

  2. “Authoritarianism”

    What the Jews fear.

    Historically, it has taken authoritarian government to remove the Jews from power, in every country where they have managed to gain it. It still does.

    Until the the 20th Century, they were fighting monarchy. Since 1945, they’ve been “fighting fascism.” At any rate, they only oppose authoritarianism that isn’t their own. Or under their control. Just as they oppose all Democracy that doesn’t serve them, or runs contrary to their interests.

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