MSNBC: Historian Timothy Snyder Depicts the Fall of American Democracy Through Tainted Elections


Here is our checklist:

  • “Fascism” scholar
  • Holocaust historian
  • Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford
  • Winner of Hannah Arendt prize
  • Yale University professor
  • Brahmin Left
  • PMC
  • Lives on East Coast

“Democracy” is on the verge of death.

If Democrats lose the 2022 midterms, “our democracy” will die in the darkness. We will become an “anocracy” and slide into “competitive authoritarianism” like Russia or Hungary.

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  1. Here’s another example of the sheer retardery of normies, especially ‘conservatives’. How many folks work hard to send their kids to college – buying into the Banksteins’ bullshit about how the college degree amounts to a ‘work card’ and even going hundeds of thousands into debt to pay for their scam. So decent (maybe even home-schooled) kids end up in a class taught by the likes of this bloodsucker and all too often end up being twice the disciple of hell that he himself is. Their daughters end up like Heather Heyer and their sons like Liberal Larry.

    Here’s another useful rule of thumb: Don’t ever send your kids into the maw of these indoctrination centers. Nothing useful is taught in such places – only lies. They need to be put out of business. Useless POSs like Snyder need to be out of jobs and out of pensions. Hopefully when the financial house of cards implodes, Larry Fink and his cronies – like the giant vampire squid Cthulhu – will suck these places completely dry of assets. Pensions and all. Snyder and his ilk can spend their their remaining days begging as they drag around their shopping carts. The diversity they worship will no doubt give them all the attention they have absolutely earned with compounded interest.

      • Yes of course I do. Trouble is, there are so many as crazy as he is in real life that the parody is no longer a parody.

    • As I come to the end of my academic career, I have seen the writing on the wall. All colleges and universities have been co-opted, since the 1960s by marxist ideology, from feminism, to LGBT ‘rights,’ to ‘gender inclusive language’ to now, Hyper-feeling Woketards despising their own race, sex, and humanity.
      This was the ‘long march through the institutions.’ It has occurred, and it is evil.

      All of the Denominations as well, have their marxist Judases deep in their midst- from SBC presidents to the Anti-pope Bergoglio, down to the least-tenured radical professor at the smallest “Christian Liberal Arts College.” The minions are everywhere, and they are destroying Christendom. And Fr. Seraphim Rose’s prophecy, that ‘In the end, all the Churches will serve Antichrist’ is coming true. Not that it is the ‘end of the world.’ Well, it may be the end of OUR world (as we know it)… but that may be a good thing.

      As always, the Deicides overplay their hand. And that gives us the advantage. That, and Jesus Christ.

      But the future is clear. Restoration of White, Christian Hegemony, monarchic autocratic rule by an Ethnarch. NO foreigners, no allowance for pluralism in Church, State, or People. Death sentences for all abortionists, aborting women, Lesbians, Trannies, Sodomites, Jews, and anarchists. Homeschooling, and segregated training for those who will be our future plumbers, electricians, and repairmen, at an early age. Financial support for women to be at-home mothers, and only the best and brightest should be allowed to attend college.

      Or, we submit to the hell on earth, the Jews have planned for us, since their father [John 8:44] lost, at Calvary. Thankfully, ‘greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.’

  2. This guy is a sterling example of privilege, protected class, overweening opinion of his place in the big scheme of things. I could care less what this guy sitting in his blue bubble smelling his own gas, thinks.

  3. I want a Nazi police state, where parasitic worms like Timothy Snyder will be forced to dig latrine ditches at bayonet point in the frozen ground of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

  4. “Democracy” is on the verge of death.

    Meaning that Normal America might be able to finally get a word in, over the loud demands and threats of Yankeedom.

  5. Ivy League Cultural Marxist race traitor scum like Snyder & Blight are just enraged that the Flyova White Trash who were safely frozen out of all power & influence before Dump came along are getting uppity and demanding to have their say in they way things are run again.

    “We can’t allow these racist, fascist, anti-semite vermin to regain any influence! Why – the stupid hicks have no CREDENTIALS! They’ll destroy (((Our Democracy))) and make us pay!”

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