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  1. It should have been defund the “intelligence community” not the police but defund the FBI is more succinct and immediate. Who do you think had obvious involvement in the pretty boy Floyd riots of 2020? Who would have the capability to covertly drop off pallets of bricks in urban centers for the rioters to utilize after they were incited? Those riots were coordinated like a massive operation, it was a color revolution spearheaded mainly by the FBI, at least here in the “homeland”. The fed can’t sleep at night knowing local cops can defy their tyranny so we need to just have one loyal federal police agency across the board, maybe turn all local cops into a giant FBI.

    • The entire ‘deep state’ must be dismantled — as I said before, the National Security Act of 1947 started America on the path to becoming a national security state, with a permanent wartime economy, including enormous annual spending on the military and intelligence services, all to protect and expand the American empire (and to maintain dollar dominance via American political and military hegemony) — it was inevitable that this kind of state, whose genesis and continued power is based on fear, would look for more enemies to justify its existence, especially after the end of the Cold War — that this is exactly what is happening now is very obvious.

    • I’ve been saying things like this for ten years, the so called intelligence agencies should not only be defunded bur abolished. I think they all should be abolished except Army and Navy Intelligence, maybe.

      I cannot think of one really good think the CIA ever did, I can think of a lot of terrible things they did under darkness, like experimenting with germ warfare with unsuspecting citizens, having foreign leaders killed, experimenting with mind control drugs and drugging civilians without knowledge or consent, and lying about their crimes for decades.

  2. He’s not the only one of course — from Miller-Idriss, who was recently mentioned here:

    Twitter/MSNBCWhite women have never only been passive players in racist and extremist movements, and they’re not about to start now, @milleridriss writes.

    On Twitter, MSNBC describes itself thusly: The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and diverse perspectives.

  3. …and the Irish, like McCabe, are the modern day versions of Pontius Pilate, these Irish are the persecutors and tormentors of the innocent on behalf of their Jew masters, Christ killers one and all.

  4. McCabe sees what he wants to see and put blinders on when it comes to blacks killing Whites and his leftist friends burning, looting and murdering. I hope Karma finds him fast.

  5. “No one else who lives here are citizens with constitutional rights.”

    The basic socio-political and cultural assumption of those living in the old “Union” states, or Yankeedom.

    It’s important to remember that the Southern People don’t count in any of this. Except when the Northern Oligarchs or their citizens need a scapegoat for their self inflicted problems. The same applies to folks living in Idaho or other remote parts of the Interior West.

    Which means grassroots activism at the local and state level can achieve some good success. Especially when it’s legal and involves electing candidates to municipal, county and state office. There aren’t enough SJWs in Minnesota and New York, to watch every county in Dixie.

    Claiming it’s an urban vs rural fight, is another distraction, like slavery and race. It’s Stil a Yankees vs America fight. If the Mayflower and the William and Mary had been lost in Mid-Atlantic, and New England had remained a part of Canada, or been settled by the same people who settled New York, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    End Reconstruction. End the war.

  6. Filthy (((fed))) scum. Probably thinks he’s scaring “White supremacist domestic terrorists” with that perpetual scowl,

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