Jimmy Dore: Suddenly Liberals Are Mocking The CDC

This is hilarious.

What do you mean you want your life back after getting two jabs, the booster and wearing a mask and practicing social distancing for two years only to get Omicron anyway and find out it was a cold? Are you saying you trusted the experts and went through all of these rituals for nothing?

Note: Life returned to normal here years ago.

The Atlantic:

The Atlantic:

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  1. This whole experience has taught me that we can win by playing the long game. The Jewish people really do have a fantastic playbook for this sort of thing.

  2. It sounds like the shitlibs are unhappy that the CDC relaxed guidelines and is therefore not “listening to the science”. Well, listen to this: the quarantines, the mask, the vaxxines, none of it fucking works as advertised, is meant to harm you, or at minimum has other high social costs like joblessness, drug abuse, and increased suicides.

    Honestly, is the CDC “controllong diseases” to a justifiably greater extent given their budget than an average 2nd world country does with no institutional equivalent that practices rudimentary things like water sanitation and basic medication?

    • To add in support of the above:


      At some point you can’t pretend intellectual honesty without addressing the deluge of evidence for the Covid Gayop, and the inescapable conclusion that all of this was done to hurt White people by attacking their economic security and independence.

      I don’t need to toss the gauntlet here, there’s a fuse on this thing being blown wide open and i really don’t care if it burns the rest of the dissident right down because they chose to peddle the propaganda of Zog for cynical reasons.

      I hate hypocrites. You can’t shill for the establishment and call yourself a dissident.

      Its no skin off my teeth either way. I’ve never waited to be told what to think and my support will be tentative going forward regardless, because I’ve got a long ass memory and nobody holds a grudge like a college educated Scots-Irish Hillbilly.

      • I have always thought COVID is real.

        90% of people in the country have either had the virus or know someone who has had it. I also believe that it has evolved into a weaker strain which is normally what happens with novel respiratory viruses. My brother currently has it

        • Of course its real. This is a strawman to avoid talking about whats going on because its embarrassing that you shilled this fear porn stuff for a year to hurt the orange man that was bad.

          Just sack up and admit it. All this stuff has been engineered. I’ll even give you the benefit of an easy out and say that likely this was incompetent policy at the highest level (engineering a virus for research) that turned into a global power grab and profiteering off of a media driven mass gaslighting of epic lovecraftian proportions, and who could really have known they were this evil, that they would take an opportunity like this to hurt as many people as they could by scaring the hell out of everybody pretending that everyone that got sick and died, did so by some heretofore inconceivable virus.

          That they would ascribe deaths to this thing all out of proportion to the reality.

          That they would intentionally push PCR tests knowing they aren’t reliable or being used correctly.

          That they would INTENTIONALLY suppress information and access to drugs that actually help the few people that are actually at any risk because they want to shill vaccines that don’t actually work.

          That they would cover up the deaths and serious side effects of hundreds of thousands of people caused by their vaccines that don’t work.

          That they would, against all common sense insist on hurting the economy with lockdown policies specifically targeting the working class.

          That they would intentionally turn vaccinations into a shibboleth to mark “extremists” in the military and all public/private employment for a purge, the like not seen since the soviets.

          That they would intentionally deny the few therapeutic drugs they are allowing to circulate to White people on the basis of collective racial guilt.

          This list can keep going. But this is plenty. The evidence for all of this and more is manifold, and manifestly more important than civil war posting and fucking Liberal Larry, yet you won’t do it any justice because it makes you look like an ass for having pushed the gaslighting for a year.

          I get it. I do. Being so far out of position as the ground shifts seismically under you is disorienting. But you were deceived, like alot of people were and you have a right to be pissed about it, and a responsibility to admit it.

          I was wrong about Trump. He turned out to be a piece of shit. I fully admit you saw that and accepted it way before I and alot of people did. Time will tell if it was better that he lost.

          My reason for hitting this point so hard is that you are missing a huge fulcrum to leverage for dissident politics in that you can’t fully cover whats happening without eating some crow. But we NEED you and your talent to cover and exploit this as the opportunity it is, a common thread between normie and dissident. This one single issue could be the hammer blow that breaks Zog’s hold on conservatives in the coming months. An utter undeniable betrayal of all decency, all morals, all conceptions of self governance and dignity of the sovereign individual. This could be the shake that wakes up the normie. God knows theres alot of things that could right now, and this is a big one.

          I don’t care about being right. I care that this is more worthy of space on your blog than liberal larry and endless 1/6 stuff.

          • The original strain of the virus and Delta was bad because it was a novel virus and no one had any immunity to it. Now, Omicron is little more than a glorified cold which I had myself in December, but this is always how it was going to go out. There wasn’t any vast conspiracy. It was just another pandemic like all previous pandemics except for the fact that this one hit at a time when there is no trust in anything and everything is hyperpoliticized

  3. Give it up Hunter. You lost the covid wars to you know who. Events are playing out EXACTLY as I have been calling it since March 2020. Never trust anyone with authority over you, and always follow the money.

    Covid was and is an Establishment operation to return to feudalism, the best time ever for TPTB. Biological warfare agent as Ron Unz suspects, combination joint China-USA black op to eliminate Trump and begin the great reset, honest accidental lab leak but filthy Chinese scientists, it does not matter.
    You cannot hide, either. They eventually will be going door to door to jab you, me, and everyone else. Either we fight them now by becoming politically, economically, and socially active against them, or we all die so the billionaires stay that way. Join us resisters. You won’t regret it.

    • COVID is a real virus.

      Pretty much everyone has now either has had it themselves or know someone who has been infected.

      The original strain and the Delta strain killed lots of sick and old people

      As always happens with novel respiratory viruses, it weakened into a weaker, more infectious strain over time. See H1N1

      These things happen two or three times a century and there is nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about pandemics

      The political establishment lies and uses every event that ever happens to further its own agenda. If we had been hit by an earthquake or volcanic eruption or a hurricane, it would have been “climate change” or something along those lines

      It will never go away and everyone will be infected at some point

      New variants will constantly evolve like the flu every year

      It is nothing to get worked up about or worth spending anymore of our time discussing to death. Fortunately, even liberals are moving on from it, which marks the end of the pandemic

      • IronicSockAccount nailed your a** to the wall, brother. And while he is right and you were wrong on ALL the particulars mentioned by him, the most important point he makes is that you cannot give up credibility voluntarily. Once lost, it never can be reclaimed.

        Recall I warned you about all the thoughtful and cogent commenters you were losing at OD due to the covid shilling for the Man. Am I not right? Where are Ivan, Boomer X, BannedHipter, and countless others who I apologize to preemptively (Boomer I am) for forgetting by name.,. As ISA notes above, getting the covid totalitarianism wrong is too big a miss to ignore. Even the Unz star pundits like Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Ron Unz himself, and others have lost dissident street cred due to taking the obvious Establishment lies at face value. At least Unz did a mea culpa of sorts recently by acknowledging the Robert Kennedy Jr. book on Fauci the Grinning Reaper.

        The Final Solution is being implemented even now: the robot revolution that our man Andrew Yang spoke about is going to render us all superfluous. The only question is when-20 years, 30, 50, or less. That is what is going on. They don’t need us anymore to make their products or deliver their services. So all you see is preparing for the culling of the masses to bring the rich man’s utopia: No peons.

        Serious times require serious people, and truth telling, no matter the cost. Ignore the political show in the Imperial capital of the Empire of Evil. Speak to the underlying reality of the Great Reset. That is where we all can do the most good, convincing the work hard and play by the rules crowd what is what, and the need to act before the end is delivered to us all. Once again, I say, join the resistance.

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