New York Times: We Need To Think The Unthinkable About Our Country

American democracy is on the verge of death.

We should be preparing for insurrection, secession, insurgency and civil war, not the possibility that the Democrats just fall apart over the next two election cycles because of inflation.

New York Times:

“A year after the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, the United States seems perhaps even more alarmingly fractious and divided. Regrettably, the right has sustained its support for Donald Trump and continued its assault on American democratic norms.

The next national election will almost inevitably be viciously (perhaps violently) contested. It is fair to say that the right-wing threat to the United States — and its apparent goal of laying the groundwork for a power grab, if necessary, in 2024 — is politically existential.

Yet many Americans seem to be whistling past the graveyard of American democracy. …”

He is missing the important thing which is that most people are exhausted with COVID authoritarianism and mad that the price of tendies and everything has gone up over the past year.

A right-wing minority — including many elected politicians — is now practicing a form of brinkmanship by threatening to unilaterally destroy American democracy, daring what they hope is a timid and somnolent majority to resist them. But that majority has the benefit of warning ahead of 2024. …

War games, tabletop exercises, operations research, campaign analyses, conferences and seminars on the prospect of American political conflagration — including insurrection, secession, insurgency and civil war — should be proceeding at a higher tempo and intensity. Scholars of American politics need to pick up the torch from experts on the democratic decline in Europe, who first raised the alarm about growing dangers to American politics. …”

Normally, I don’t even bother to vote, but I am increasingly tempted to consider the possibility in order to join in this assault on “democratic norms.” In particular, I am more interested in looking at who is running at the state and local level here in Alabama than in previous years.

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  1. I try to think of little things one can do. I see the fight as the common man vs. the oligarchs. The racial strife we are seeing wouldn’t have happened if the government weren’t a criminal class. The government protects the oligarchs and the status quo. But what are some things we can do?

    Here is one small idea. What if we made it a political movement to not pay your car tags. Eventually law enforcement will pull you over. I believe we have the right to physically resist law enforcement. That is one thing I’ve admired about the blacks and hated about weak, conservative whites.

  2. The shitlibs who constantly whine and bitch about “insurrection” and “death of democracy” are the same ones making it happen.

  3. ” I am more interested in looking at who is running at the state and local level ”

    If nothing else, vote the most pro-gun candidates. They are the ones most likely to hold our common beliefs.

  4. @ More hysteria, correction marxist demons, we are not a democracy, we are a “.Constitutional limited republic”, get that thru your “NUMBSKULLS”, you metro devil’s, understand this, God has the target on your back, we the salt people, are busy working, maintaining civilization, your theatrics, are quite stale…………..

  5. By all appearances, the Left is attempting to create a violent backlash from the Left when the Democrats suffer defeats across almost all the United States in November. The GOP isn’t going to need any violence to take what power is up for grab this next election. Either that, or there is the intent to steal the election and create the impression that any challenges to that theft is illegal, violent, or pushing the US into violent political conflict.

  6. The hypocrites yap about the “threats to democracy,” after they did all they could to destroy a duly elected president with the Russia collusion hoax. Now they’re trying to pass a bill, in the name of democracy, to facilitate election fraud. Is there even a shred of decency in these vile creatures?

  7. Those anti-white faggots in the media, government, big tech and academe better hope their fragile ZOG system doesn’t collapse, because then they will be as helpless as a turtle on its back.

  8. The Southern White Aryan Party….the Southern White American Rebel Militia…….the White American Southerners Party….Confederate and Fascist-themed flags, banners, anthems and armbands….time to start assembling some kind of organized resistance. Peaceful, of course.

    • National Justice Party. Listen to the Some of the leaders of the National Justice Party have podcasts on that network that you can listen to. The party in the UK is called Patriotic Alternative.

      • @Oskar – Both are excellent. NJP, when they finally start fielding candidates, will have my vote every time. Their Waukesha, WI, action was well-coordinated and presented a very powerful message. NJP is a group of incredible men!

  9. America has been declining for many years. It didn’t start overnight. The fast decline started right after the 64/65 Immigration and civil rights act.

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