Most Politically Engaged Americans Are Also The Most Ideologically Extreme

This is pretty much what I saying in the previous post.

If you have a blue check on Twitter and you are tweeting more than two or three times a day about the imminent death of “democracy,” chances are you are the extremist who is living in a bubble. Your views are probably much further to the Left than most people in your own political party.

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  1. Re: “living in a bubble”:

    The masses are living in a bubble of Walmart and Amazon consumerism, and of the “rat race” struggle to survive or “get ahead of others,” and of distraction by stupid entertainment such as Murdoch’s Faux News and most of the alt-right media that focus your mind on the trees of “politics” so you won’t notice the forest of Plutocracy.

  2. @ Can you believe the blue dress, doesn’t have enough sense too cross her legs, wouldn’t know how too act like a lady, if her life depended on it…

    • Terry Smith,

      I also noticed that. Our school dresses are also short but most of us wear drawers underneath. When we do not then we sit at an angle or cross our legs. If not it would be mentioned to us.

      So yes this woman should know better. All females who reach a certain age do or should know this. For what it is worth school dresses in Mexico are generally longer than in the USA.

      • @ Thank you, Miss Alva, always nice too hear from you, I appreciate your, I also hope the new year, is going well for you and your family.

        • Mr. Smith,

          You are most welcome. My family also thanks you. May God bless you and your family as well.

      • @Cristina Romana Alva – I remember as a young girl when we were all required to wear dresses to school at my rural public school. Boys wore non-denim slacks and a proper shirt. When my family moved to a nearby multi-racial city, I was struck by how short the Catholic school uniform skirts were for the girls. At the public schools, students, male and female, wore — literally — whatever.
        Now in the USSA, I would suppose they can’t even make the girls wear skirts at Catholic schools unless they allow the boy to wear them too?

  3. Morbidly obese females like Heidi Beirich should quite trying to dress sexy. It is disgusting like a pig in a blanket.

  4. Old Enough To Be Your Mother,

    You were fortunate to have had a dress code at your school growing up. I have never heard of any girl at a school I have attended causing trouble because we have to wear dresses. The boys wear nice slacks and clothes and I have never heard of a guy causing trouble over clothes at my schools either.

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